History of Ancient Art

Harper & brothers, 1882 - 482 páginas

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Página v - Reber's preceding book, has introduced order into a subject previously confused, disclosing the natural progress of the arts and the relations of the arts of the different races by whom they have been successively practised; and it has had the more important result of securing to the fine arts their due place in the history of mankind as the chief record of various stages of civilization, and as the most trustworthy expression of the faith, the sentiments, and the emotions of past ages, and often...
Página v - So far as I am aware, there is no compend of information on the subject in any language so trustworthy and so judicious as this.
Página 416 - To this gigantic work, admired even in the time of the magnificent Roman Empire, is undoubtedly owing the Fig. 2. Mouth of the Cloaca Maxima, or Great Sewer, of Ancient Rome. preservation of the Eternal City, which it has secured from the swamping that has befallen its neighboring plains.

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