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Analyzed and Examined. By George Pur. Belsham, minister of Essex Street Chapel. ves, LL. D. 8vo. 9s.

8vo. 4s. Corrected Report of the Speech of the The Post-roads in France for 1817, be. Right Hon. George Canning, in the House ing a Translation of the “ Etat General des of Commons, on Tuesday, May 6th, on Postes." With a large Map. 8s. Mr Lambton's motion for a Censure on A New Companion for Oxford, or Guide Mr Canning's Embassy to Lisbon. 8vo. through the University. With a series of 3s.

Etchings. 8vo. 4s. The Colonies and present American Re

TRAVELS. volutions ; by J. de Pradt. 8vo. 128. Travels through France and Germany

Antidote against Distractions ; by R. in the years 1815, 1816, and 1817, comSteele, A.M. 3s. 6d.

prising a View of the Moral, Political, and The Ægis of England ; or, The Triumphs Social State of those Countries ; interof the late War, as they appear in the spersed with numerous Historical and ·PoThanks of Parliament, progressively voted litical Anecdotes, derived from authentic to the Navy and Army; and the Commu- sources, by J. Jorgenson, Esq. 8vo. nications, either oral or written, on the sub- 10s. 6d. ject, chronologically arranged; with Notices Biographical and Military. By Maurice Evans, Navy and Army Agent. 14s. The Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Geograextra boards.

phical Dictionary, comprising a complete

body of Geographical, Physical, Political, On the Rule of Faith ; in Reply to Me Statistical, and Commercial. Vol. I. Part Jos. Fletcher, minister of the Indepen- I. Price 9s.--Accompanied by dents at Blackburn ; by Jos. Fairclough. A New General Atlas, constructed from 8vo. Is. 6d.

the latest authorities, by A. Arrowsmith, Sermons on various Subjects ; by the Hydrographer to the Prince Regent, exhi. Rev. John Nance, D.D. 2 vols. 18s. biting the boundaries and divisions, also

On the Principles of the Christian Reli- the chains of mountains, and other Geogion, addressed to her Daughter ; and on graphical features of all the known Counl'heology; by Mrs Lucy Hutchinson. 8vo. tries in the World; comprehended in 53 10s Gd.

Maps, from original drawings. Royal 4to. Considerations on the Doctrines of the Price L. 1, 16s. neatly half-bound. Evangelical Clergy, and on the probable The Edinburgh Annual Register for Effects of Evangelical Preaching; a Ser- 1815. Vol. VIII. L. 1, ls. mon; by the Rev. Richard Warner, vicar Lacunar Strevelinense; a Collection of of Norton St Philip's, Somerset, and rector Heads, etched and engraved after the Carvof Great Chalfield, Wilts. 8vo. 4s. ed Work which formerly decorated the

The Bible Class-Book, or Scripture roof of the King's Room in Stirling Castle. Readings for every day in the year. 6s. Splendidly printed, Imperial 4to. With

A Plea for Infant Baptism; to which is 40 Plates. L. 2, 12s. 6d. annexed an Appendix, containing two The Farmer's Magazine, No. 71. 3s. forms for administering the rite; by Thos.





In the ensuing month will be published, MR JOHN SIDNEY HAWKINS will shortly a Genealogical and Biographical History of publish, in one volume 8vo, an Inquiry the Family of Narmyun ; with an account into the Nature, History, and first Intro- of the office of King's Champion attached duction of Poetry in general, but more par- to the tenure of the Barony and Manor of ticularly of Dramatic Poetry, and of that Scrivelsby in County Lincoln, part of the sort of verse which the Latin poets employ- ancient demesne of that family-containing ed in their Comedies ; tending to show, a variety of matter never before published, from the strongest possible evidence, that lately collected from the public records, poetical licences are unnecessary, and that and embellished with several engravings. the verses of Sophocles, Plautus, Terence, A little volume, entitled, Plurality of Pindar, and Horace, are erroneously regu- Worlds ; or some remarks, Philosophical lated, but may be correctly distributed, and Critical, in a Series of Letters occawithout any violation of the laws of Pro. sioned by Discourses on Christianity, view. nomy, as published by the Rev.Dr Chal- handsomely printed in 4to, with a Portrait mers, is in the press.

ed in connection with the Modern Astro


of his Lordship, from an original Portrait Proposals have been circulated, for pub- by Romney. lishing by subscription, De Vaux, or the Memoirs on European and Asiatic Tur. Heir of Gilsland, a poem, in five cantos, by key, from the Manuscript Journals of Mo. Robert Carlyle. The subject is the Feudi dern Travellers in those Countries, edited between De Vaux, the Norman Baron of by Mr K. Walpole, will soon appear in a Gilland, and Gill Beuth of Danish race, 4to voluine, illustrated by plates. the original proprietor of the demesne. In the press, and speedily will be pubThe scene is laid in Cumberland, during lished in 4to, with plates, maps, &c. A the reigns of Stephen and Henry II. Journal of the Proceedings of the Embassy

MrJ. Norris Brewer has announced an to China. By H. Ellis, Esq. Third Comintention of speedily publishing Collections missioner of the Embassy. towards 2 Biographical Account of his The Transactions of the Literary SocieGrace Hugh, late Duke of Northumber- ty of Borubay. With numerous Engrayland.

ings. The Elements of History and Geography, ancient and modern, exemplified and illustrated by the Principles of Chronology, by the Rev. J. Joyce, will soon be published

EDINBURGII. in tro 8vo vols.

Mr Accum has in the press, Chemical Dr Buchanan will immediately put to Amusements, comprising a series of curious the press an Account of the Kingdom of and instructive Experiments in Chemistry, Nepal. Dr Buchanan resided, for several which are easily performed, and unattend years, in that interesting country, during ed with danger.

which time he was indefatigably employed . Miss A. M. Porter is preparing the in collecting information relative to its NaKnight of St John, a Romance.

tural, Civil, and Political condition. The The Poetical Remains and Memoirs of value and accuracy, as well as vast extent the late John Leyden, M. D. are preparing of Dr Buchanan's Researches concerning for publication.

India, are too well known not to make this The History of the Rise and Progress of work a welcome present to the public. the Judicial or Adawlut System, as esta- The Rev. C. Maturin, author of the trablished for the administration of Justice gedy of Bertram, has in the press a Tale, under the Presidency of Bengal ; with an in 3 vols. Inquiry into the Causes of Litigation, and In the press, and speedily will be publishthe delay in the Termination of Law Suits ed in 4to, Mr Robert Law, his Memorials in the Court of Adawlut, 1 vol. 8vo. of Remarkable Things in his Time, from

Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, 1638 to 1084; with Notes by Charles Kirkand Kourdistan, in the years 1813 and 1814, patrick Sharpe, Esq. Mr Law was a clerwith Remarks on the Marches of Alexander, gyman of the Presbyterian persuasion, who and Retreat of the Ten Thousand, by John carefully noted down the most remarkable Macdonald Kinnier, Captain in the Service events which took place in Scotland during of the Honourable East India Company, his life, including Witchcraft, Necromancy, Town-Major of Fort St George, and Politi- and the Apparition of Spectres. His Mecal Agent at the Durbar of his Royal High- morials, which have never before been Dess the Nabob of the Carnatic, 2 vols. 8vo, printed, are not only highly amusing with a large map

through the author's turn for diablerie, but The History of the late War in Spain very valuable from the historical matter and Portugal, by Robert Southey, Esq. which they contain.

A Work is in concemplation, and will It will be gratifying to those who pabe shortly laid before the public, entitled, tronize Celtic Literature, and more espe“ History of the Helvetian, Austrian, Ac cially to those who read the Gaelic Lanpetinine, Pyrencan, and Northern Floras,” gurge, to know that the Poems of Ossian, considered with respect to the points of ori. in the original, are now in the press. zin from which the different families of These are reprinted from the splendid ediplants have travelled to the valleys and tion in 3 vols. 8vo, but without either the plains, and become mixed together; illus. English or Latin translations, being intrated with a Botanical Map of the regions tended for those only who can read Ossian assigned to cach.

in their vernacular tongue. Shortly will be published, the Life of The lovers of Scotish melody and vocal Richard Watson,

Lord Bishop of Llandafi, poetry will be pleased to learn, that the sewritten by himself at different intervals, cond volume of Albyn's Anthology is in and revised in 1814,—to be edited by his its progress through the press, and will be son, Richard Watson, LL. B. Prebendary ready for delivery early in the approaching of Llandaff and Wells. The work will be winter.

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The document is dated 19th February 1815, addressed to the Congress of Vienna ;

and it is stated, that the ministers of the NEGOCIATions are stated to be going Powers there assembled, with the concuron for relieving this country from another rence of the Emperors of Russia and Ausfifth of the army of occupation. Some of tria, ordered it to be recorded in the prothe allied powers are said to be averse to tocol of the act of Congress. this measure, although England and Russia The Paris papers of the 2d August menhave expressed themselves in favour of it. tion the arrival at Nantes of the miserable The French Government, it would appear, monks of La Trappe, who had found an however, now repose confidence in its own asylum in Britain from the horrors of stability ; since, by a late decision of the the French revolution, and who now reMinister, approved of by the King, a door turn to their native country to seek their has been opened for the progressive restora- early solitude. They had resided for about tion to active service of that numerous and 22 years at Lulworth, in Devonshire, where formidable corps, the half-pay officers of the their exemplary conduct had obtained for revolutionary French army. A certain num. them universal esteem. ber of them are henceforth to be attached to the different corps d'armée, and one half of

ITALY. the commissions which fall vacant in future The following is given, on the authority are to be distributed amongst them. This of private letters from Paris, as the subappears to be a measure of good policy, as stance of the treaty entered into with the it has been recently manifested, that the great allied powers who signed the act of French troops, without their officers, are Congress, respecting the sovereignty of the not always to be depended on. A detach- duchies of Parma, Placentia, and Guasment of the line, attending the execution talla :of Captain Oudin on the 18th ult. at St “ The duchies of Parma, Placentia, and Genies, who had been ordered to be shot Guastalla, will be restored, after the death for being concerned in a former insurrec- of her Imperial Highness the Duchess Ma. tion, wheeled about, and refused to fire; ria Louisa, to the Infanta Maria Louisa, for such alarming insubordination, they (widow of the Duke of Parma and King have been one and all dismissed the King's of Etruria,) and to her male descendants in service. Captain Darillon, who command- a direct line, with the exception of the dised them, has also been cashiered, and is tricts situate on the left bank of the Po, farther to be tried by a court-martial. and inclosed in the estates of his Majesty

Another evidence of the general confi. the Emperor of Austria. In default of dence placed in the stability of the present male issue, the rights of succession of the French Government, is the fact of its hav- Emperor of Austria and of the King of ing succeeded in negociating another loan, Sardinia will be revived. The Infanta to the amount of three millions, with Mr Maria Louisa will, in the mean time, obBaring and others. The contractors are tain provisional possession of the principato receive the stock at the rate of 62 f. 50 C. lity of Lucca, and will receive the arrears being about 2 or 3 below the quotations of 500,000 francs, which Congress had asof the preceding fortnight. Immediately signed her. Austria has reserved the right after the terms were known in Paris, stock of maintaining a permanent garrison in the was sold at 67 f. 30 c. for money, and 68 f. fortress of Placentia. In virtue of this 20 c. for the Ist of September.

treaty, Spain has acceded to the act signed Connected with this subject, a document at Vienna on the 9th of June 1815.” appeared in the end of last month, which, By this treaty, it is said that young Nawere it not that its authenticity has been poleon is to have the apanages in Bohepositively denied, might start formidable mia, once belonging to the Grand Duke of doubts of the security of the present Go- Tuscany, the revenues of which are worth vernment. This instrument bears to be a 700,000 francs, or something more than representation of the Archduchess Maria L. 29,000 Sterling per annum. Louisa, late Empress of France, protesting Letters from Rome say, that count against the occupation of the throne of. Blacas has delivered to the Pope the Conthat country by the Bourbons, and claim. cordat signed by the King of France. A ing it for her son, young Napoleon.- promotion of cardinals is shortly expected,


in which, besides the French prelates, se- The Portuguese squadron which is to veral Italians will also receive the hat. convey the Princess Royal to the Brazils

Letters from Naples state, that the vici- had arrived at Leghorn, and would shortly nity has been cleared from the brigands, proceed to its destination. who have long invested it, in a curious manner. The Neapolitan Government has taken into full pay and active service two A new general Congress, it is said, will of the ringleaders, who have promised to immediately assemble at Carlsbad, commake all their followers good subjects. posed of the following persons : Mr Lamb,

as minister for England ; for Russia, the SPAIN AND PORTUGAL.

Count Capo d'Istria ; for Austria, the The Paris papers contain a letter writ- Prince de Metternich; and the Prince de ten by the mother of the Emperor Alex Hardenberg and Compte de Caraman for ander to the King of Spain, expressive the Courts of Prussia and of France. The of the esteem and friendship entertained principal objects of the deliberations of this by her son for the King of Spain, and Congress are presumed to be the affairs of communicating the Emperor's desire that South America, together with the disputes her Majesty should wear the decorations of between the crowns of Spain and Portugal. the Order of St Catherine. From the A letter from Berlin says, “ The new warm terms in which the letter is express. Prussian Council of State, and the Grand ed, it has been inferred, that this particu- Presidents of the different provinces of the larly good understanding between the monarchy, have, by a very great majority, Courts of St Petersburgh and Madrid is rejected the plan of finances submittted to brought about by special circumstances, them by M. Bulow, the Finance Minister, and a political hypothesis is immediately on the ground of incompetence, declaring, made out, according to which it is sup- at the same time, that the Provincial States posed that, by the representations of Spain, have alone power to decide in this case, Russia has been induced to assist with her and, consequently, that the King shall be great armies in the reduction of the revolt- prayed to convoke the said Provincial States. ed Spanish colonies. But the facts stated This decree of the Council of State is of are surely not sufficient to warrant such im- the highest importance, and will form an portant inferences; and the London mini- era in the Prussian annals.” sterial papers confidently assert, that there The project of a new constitution for is not the slightest foundation for them. Wurtemberg has met with much opposi

An article from Madrid, in the Paris pa. tion, and occasioned a great deal of discusg pers, states, that Ferdinand has been advised sion. The people insist upon the re-estato grant a general amnesty to his subjects. blishment of their former rights, and the This wise measure appears to have originat. King, who is said to be goaded on by the ed in the advice of the Minister of Finance, Emperor of Russia, seems determined to Don Martin Garay, who, having made the oppose them. Russian influence is said to proposition to the Council of Finance, re- be so great in these states, since the marceived a report from them on the subject, riage of the King with the sister of the Emstrongly recommending the measure, and peror, that the whole of the military are containing various reflections agreeable now attired in Russian uniforms. both to sound policy and to humanity. The free towns of Hamburgh, Lubeck,

There is now no doubt of the fate of the and Bremen, have presented a long memobrave but unfortunate General Lacy. He rial to the Diet at Frankfort, on the subwas carried to the Island of Majorca, and, ject of the depredations of the Tunisiap immediately on his arrival, on the morn. privateers, which states that the captain and ing of the 5th July, was shot. A letter of crew of a Hamburgh vessel have been carthe 13th, from Perpignan, says, " This ried into slavery. The Diet appointed a officer, who had so many times shed his committee of five to report upon the best blood for the service of his country, died means of securing the trade of Germany with equal composure and firmness. “All against these pirates. that I regret," said he, " is to die by the Switzerland suffered drcadfully in many hands of my ancient brethren in arms; it parts by inundations in the course of July was on the field of honour, and while com- last. Several rivers broke their dikes ; bacing the enemies of Spain, that a war. houses and bridges were destroyed in many rior like me ought to finish his career.” places ; and on the banks of the Lake of After these words, he said to the soldiers, Constance, many communes were laid under

In the Oberland, the fields, meaAccounts from Portugal, of the 9th in- dows, and plantations, were entirely substant, state, that Baron Eben, and about merged, and masses of the soil were seen thirty others of the conspirators, had been floating about, torn up by the fury of the found guilty, and was expected to be or waters, covered with potatoes, vegetables, dered for execution. General Gomez Friere and hay. The storm had caused great mia is to be banished.

sery to the poor peasantry, already suftere

* Fire."


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ing severely from the dearth of provisions. country above the Enns, including the Inn. -An extraordinary circumstance occurred viertel and the portions of the Slansruckduring the inundation. A large manu. viertel newly united, 208 6-10ths square factory of tiles, situated near the village of miles, and 628,000 souls ; the duchy of Fleuden, was entirely surrounded by water, Styria, 392 square miles, and 798,100 inwhich at length made its way into magas habitants ; the duchy of Carintha, 190 gines full of lime. In an instant, the square miles, and 278,000 souls; the duchy whole editice was on fire; the owners had of Carniola, with Idria, 190 square miles, previously quitted it, and, as no assistance with 377,000 souls ; the country and princould be afforded, it was burned in the cipality of the Tyrol, with the tribunal of midst of the water, down to the level of it. Wells and the lord ships of the Voralberg,

A letter from Vienna of the 2d July in- excepting that of Welier, 514 square miles, forms us, that the mountain of Hansruck, and 092,000 souls; the duchy of Salzburgh in Upper Austria, has disappeared, and without the districts of Launen, Trisengiven place to a lake. This mountain was dorf, Titmanning, and Wagen, for the por. very elevated, and gave its name to the tions situate on the left bank of the rivers country. In the preceding month, several Salach and Saal, 162 8-10ths square miles, phenomena had caused some dreadful event and 164,000 souls. to be anticipated. From time to time sub- 2. States of Bohemia.- The kingdom of terranean vents had occasioned little explo- Bohemia, with the districts of Egra and sions, and very much disturbed the inha- Asch, 951 4-10ths square miles, and bitants of the country. Some ten cottages 3,203,000 souls; the margravate of Mosituated on the verge of the mountain were ravia, with the Austrian part of the duchy destroyed. It is not said that any men had of Silesia, 551 8-10ths square miles, and perished in the disaster.

1,700,000 inhabitants. The Royal National Theatre of Berlin 3. The kingdom of Galicia, including was destroyed by tire on the 29th July. the Buckovine and the district of TarnoSo rapid were the Hames, that it was im- pole recently re-united thereto, 1514 square possible to save any thing; and it was only miles, and 3,645,000 souls. by the activity of the firemen and police, 4. The kingdom of Hungary, with the that two churches, between which the provinces and districts of the kingdoms of theatre stood, as well as the neighbouring Sclavonia and Croatia, 4112 square miles, houses, did not also become a prey to the and 7,900,000 souls. flames. The damage is estimated at about 5. The grand duchy of Transylvania, a million and a half of crowns. The build. with its annexed military frontier, 1064 ing was 214 feet long, 155 broad, and 155 8-10ths square miles, and 1,660,000 souls. high within the walls. The fire which de

6. The kingdom of Dalmatia, with the stroyed it is believed to have been wilful, districts of Ragusa and Caltaro, 304 square and twelve persons, suspected as the ince?- miles, and 543,000 miles. diaries, have been apprehended.

7. The Lombardo-l'enctian kingdom, diA state of the organization of the Aus- vided into the governments of Lombardy trian army has been published, from which and Venice, 830 4-10this square miles, and it appears that there are 564 generals, and 4,290,000 souls. 380 colonels, of whom 321 of the former, 8. The countries of the Austrian mili. and 163 of the latter, are unemployed. The tary frontier, in Croatia.--.l. The conforces are coinposed of 58 regiments of in- manderies of Carlstadt and Waradin, 231 fantry of the line, of which six are in square miles, and 295,000 souls. 2. The France, and three in the Neapolitan domi- Bannat frontier, 47 5-10ths square miles, nions. There are 21 battalions of grena- and 95,000 souls. 3. The frontier prodiers, 17 frontier regiments, a battalion of vince of Slavonia, 135 square miles, and (zaikistes, a regiment of Tyrolean chas- 230,000 souls. 4. The Hungarian Banseurs, composed of tour battalions, 12 bat

nat, 145 square miles, and 171,000 souls. talions of chasseurs, of which two are in 5. The military froutier of Transylvania, France, and tive battalions are in garrison. 137,000 souls. Besides these, there are the cavalry, the Total, 12,046square miles, and27,956,000 atillery, the miners, sappers, &c.

inhabitants. Populution, f* of Austria. A periodical work on statistics, politics, and history, published at Vienna by the Baion de The government of this country has availLICHTENSTERN, contains the following ed itself of the first moments of peace to statistical sketch of the provinces and popu- remove the burdens caused by the war, inlation of the Austrian monarchy, as they cluding the extraordinary income tax, which stand since the traty with Bavaria, on the had been iinposed for eight years. 14th of April last :

On the 25th ult. the prisoners in the 1. Austrian States.-1. The country be- House of Correction at Copenhagen revoltlow the Enns, in extent 464 5-10tis square ed, and set the prison on fire ; cannon miles, with 1,048,000 inliabitants. 2. 'The loaded with grape shot were brought down


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