Life of William, Earl of Shelburne, Afterwards First Marguess of Lansdowne: 1737-1766


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Página 320 - They nourished up by your indulgence !" They grew by your neglect of them. As soon as you began to care about them, that care was exercised in sending persons to rule them,!
Página 252 - ... issued and disposed of by warrant under the hand of the governor of this commonwealth, for the time being with the advice and consent of the council...
Página 94 - I am so far recovered as to do business ; but my constitution is entirely ruined, without the consolation of having done any considerable service to the state, or without any prospect of it.
Página 384 - The Stamp Act says, we shall have no commerce, make no exchange of property with each other, neither purchase, nor grant, nor recover debts; we shall neither marry nor make our wills, unless we pay such and such sums; and thus it is intended to extort our money from us, or ruin us by the consequences of refusing to pay it.
Página 321 - ... their constant and laborious industry for the defence of a country whose frontier was drenched in blood, while its interior parts yielded all its little savings to your emolument.
Página 248 - In what mode, least burdensome and most palatable to the colonies, can they contribute towards the support of the additional expense which must attend this civil and military establishment, upon the arrangement which your lordships shall propose?
Página 321 - ... on many occasions has caused the blood of those SONS OF LIBERTY to recoil within them: men promoted to the highest...
Página 320 - They planted by your care! No, your oppressions planted them in America. They fled from your tyranny, to a then uncultivated and inhospitable country, where they exposed themselves to almost all the hardships to which human nature is liable, and, among others, to the cruelties of a savage foe, the most subtle, and I will take upon me to say, the most formidable of any people upon the face of...
Página 320 - ... to recoil within them — men promoted to the highest seats of justice — some who to my knowledge were glad, by going to a foreign country, to escape being brought to the bar of a court of justice, in their own.
Página 49 - II. there were three parties : first, the old Whigs, who entirely composed the administration ; secondly, the discontented Whigs, who one after another quarrelled with Sir Robert Walpole and the main body ; thirdly, the Tories, to whose character and principles sufficient justice has not been done, owing to the never-ceasing outcry of ministers in confounding them with the Jacobites. But in fact they were the landed interest of England, who desired to see...