Documents of the Senate of the State of New York, Volumen1


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Página 3 - BILLS. [Every bill shall receive three readings previous to its being passed; and the President shall give notice at each whether it be first, second, or third; which readings shall be on three different days, unless the Senate unanimously direct otherwise.
Página 4 - When a Member shall be called to order, he shall sit down until the President shall have determined whether he is in order or not...
Página 2 - But no committee on conference shall consider or report on any matters except those directly at issue between the two houses. The papers shall be left with the conferees of the house assenting to such conference, and they shall present the report of the committee to their house. When such house shall have acted thereon, they shall transmit the same, and the papers relating thereto, to the other, with a message certifying it
Página 2 - He shall have the right to name any member to perform the duties of the chair, but such substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment...
Página 4 - The report shall state whether or not said bill has been amended in committee of the whole. After the report, the bill shall be subject to debate and amendment before the question to engross is put ; but such amendments only shall be in order as were offered and decided in the committee of the whole senate, except by unanimous consent.
Página 8 - When a resolution shall be offered, or a motion made, to refer any subject, and different committees shall be proposed, the question shall be taken in the following order : The committee of the whole House on the state of the Union ; the committee of the whole House; a standing committee; a select committee.
Página 2 - When the reading of a paper is called for and the same is objected to by any member, it shall be determined by a vote of the House.
Página 3 - that the government itself is not responsible for the misfeasances, or wrongs, or negligences, or omissions of duty of the subordinate officers or agents employed in the public service ; for it does not undertake to guarantee to any...
Página 3 - Whenever there shall be an election of officers by the joint action of the two Houses, the result shall be certified by the president of the Senate and speaker of the Assembly, and shall be reported by the presiding officer of each House to their respective Houses, and be entered on the journal of each, and shall be communicated to the Governor by the clerks of the two Houses.
Página 4 - After a bill or resolution to amend the constitution shall be ordered to a third reading, no motion to amend the same shall be in order without unanimous consent, but any such bill or resolution may be committed prior to the completion of the final reading thereof.

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