Observations upon the municipal bodies in cities and towns incorporated by royal charters, within England and Wales


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Página 31 - It is to prevent this reduction of price, and consequently of wages and profit, by restraining that free competition which would most certainly occasion it, that all corporations, and the greater part of corporation laws, have been established.
Página 13 - And it is such a form of subordinate government for the tranquillity and quiet of the Realm, as no part of the Christian world hath the like, if the same be duly executed
Página 30 - In Sheffield no master cutler can have more than one apprentice at a time, by a bye-law of the corporation. In Norfolk and Norwich no master weaver can have more than two apprentices, under pain of forfeiting five pounds a month to the king.
Página 36 - Peradventure, from these Secular Gilds, or in imitation of them, sprang the method or practice of gildating and embodying whole towns.
Página 11 - These privileges were called charters of community, by which he enfranchised the inhabitants, abolished all marks of servitude, and formed them into corporations or bodies politic, to be governed by a council and magistrates of their own nomination.
Página 14 - King's reign, and in the reign of almost every other succeeding prince, until the thirtieth year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when, by the number of the statutes particularly given in charge therein to the justices, many of which, nevertheless, had been a good while before repealed, and by much vain repetition, and other corruptions that had crept into it, partly by the miswriting of clerks, and partly by the untoward huddling of things together, it was become so cumbersome and foully blemished,...
Página 35 - ... et in castellis, et in locis tutissimis, ubi consuetudines regni nostri, et jus nostrum commune, et dignitates corone nostre, que constitute sunt a bonis predecessoribus nostris deperire non possint, nee defraudari nee violari, sed omnia rite, et in aperto, et per judicium et justiciam fieri debeant.
Página 14 - Wrey, then lord chief justice of the King's Bench, he communicated the same with the other judges and barons, so as by a general conference had amongst them, the commission was carefully refined in the Michaelmas term, 1590, and being then also presented to the lord chancellor, he accepted thereof, and commanded the same to be used, which continues with very little alteration to this day.
Página 9 - ... scilicet ad tuitionem gentium, et populorum regni, et ad defensionem regni, et idcirco observari debent cum omni libértate et integritate et та/tone.
Página 72 - An Act for rendering the Proceedings upon Writs of Mandamus and Informations in the Nature of a Quo Warranto more speedy and effectual, and for the more easy trying and determining the Rights of Offices and Franchises in Corporations and Boroughs...

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