Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom; Or, The Escape of William and Ellen Craft from Slavery

William Tweedie, 1860 - 111 páginas

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Simply inspiring! This is a rare glimpse into an escape gone right. May William and Ellen's legacy live forever.

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Página 98 - Thou shalt not deliver unto his master the servant which is escaped from his master unto thee: he shall dwell with thee, even among you, in that place which he shall choose in one of thy gates, where it liketh him best : thou shalt not oppress him.
Página 13 - A slave is one who is in the power of a master to whom he belongs. The master may sell him, dispose of his person, his industry, and his labor. He can do nothing, possess nothing, nor acquire anything, but what must belong to his master.
Página 14 - Slaves shall be deemed, held, taken, reputed, and adjudged in law to be chattels personal in the hands of their owners and possessors, and their executors, administrators, and assigns, to ALL INTENTS, CONSTRUCTIONS, AND PURPOSES WHATSOEVER.
Página 110 - Thou livest in the life of all good things ; What words thou spak'st for Freedom shall not die ; Thou sleepest not, for now thy Love hath wings To soar where hence thy Hope could hardly fly. And often, from that other world, on this Some gleams from great souls gone before may shine, To shed on struggling hearts a clearer bliss, And clothe the Right with lustre more divine.
Página 40 - United States ! your banner wears Two emblems: one of fame; Alas, the other that it bears Reminds us of your shame ! "The white man's liberty, in types, Stands blazoned by your stars; But what's the meaning of your stripes? They mean your negroes
Página 20 - My brother, must I go?' A moment's pause: then, midst a wail Of agonizing woe, His answer falls upon the ear, — 'Yes, sister, you must go! No longer can my arm defend, No longer can I save My sister from the horrid fate That waits her as a SLAVE!' Blush, Christian, blush! for e'en the dark Untutored heathen see Thy inconsistency, and lo! They scorn thy God, and thee!
Página 14 - Any person who shall maliciously dismember, or deprive a slave of life shall suffer such punishment as would be inflicted in case the like offence had been committed on a free white person, and on the like proof, except in case of insurrection of such slave.
Página 8 - Oh! if there is any one thing under the wide canopy of heaven, horrible enough to stir a man's soul, and to make his very blood boil, it is the thought of his dear wife, his unprotected sister, or his young and virtuous daughters, struggling to save themselves from falling a prey to such demons!
Página 15 - If any slave who shall be out of the house or plantation where such slave shall live or shall be usually employed, or without some white person in company with such slave, shall refuse to submit to undergo the examination of any white person, it shall be lawful for any such white person to pursue, apprehend, and moderately correct such slave ; and if such slave shall assault and strike such white person, such slave may be lawfully killed "! ! 2 Brevard's Dig.

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