A new derivative spelling-book, in which the origin of each word is given. [Another]


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Página i - GRAMMAR, cloth bds., 5s. 6d. 48. Composition and Punctuation, familiarly Explained for those who have neglected the Study of Grammar. By JUSTIN BRENAN. i6th Edition. is. 49. Derivative Spelling-Book: Giving the Origin of Every Word from the Greek, Latin, Saxon, German, Teutonic, Dutch, French, Spanish, and other Languages; with their present Acceptation and Pronunciation.
Página 101 - KB, Knight of the Bath. KCB, Knight Commander of the Bath. KG, Knight of the Garter. Knt., Knight. K.St.P., Knight of St. Patrick. KT, Knight of the Thistle. LAC, Licentiate of the Apothecaries
Página 92 - Pro bono publico : for the public good. Pro and con : for and against. Pro hac vice : for this turn. Pro loco et tempore : for the place and time. Pro re nata :for a special business: as occasion serves. Pro salute animae : for the health of the soul.
Página 92 - Nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa : to be conscious of no iirime, and to turn pale at no accusation. Nisi Dominus frustra : unless the Lord be with us, all our efforts will be in vain. Nisi prius : unless before : a writ, by which the sheriff is to bring a jury to Westminster Hall on a certain day, " unless before " that day the Lords Justices go into his county to hold assizes.
Página 100 - FES, Fellow of the Entomological Society. FGS, Fellow of the Geological Society. FHS, Fellow of the Horticultural Society.
Página 59 - Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
Página 100 - AC (ante Christum). Before Christ. AD (anno Domini). In the year of our Lord. AM (ante meridiem). Before noon.
Página 91 - Lapsus lingua, a slip of the tongue. Lex talionis, the law of retaliation. Licentia vatum, a poetical license. Locum tenens, a deputy or substitute. Magna charta, the great charter of British liberty. Memento mori, remember death; remember thou must die.
Página 100 - AM Artium magister. Master of Arts. AM Anno mundi. In the year of the world. AM Ante meridiem. Before noon.
Página 35 - Ea-gle,* s. - - Fr. aigle, the largest and strongest of the birds of prey. Ed'-dy, s. - - Sax. ed, again, and ea, running water, a stream. The running back of the water at any place contrary to the tide or stream. El'-bow, s, - - Ger. elbogen, the joint, or projecting part of the curvature in the middle of the arm ; any bending or angle. Em-ba'rk, va and n. - - Fr. embarquer, to put on shipboard; to engage in : — •». To go on ship-board ; to engage.

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