English and Scottish Ballads, Volumen2

Little, Brown & Company, 1866

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Página 212 - O that I were where Helen lies ! Night and day on me she cries ; Out of my bed she bids me rise, Says,
Página 118 - ... the moon, Until they came to yon wan water, And there they lighted down. They lighted down to tak a drink Of the spring that ran sae clear; And down the stream ran his gude heart's blood, And sair she 'gan to fear. "Hold up, hold up, Lord William," she says, "For I fear that you are slain!
Página 127 - My maids, gae to my dressing-room, And dress to me my smock; The one half is o the holland fine, The other o needle-work.
Página 248 - O WHERE hae ye been Lord Randal, my son ? O where hae ye been, my handsome young man?"— " I hae been to the wild wood ; mother make my bed soon, For I'm weary wi' hunting, and fain wald lie down."— " Where gat ye your dinner, Lord Randal, my son? » Where gat ye your dinner, my handsome young man?
Página 47 - Wi' torches burning red: When in and came her seven brothers, Wi' torches burning bright: They said, ' We hae but ae sister, And behold her lying with a knight 1' Then out and spake the first o' them, 'I bear the sword shall gar him die.
Página 211 - Curst be the heart that thought the thought, And curst the hand that fired the shot, When in my arms burd Helen dropt, And died to succour me! 0 think na ye my heart was sair, When my love dropt down and spak nae mair! There did she swoon wi' meikle care, On fair Kirconnell Lee.
Página 50 - Their beds are made in the heavens high, Down at the foot of our good Lord's knee, Weel set about wi' gillyflowers ; I wot sweet company for to see.
Página 49 - Your faith and troth ye sall never get, " Nor our true love sall never twin, " Until ye come within my bower, " And kiss me cheik and chin." " My mouth it is full cold, Margaret, " It has the smell, now, of the ground ; " And if I kiss thy comely mouth, " Thy days of life will not be lang. " O, cocks are crowing a merry midnight, " I wot the wild fowls are boding day ; " Give me my faith and troth again, " And let me fare me on my way.
Página 300 - OF a' the maids o' fair Scotland, The fairest was Marjorie ; And young Benjie was her ae true love, And a dear true love was he. And wow but they were lovers dear, And loved fu' constantlie ; But aye the mair when they fell out, The sairer was their plea.
Página 112 - O he's gane down to yon shore side As fast as he could fare ; He saw fair Annie in the boat, But the wind it tossed her sair. » " And hey, Annie, and how, Annie ! " O Annie, winna ye bide !" But aye the mair he cried Annie, The braider grew the tide. " And hey, Annie, and how, Annie ! " Dear Annie, speak to me !" But aye the louder he cried Annie, The louder roared the sea.

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