The Stock Exchange Year-book

Thomas Skinner, 1882

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Página ii - Interest is allowed for such periods and al such rates as may be agreed upon, reference being had to the state of the Money Market. CIRCULAR NOTES and LETTERS OF CREDIT are issued payable in the principal Cities and Towns of the Continent.
Página ii - League itself. l 1 The Times, December 18, 1903, 7e, f; The Annual Register; A Review of Public Events at Home and Abroad for 1903; 234-235; Directory of Directors: A List of the Directors of the Joint Stock Companies of the United Kingdom, and the Companies in Which They Are Concerned (London, 1907), XXVIII, passim. The business interests of the Commissioners were shared by many other important members of the League itself. The Duke of Sutherland, the president of the League, was also a director...
Página xxviii - The journal commands the best sources of information, and has repeatedly during this year been the first to make the true bearing of events apparent to its readers. Its object, however, is not so much to supply news as to express the feeling of the educated classes on the news, and correct that vagueness and bewilderment of thought which the constant receipt of news in little morsels has such a tendency to produce. Original papers supply comments critical and explanatory on Public Events, Political...
Página xxxi - Egypt : Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque. By Prof. G. EBERS. Translated by CLARA BELL, with Notes by SAMUEL BIRCH, LL.D., &c. Two Vols. With 800 'Original Engravings.

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