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Página 91 - ... our Rum doth as little hurt as your Brandy and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome : however to keep the Indians temperate and sober is a very, good and Christian performance but to prohibit them all strong liquors...
Página 354 - I have the honor to be, with great respect, Sir, Your very humble and obedient servant...
Página 20 - We discovered a river oneeighth of a league wide and extremely rapid, which is the outlet or communication from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The depth of this stream (for it is properly the River St. Lawrence) is prodigious at this spot ; for at the very shore there are 15 or 16 fathoms of water, which fact we proved by dropping our line.
Página 186 - ... quit claimed, and by these presents doe for us our heires and successors absolutely surrender, deliver up and for ever quit claime unto our great Lord and Master the King of England called by us Corachkoo and by the Christians William the third and to his heires and successors Kings and Queens of England for ever...
Página 22 - Intendent therein for the King, there arrived in this place two missionaries of the Seminary of Montreal, accompanied by seven other Frenchmen, who the first of all European people have wintered on this lake, of which they have taken possession in the name of their King, as of an unoccupied territory, by affixing his arms which they have attached here to the foot of this cross.
Página 211 - ... the whirlpools formed by a thousand rocks, through which it with difficulty finds a passage, and by the foam with which it is always covered; on the other the view is confined by three mountains placed one over the other, and whereof the last hides itself in the clouds. This would have been a very proper scene for the poets to make the Titans attempt to scale the heavens. In a word, on whatever side you turn your eyes, you discover nothing which does not inspire a secret horror.
Página 327 - Each had two such poles in his hands, to set against the bottom of the stream, to keep them steady. So they went and got to the island, and having given poles to the two poor Indians there, they all returned safely to the main. Those two Indians who in the above mentioned manner were first brought to this island, are yet alive. They were nine days on the island, and almost starved to death.
Página 362 - I desire you may go home directly, off from our lands, and tell Onontio to send us word immediately, what was his reason for using our brothers so; or, what he means by such proceedings, that we may know what to do, for I can assure Onontio, that we, the Six Nations, will not take such usage. You hear what I say ? These are the sentiments of our Nations. Tell *The French— 1. DR it to Onontio, that that is what the Six Nations said to you.
Página 361 - River at an Indian Town, where he intends to build a Fort if he can get Liberty from the Ohio Indians ; he has five canoes loaded with Goods, and is very generous in making Presents to all the Chiefs of the Indians that he meets with; he has sent two Messages to this Town desiring the Indians here to go and meet him and clear the Road for him...
Página 250 - Britain, nor to the other nations of America who are friends to the same. In like manner, the subjects of Great Britain shall behave themselves peaceably towards the Americans who are subjects or friends to France ; and on both sides they shall enjoy full liberty of going and coming...

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