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a detailed History and familiar Explica- Esq. Secretary of Embassy, and third comtion of the Virtues of that Holy Servant missioner. 4to. L.2, 2s. of God; by the Rev. Francis Martyn. Sketches of India; or Observations de 8vo. 7s. 6d.

scriptive of the Scenery, &c. in Bengal; Two Sermons on the Lord's Supper ; written in India in the Years 1811, 12, 13, by the Rev. Charles Coleman, M.R.I.A. Is.

14. 8vo. 8s. The Variation of Public Opinion and

EDINBURGH Feelings Considered, as it respects Reli The Philosophy of Arithmetic ; exhi. gion ; a Sermon, preached before the Bi- biting a Progressive View of the Theory shop of Sarum, on his Visitation at De- and Practice of Calculation. With an vizes, Aug. 15, 1817; by the Rev. G. Enlarged Table of the Products of NumCrabbe. Is. 6d.

bers under one hundred. By John Leslie,

F. R. S. E. Professor of Mathematics in the Tke Ruins of Gour; by W. Creighton, University of Edinburgh. 8vo. 8s. boards. 4to. L.2, 2s.

Outlines of Lectures on Human PhyThanet and the Cinque Ports ; consist- siology. By John Gordon, M.D. F.R.S.E. ing of Views of all the Churches, Castles, Lecturer on Anatomy and Surgery, and Vestiges of Antiquity, singular Residences, on the Institutions of Medicine, Edinburgh. &c. in the above District, accompanied 8vo. Boards, Gs. with Historical, Topographical, and Anti A Narrative of the Case of Miss Marquarian Descriptions. The Drawings and garet M'Avoy; with an Account of some Engravings by Wm. Deeble. Vol. I. fc. Optical Experiments connected with it. By 8vo. 175. 6d. demy 8vo. L. 1, 8s.

Thomas Renwick, M. D. Physician to the VOYAGES AND TRAVELS.

Liverpool Infirmary, 4to. Boards. 10s. 6d. A Journal of the Proceedings of the A Sermon preached on the third Monlate Embassy to China ; comprising an au- day of Lent, on the small Number of the thentic narrative of the public transac

Elect. Translated from the French of M. tions of the embassy, of the voyage to and de Massillon, Bishop of Clermont, &c. from China, and of the journey over land 8vo. sd. 2s. from the mouth of the Pei-ho, to the re

A Collection of Documents connected turn to Canton ; interspersed with obser- with Borough Reform. 8vo. sd. 2s. 6d. vations upon the face of the country, the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Jourpolicy, the moral character, and manners nal, No. 52. 3s. of the Chinese nation; by Henry Ellis, The Farmer's Magazine, No. 72. 35


Foreign Works recently imported by Da Brocchi, Conchiologia Fossile Subappevid Brown, South St Andrews Street. nina, con osservazioni Geologiche sugli Ap

penini e sul suolo adjacente, 2 vols. 4to. DELAMBRE, Histoire de l'Astronomie with fine plates. L. 2, 16s. Ancienne, 2 vols. 4to. L. 3, 12s.

Marcel-de-Serres, Essai sur les Arts et Biot, Precis Elementaire de Physique les Manufactures de l'Empire d'Autriche, experimentale, 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, 8s. 3 vols. 8vo. with numerous and fine plates. Dubuat, Principes de Hydraulique et

L. 2. Pyrodynamique, 3 vols. new edition, im Raynouard, Choix des Poesies originales proved and enlarged, with the addition of a des Troubadours, Vol. I. 8vo. 16s. third volume. L. 1, 108.

Grammaire de la langue Bourgeois, Leçons Experimentales d'Op- Romane, 8vo. 12s. tique sur le lumiere et les couleurs, 4 Nos.

Elemens de la Gramınaire 6s.

de la langue Romane avant l'an 1000. 6s. Murhard, Litteratura Mathematica, 5 Chenier, Tableau de la Litterature vols. 8vo. L. 2.

Françoise depuis 1789. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Bouillot, Solution de la Quadrature du Sabbatier des Banques et leur influence cercle, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

pour faciliter la circulation des capitaux. Orfila, chimie Medicale, 2 vols. 8vo. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Correspondence Politique et Militaire de Cloquet sur les Hernies, 4to. 7s. Henri le Grand avec J. Roussat. Por. Chomel, Elemens de Pathologie Gene.

traits. 7s. tale, 8vo. 128.

Memoires de la Societé Royale des An. Reveille-Parise, Examen de Pathologie, tiquaires de France, Vol. I. 12s. ou choix de questions et de responses sur

Riccati, Tableau Historique des EveneCette partie de la Medecine, 8vo. 12s. mens de 1815 et 1816. 3 vols. 8vo. L.1, 4s.

Matthey, Nouvelles Recherches sur les Scheffer, Essai sur la Politique de la NaMaladies de l'Esprit, 8vo. 88.

tion Anglaise. 8vo. 3s. 6d. VOL. I.


L. 1, 4s.




in Europe, for the Portuguese invasion of

Monte Video. The great powers of the FRANCE.

Continent, however, would not suffer the THE French Legislative Assembly was peace of Europe to be disturbed ; and of. opened by a speech from the King on the fered their mediation in such terms that it 5th November. His Majesty, alluding to could not be refused ; and conferences are the demands of compensation, lately urged appointed to be held at Paris, for the puragainst France by the commissioners of the pose of bringing about a mutual accommoallied powers, states, that he has commen- dation. ced a negociation with the view of obtain The Court of Madrid, to facilitate its ing more moderate and equitable condi. projects against the revolted colonies, has tions; as, in the present state of France, purchased six sail of the line from Russia, it is quite impossible to comply with the which have already passed the Belt on their demands which have been made upon her. way to Cadiz, where they will be manned The King seems to look forward to the pe- with Spanish crews, and employed in the riod as not far distant, when foreign troops transport of troops to America. will be no longer required for maintaining General Gomez Friere, and his com. the tranquillity of the country, and the panions, twelve in number, convicted of a stability of the throne.

design to overturn the Portuguese Governa Jews. In a tract lately published at ment in May last, underwent their senParis, by M. Bail, the following is given tence of death on the 18th October at Lise as a fair calculation of the number of Jews bon, and their bodies, after hanging, were in the different quarters of the globe:

burned to ashes. Baron Eben had his sen. In all parts of Poland, before

tence of death changed to perpetual bathe partition of 1772 1,000,000 nishment, on the intercession, it is said, of In Russia, including Moldavia

an illustrious person in England. and Wallachia

200,000 In all the States in which the

GERMANY. German language is spoken 500,000 It is stated from Prussia, that the CounIn Holland and the Nether.

cil of Finance has recommended a com. lands

80,000 mercial system, having for its basis the exIn Sweden and Denmark

5,000 clusion of all severe import or transit du. In France

50,000 ties, and the introduction of such moderate In England (of which London

ones, as, by attracting the foreign mer. contains 12,000)

50,000 chants, and not oppressing the consumer, In the States in which Italian

will promote the financial prosperity of the is spoken

200,000 state. In Spain and Portugal

10,000 Sweden is suffering grievously under In the United States

3,000 the late restrictions imposed upon her comIn the Mahometan States of

merce. Some of the principal banks in Asia, Europe, and Africa 4,000,000 the kingdom have suspended their pay. In Persia, and the rest of Asia,

ments, and the mercantile community is, including China and India 500,000 in consequence, agitated with distrust and

alarm. Total 6,598,000

ASIA. SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. A misunderstanding lately prevailed between the Courts of Portugal and Spain, About the end of last month, the arti. which the interference of the greater val of intelligence from India, stating that powers has prevented from breaking out war had broken out in the dominions of into open war. On the Spanish frontiers the Peshwa, caused a considerable sensathe movements of troops seemed to threa- tion, and fears were entertained of a geneten an immediate invasion of Portugal; ral and protracted contest with the whole and rumour asserted, that the Court of of the Mahratta powers. The frequent Madrid had determined to make reprisals incursions of the Pindarees had given risc



to a suspicion that they were set on by room. The Dey endeavoured, but in vain, these powers, who but waited a favourable to appease their fury. He then drew his opportunity to shew their hostility to the sword to defend himself, but being over. British authority. The Resident at Poo- powered by numbers, he was dragged out nah, therefore, (the Hon. Mr Elphinstone,) into the court-yard and strangled. In the as soon as the war did break out, seized mean time, another body of soldiers had the person of the Peshwa, and committed been detached to the city, where they prohim to safe custody; and it appears, from claimed Ali Hodja as new Dey, and resubsequent arrivals, that, in consequence of turned with him in triumph to the palace this prompt measure of the Resident, and the of the Regency, which he entered a few imposing state of our whole military force minutes after the murder of the unfortu. in India, under the Marquis of Hastings, nate Oinar Pacha. all apprehensions of an immediate war Theunpopularity of Omar Pacha, it would had completely vanished. These accounts appear, arose from his strict adherence to are to the date of the Uth June. The the treaty made with Lord Exmouth; and Peshwa had delivered up three of his chief his successor will no doubt find it a difficult forts, as securities for his peaceable con- matter, both to preserve the favour of the duct'; and a reward had been offered for barbarians, and to prevent the infraction of Trimbukjee, the leader of the Mahrattas, that treaty, which stipulated for the aboli. in his dominions. Scindia and Holkar, so tion of Christian slavery. But the present far from taking part in the war, have given Dey, according to some accounts, will soon the Marquis of Hastings assurances of sup. have a new and formidable enemy to conport in crushing the Pindarees. Money tend against. It is said that Mahomet Ali, could be obtained in India at six per cent., the Viceroy of Egypt, whose military taand the bills of the Company were at a lents are considerable, has formed the design premium.

of erecting his province into a State independent of Turkey; and likewise to root

out the present governments of Tunis, Al. There is an article in the Dutch papers, whole under his own authority. It is ad.

giers, and Tripoli, and concentrate the dated from Petersburgh, which states, that the Emperor of China has expressed a wish ded, that he is seeking the countenance of to have ambassadors at his Court from fo. the Courts of Britain, Russia, and Sweden, reign powers, on the same footing as the in this enterprise. powers of Europe. This would rather be The plague, which had raged with such å novelty in the policy of China ; and it is virulence at Algiers, that it numbered from scarcely to be believe that a determination 150 to 200 victims per day, had not, by of this nature on the part the sovereign,

the last accounts, extended to Morocco, a which implies a revolution in all the ta- visitation which it probably escaped only vourite notions of this singular people, by the intervention of the great desert that could have been adopted so suddenly and separates the two countries, and which, in unexpectedly; at any rate, the punctilios

a great measure, cuts off their communicanecessary to be observed by the European tion with each other. powers would be a bar to any close inter

By recent advices, it appears that the

mission, which had some months ago been AFRICA.

dispatched from Cape Coast Castle to Cor.

masie, the capital of the kingdom of AshREVOLUTION AT ALGIERS. antee, had completely succeeded ; and that By a sudden explosion of military vio- it had met with a most gracious reception lence, the Dey of Algiers, on the 3d Octo from the king. At first the king manifestber last, lost both his authority and his ed great coldness and reserve, which is at. life. From the details which have been tributed to the endeavour of General Dapublished of this event, it appears, that for endels, to excite a feeling hostile to the more than a month before, symptoms of English ; but mutual explanations having discontent and insubordination had been removed this unfavourable impression from observed to prevail among the troops, of his majesty's mind, every opportunity, it which due warning was given to Omar is alleged, was sought of complimenting Pacha, the Dey; but he refused to listen to the gentlemen composing the mission, with such ungrateful intelligence. Early on the the highest proofs of regard and distinction. morning of the 3d, however, he was roused. The splendour, the order, the variety, and from his security by a tumultuous assem- extent of the king's retinue, his subject blage of about 600 Turkish soldiers, who chieftains, officers, and attendants, had as proceeded to the palace where the Dey was much exceeded the expectations of the sitting in council with his ministers, and English, as did the decorum and benignity overpowering the palace guard, some of of his manners, and those of his family and the most furious rushed into the council. courtiers who surrounded him. The po



pulation of Cormasie is estimated at 200,000 bring into the United States, from the Brisouls.

tish West India Islands, or any other of her colonies, cargoes consisting of articles

the growth, production, or manufacture of A letter from Cairo, dated February 1, said colonies. Vessels arrived in any Bri1816, gives the following particulars con

tish colony can take a cargo from another cerning this country :

British colony, and bring into the United No people under the sun possess such

States. Great Britain and Sweden are the a capacity for learning foreign languages, only nations which have a similar reguand speaking them fluently, as the Egyp. lation to that contained in the navigation tians. The Italian is generally spoken by act of the United States, and of course they them, and also the French, since the visit are the only nations which are affected by of Bonaparte. When foreign vessels are

it.” descried from Rosetta or Alexandria, na

A very late Philadelphia paper contains tive interpreters and dealers immediately the following account of emigrants arriva go off to them to make contracts for pro

ed in that port, from the 31st of August visions, &c. A Swedish ship, the first that 1816, to the 31st of August 1817: has been seen at Alexandria for sixteen

From England, Ireland, and years, lately arrived at that port. An old


2018 Egyptian, with hoary beard, went on board


2190 and offered his services in such pure Swe


128 dish, that the captain took him for a Swede Hamburgh and Bremen

GO in disguise. Since the invasion of the French, seve


4396 ral commercial houses from Europe, and,

Letters received from Charleston, dated some years since, the great house of Fegtig the 16th September, bring the distressing from Austria, have established themselves intelligence that the fever, for some time at Cairo, where they are doing business. prevalent there, instead of abating, had Since the Pacha of Cairo, together with the increased, and that the deaths averaged Arab chiefs, who exercise sovereign sway

about a hundred weekly. in their respective districts, has pretty well

The Indians have agreed to cede to the restored the public tranquillity, and the United States, for the use of Georgia, the Egyptians are now not much oppressed tract of land lying between Oakmugee with taxes, which so easily excite these peo- River, and the line run under General ple to insurrection, trade and commerce are tolerably brisk.

The American ship Galen, Captain The notion current in Europe, that Tracey, lately made her passage from Bosthere are numerous studs of horses in the

ton to the Land's End in fourteen days, deserts of Arabia, is erroneous. A breeder and to the London Docks in twenty-three seldom possesses more than 30, or at most days; and a Liverpool vessel lately went 40 head, which he values very highly, and a voyage to Savannah in America, took in of which he keeps an exact pedigree. The a cargo, and returned to Liverpool in sixlate wars and disturbances have exceeding. ty-nine days. ly raised the prices of these animals ; so that entire horses of the best breeds now cost on the spot from 8000 to 10,000 piastres

Church at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.-each. Count Huniady, of Hungary, has The corner-stone of a church, to be erected lately obtained two of these rare creatures, by subscription, by the inhabitants of Dartpurchased near Aleppo, through the agency

mouth and Halifax, aided by a donation of the house of Fegtig, which is at this mo

from Sir John C. Sherbrooke, was lately ment preparing to ship off eleven more, laid by his Excellency the Earl of Dal. chiefly mares, for Trieste.

housie, who has also been a liberal subscriber to the undertaking, in the presence

and under the auspices of the Right ReAMERICA.

verend the Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia, Rear Admiral Sir David Milne, K. C. B.

the Hon. Commissioner Wodehouse, the Navigation Act.—The following notifi. Rev. Dr Inglis, and many other respecta. cation appears in the Halifax Chronicle of ble parishioners. the 11th September, quoted from the Independent Chronicle of the 4th:

“ We are authorized to state, that the By accounts from the Brazils to the collector of the customs for this district has middle of August, we learn that the Brabeen directed to put the following construc- zilian Government had sent off orders for tion, for the present, on the navigation act the evacuation of Monte Video by the Porof March 1817:

tuguese troops. By a decree of the 25th “ Vessels owned in Great Britain may of June, the following official appointments

Jackson's treaty




at the Court of Rio Janeiro had been no- of Morillo was, however, materially influtified :

enced by a diversion on the main land, by President of the Royal Treasury, Joao Marino, the patriot leader in Venezuela Paulo Bezerra.

When the Spaniards landed in Margaretta, Minister and Secretary of State for Fo- Morillo put to the sword all that fell into his reign Affairs and War, the Count de Pal. hands ; neither age nor sex were spared ; mella

and the inhabitants, who could anticipate Minister and Secretary of State for the nothing from his success but a general exMarine and Transmarine dominion, the termination, resisted all his efforts, with a Count dos Arcos.

bravery bordering on desperation, and suc. Minister and Secretary of State of the ceeded in expelling him from their terriAffairs of the Kingdom and House of Bra- tory on the 17th August. Four of his ships ganza, the Judge Thomas Antonio de were afterwards taken by the patriot AdmiVilla.

ral Brion. When Morillo fled from Mar. Nova Portagal, Counsellor of State, the garetta, he cut the throats, it is said, of ali Count de Vunchal.

the Creoles who were with him, even those

whom he had compelled to fight in his SPANISH AMERICA.

ranks. The independent troops, of course, Throughout the vast colonies of Spain in retaliate these bloody proceedings, and North and South America, the civil war hence the passions of both parties are wound continues to rage with murderous activity; up to the highest pitch of hatred and reand till it be determined whether these venge. provinces are to be independent, or to sink General Macgregor has left the comagain under the hated yoke of the mother mand at Amelia Island ; but there seems country, they must continue to be the scene to be no intention, on the part of the In. of desolation and misery. At present af. dependents, of relinquishing this station ; fairs seem to promise well for the indepen as he has been succeeded by a Colonel Irdence of the South Americans. The in vine, who repulsed two attacks made by habitants of Margaretta, by their deter the Spaniards on the 12th and 13th Sepinined resistance, compelled the royalist tember, and on the 21st hoisted the Mexi. General Morillo to evacuate the island, can flag, and proclaimed the independence which he had invaded with an army of of the island. 3000 men, and a large fleet. The retreat




in vain.

tain Collis immediately seized the poket, 13.-Large Snake. There has been, and a struggle ensued between him and for some time past, a snake of enormous the robber, which was interrupted by the magnitude secreted in a pond at a short entrance of four or five others, who said it distance from the Priory, a house occupied was useless to resist them, which was evi. by Mr Thomson, at Frognell, between

dent froni their number and appearance. Hampstead and West End. The servants They had succeeded beforehand in securof Mr Thomson have frequently seen it, ing the servants outside. The depredators and describe it to be of the thickness of a then surveyed the room, in which was

's arm, and of a proportionate length. some plate and other articles ; but these Attempts have been made to shoot it, but they did not touch, saying, they would be

Its motions are uncommonly content with some money, and whatever rapid, and on the least alarm it dives to arns were in the house; and with these the bottom of the pond. It seems perfect- demands the Archdeacon and his son, sily harmless in its nature, and hitherto has tuated as we have described, were obliged done no mischief. Froys and toads, it is to comply. One of the robbers has since supposed, form the principal source of its been apprehended. sustenance.

New Viceroy.--The Earl and Countess 15.Ireland. During Robbery.-On of Talbot arrived under a suitable escort Sunday evening, the Rev. Archdeacon Col at Dublin, on Thursday the 9th inst. and lis

, with his son, Captain Collis, were sit- the Prívy Council being in attendance, his ting in a parlour of their house, in the vi- Lordship was immediately sworn into ofcinity of Cork, when a man entered, whose fice, and afterwards proceeded to the Viceappearance justified the well-founded sus regal Lodge, Phænix Park, where a grand picion of those gentlemen that their visitor dinner was given by Lord Whitworth. On came with no good object in view. Cap. Friday the Duchess of Dorset and Earl

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