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Página 97 - DESCRIPTIVE GEOMETRY, an Elementary Treatise on; with a Theory of Shadows and of Perspective, extracted from the French of G. MONGE. To which is added, a description of the Principles and Practice of Isometrical Projection ; the whole being intended as an introduction to the Application of Descriptive Geometry to various branches of the Arts.
Página 98 - Landscape Painting in Oil Colours explained, in Letters on the Theory and Practice of the Art. Illustrated by 14 Plates of Examples from the several Schools. By JOHN BURNET, FRs Author of
Página 97 - ARITHMETIC, GEOMETRY, MATHEMATICS, ETC. 32. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS, a Treatise on; in which their Construction and the Methods of Testing, Adjusting, and Using them are concisely Explained. By JF HEATHER, MA, of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Original Edition, in i vol., Illustrated. is. 6d. *** In ordering the above, be careful to say, " Original Edition " or give the number in the Series (32) to distinguish it from the Enlarged Edition in 3 vols.
Página 97 - Projection; the whole being intended as an introduction to the Application of Descriptive Geometry to various branches of the Arts. By JF HEATHER, MA Illustrated with 14 Plates.
Página 98 - Arts ; with a Critical Examination into the Principles and Practice of the late Sir David Wilkie. By JOHN BURNET.
Página 98 - Costume in England," &c. ; Honorary Member of the Society of Antiquaries of Normandy, Poitiers, and Picardy ; and Corresponding Member of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Illustrated by 500 Engravings. In demy 4to., price 12s., cloth lettered, PRACTICAL HINTS ON PORTRAIT PAINTING: Illustrated by Examples from the Works of Vandyke and other Artists. By JOHN BURNET, FRS, Author of "Letters on Landscape Painting," "Rembrandt and his Works,
Página 97 - Painting on Glass, or Glass Staining, the Art of; comprising Directions for preparing the Pigments and Fluxes, for laying them upon the Glass, and for Firing or Burning in the Colours.
Página v - MURRAY, FSA Illustrated with 11 Steel Engravings. In 1 vol. demy 8vo., price 5s., THE SCHOOL PERSPECTIVE : Being a Progressive Course of Instruction in Linear Perspective, both Theoretical and Practical. Specially designed for the Use of Schools. By JR DICKSEE, Principal Drawing Master to the City of London School; to the Normal College for Training Teachers of the British and Foreign School Society. Illustrated with many Woodcuts and 40 Engraved Plates.
Página 4 - Beholder so that he should not be able to judge whether what he sees is only a few Colours laid artificially on a cloth or the very Objects there represented, seen through the frame of the Picture as through a Window.
Página 30 - ... the hinge, and at a distance from it equal to the length of the rod ; find the tension in the string when the rod rests in a horizontal position.

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