Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the American Wood-Preservers' Association, Volumen10

American Wood Preservers' Association, 1914
Contents of Proceedings in previous years, included in v. 8- (in v. 8-12 the period covered dates from 1910; in v. 13- from 1905).

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Página 9 - The term of each officer shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at which such officer is elected, and shall continue for a period of one (i) year.
Página 193 - I second the motion. The President : It has been moved and seconded that the Committee be discharged from the further consideration of this question.
Página 155 - Aye; those opposed, No. The motion is carried. MR.
Página 61 - The oil used shall be the best obtainable grade of coal-tar creosote ; that is, it shall be a pure product obtained from coal gas tar or coke oven tar and shall be free from any tar...
Página xxxiii - Robert W. Hunt John J. Cone Jas. C. Hallsted DW McNaugher ROBERT W. HUNT & Co. ENGINEERS Bureau of Inspection, Tests and Consultation...
Página 59 - Association, standard definitions of creosote and tar, 1921. CREOSOTE Creosote, in the scientific sense, may be properly defined as any and all distillate oils boiling between 200 and 400° C., which are obtained by distillation from tars consisting principally of compounds belonging to the aromatic series, and containing well-defined amounts of phenoloids.
Página 63 - When two hundred (200) grams of the oil are distilled in accordance with the requirements of the specifications for the analysis of...
Página 61 - ... it shall be completely liquid at thirtyeight (38) degrees centigrade and shall be free from suspended matter; the specific gravity of the oil at thirty-eight (38) degrees centigrade shall be at least 1.03.
Página 9 - January, and shall be payable in advance. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify each member of the amount due for the ensuing year at the time of giving notice of the Annual Meeting.
Página 69 - Before taking the specific gravity the oil in the cylinder should be stirred thoroly with a glass rod, and this rod when withdrawn from the liquid should show no solid particles at the instant of withdrawal. Care should be taken that the hydrometer does not touch the sides or bottom of the cylinder when the reading is taken, and that the oil surface is free from froth and bubbles.

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