Report of the Board of Visitors, Temas1-20

State Hospitals Press, 1861

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Página 14 - The stairways should always be of iron, stone, or other indestructible material, ample in size and number, and easy of ascent, to afford convenient egress in case of accident from fire. XIV. A large Hospital should consist of a main central building with wings. XV. The main central building should contain the offices...
Página 55 - It is agreed by all jurists, and is established by the law of this and every other country, that it is the reason of man which makes him accountable for his actions ; and that the deprivation of reason acquits him of crime.
Página 13 - No hospital for the insane should be built, without the plan having been first submitted to some physician or physicians, who have had charge of a similar establishment, or are practically acquainted with all the details of their arrangements, and received his or their full approbation.
Página 15 - A complete system of forced ventilation, in connection with the heating, is indispensable to give purity to the air of a hospital for the insane, and no expense that is required to effect this object thoroughly, can be deemed either misplaced or injudicious.
Página 17 - Besides being a well educated physician, he should possess the mental, physical and social qualities to fit him for the post. He should serve during good behavior, reside on or very near the premises, and his compensation should be so liberal as to enable him to devote his whole time and energies to the welfare of the hospital. He should nominate to the board suitable persons to act as Assistant Physician, Steward and Matron. He should have...
Página 17 - The Board of Trustees should not exceed twelve in number, and be composed of individuals possessing the public confidence, distinguished for liberality, intelligence, and active benevolence ; above all political influence, and able and willing faithfully to attend to the duties of their station.
Página 10 - All town and county officers sending a patient to the Asylum, shall, before sending him, see that he is in a state of perfect bodily cleanliness and is comfortably clothed, and provided with suitable changes of raiment, as prescribed in the by-laws.
Página 70 - ... 2. Establish such by-laws, rules and regulations as they may deem necessary and expedient for regulating the appointment and duties of officers and employes of the hospital, and for the internal government, discipline and management of the same.
Página 9 - When an insane person, in indigent circumstances, shall have been sent to the asylum by his friends, who have paid his bills therein for six months, if the superintendent shall certify that he is a fit patient, and likely to be benefited by remaining in the institution, the supervisors of the county of his residence are authorized and required, upon an application under oath in his behalf, to raise a sum of money sufficient to defray the expenses of his remaining...
Página 8 - When a person in indigent circumstances, not a pauper, becomes insane, application may be made in his behalf to the...

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