A residence in Jutland, the Danish isles, and Copenhagen


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Página 385 - Islts, vol. ii. p. 358. Briefly, it was built in very early days — the fourteenth century (some say by a skipper, others by a pirate) — -as a votive offering to Heaven for preservation from a fearful tempest, and constructed on the klint's edge, to serve as a landmark to those at sea. While the masons were engaged in building, the walls constantly fell down, and could not be made to stand straight. This illnatured people attributed...
Página 52 - my sovereign had known it was a beard you required, he could have sent you a goat ; at any rate, my beard is of older date than your protectorate.
Página 207 - Hans," — and then chops one into three pieces for the " trillinge,"* of which there is sure to be a set in the cradle. When he has finished these slices she gives him his rightful supper as well, adding, " Now, good dog, you shall run loose this night, for in a season when there is peace and good will upon earth you will surely harm no one.
Página 387 - ... hundred and thirty pounds yearly. The prioress receives an income of about six hundred pounds English. If any member dies or marries, she forfeits her entrance-money. The ten sisters highest on the list have apartments assigned to them in the convent : they have, of course, their own private room ; but the drawing-rooms are lighted up of an evening, and they dine together, enjoy their own parson, own doctor, own equipages; a beautiful garden, with greenhouses and a deer-park ; — live among...
Página 211 - Peter consents ; the peasant causes two lofty hillocks of sand to be erected, and then cutting the chains lets the bells fall down gently, one after the other. The plan succeeded, and the man claims his reward. " Yes," answers Gyldenstierne, " I will perform my promise and provide handsomely for your wife and children; but for yourself, a traitor to your country, you shall take the place of the bells.
Página 191 - ... om, at der ude ved et Aadsel af et Faar stod et Dyr, som hun endnu aldrig havde set Magen til. Han skal i Nibe have faaet udbetalt Præmien for skadelige Dyrs Udryddelse7).
Página 140 - Viborg has still some vitality in her left — is repaving her streets and smartening up in expectation of a railroad. She possesses too a little commerce of her own. I observe the weavers sit at their open windows, busily engaged at their looms : look in at that man, his house shaded by two clipped limes ; how neat and tidy all appears about him ! look at his two bas-reliefs in biscuit, — one of the present king ; the other by Thorvaldsen, the Genius of the Year. Observe too his flowers — his...
Página 220 - XLV. their beds till they set off on a new expedition. It was the same at Skagen and at Agger. The women perform all the heavy work at home — but not at the expense of their complexions. Anything more ludicrous cannot be imagined than a troop of these blackmasked creatures returning home, driving their cows from the downs. It seems to affect the ewes, too, for we met several new-born lambs white as the driven snow, with black masks exactly bike their mistresses.
Página 211 - Gyldenstierne, struck by the tone of these bells, determined to obtain them by some way or another. So he consulted all the villagers how to get them down without injury to the Church tower. No one could, or rather no one would, assist him, till a countryman presented himself before him, saying, 'Provide for my wife and children, and I will show you how to manage the matter.

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