Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Van Diemen's Land, Volumen3


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Página 272 - ... my countrymen. They were frightened, — they fled away, all of them ; after a while they returned, they hastened and made a fire, — a fire with wood ; no more was fire lost in our land.
Página 279 - like a stone ; ' for ' tall,' they would say ' long legs,' etc. ; and for ' round,' they said ' like a ball,' ' like the moon,' and so on, usually suiting the action to the word, and confirming, by some sign, the meaning to be understood...
Página 279 - Jemmy's father's wife,' and so on. Such a practice must, it is clear, have contributed materially to reduce the number of their substantive appellations, and to create a necessity for new phonetic symbols to represent old ideas, which new vocables would in all probability differ on each occasion, and in every separate tribe ; the only chance of fusion of words between tribes arising out of the capture of females for wives from hostile and alien people, — a custom generally prevalent, and doubtless...
Página 222 - In the fourth year the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid, in the month of Ziv. 38And in the eleventh year, in the month of Bui, which is the eighth month, the house was finished in all its parts, and according to all its specifications.
Página 203 - Cabbage-tree, rise perpendicularly, in the centre of the crest. In this state they are used for making brooms; those still unprotruded and remaining enclosed within the sheaths of the older leaves, form a white mass, as thick as a man's arm; they are eaten raw, boiled, or pickled. In a raw state, they taste like a nut, and boiled they resemble artichoke bottoms. The seeds furnish food for the Wood-quest, a large species of pigeon
Página 272 - Severely, intensely were they bitten. The women revived, — they lived once more. Soon there came a fog, a fog dark as night. The two blackmen went away, the women disappeared : they passed through the fog, the thick dark fog ! Their place is in the clouds. Two stars you see in the clear cold night ; the two blackmen are there, — the women are with them : they are stars above.
Página 178 - Milligan said he had ascertained that the Tasmanian aborigines, previous to their intercourse with Europeans, distinctly entertained the idea of immortality as regarded the soul or spirit of man ; their legends proved also their belief in a host of malevolent spirits and mischievous goblins, whose abodes were caverns and dark recesses of the dense forests, clefts in rocks on the mountain tops, etc.
Página 275 - Jefferson's notes on the State of Virginia" having with other interesting matter been omitted in the London Edition, I avail myself of the opportunity afforded by the publication of the work in this City, to add the testimony of that eminent Statesman, to those already adduced in proof of the capacity of the Indians; and as the most conducive evidence in favour of the experiment 1 have recommended, I feel truly fortunate in being able also, to introduce herein an extract from President...
Página 277 - The last named irregularity, namely, the distinctly different pronunciation of a word by the same person on different occasions to convey the same idea is very perplexing, until the radical or essential part of the word, apart from prefixes and suffixes, is caught hold of.
Página 279 - When any member of a tribe died, the Tasmanians abstained ever after from mentioning his name, believing that to do so would bring dire calamities upon them. In referring to such an one, they would use great circumlocution ; for example, 'if William and Mary, husband and wife, were both dead, and Lucy, the deceased sister of William, had been married to Isaac, also dead, whose son Jemmy still survived, and they wished to speak of Mary,' they would say, ' the wife of the brother of Jemmy's father's...

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