The Crayon Miscellany

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1849 - 459 páginas

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Página 319 - Had far outgrown his years, and to his eye There was but one beloved face on earth, And that was shining on him: he had look'd Upon it till it could not pass away; He had no breath, no.
Página 208 - IF thou would'st view fair Melrose aright, Go visit it by the pale moon-light; For the gay beams of lightsome day Gild, but to flout, the ruins gray.
Página 250 - Of witches' spells, of warriors' arms ; Of patriot battles, won of old By Wallace wight and Bruce the bold ; Of later fields of feud and fight, When, pouring from their Highland height, The Scottish clans, in headlong sway, Had swept the scarlet ranks away. While...
Página 323 - The boy had fewer summers, but his heart Had far outgrown his years, and to his eye There was but one beloved face on earth...
Página 343 - ... tree we continued on our sylvan research, in quest of another oak, of more ancient date and less flourishing condition. A ride of two or three miles, the latter part across open wastes, once clothed with forest, now bare and cheerless, brought us to the tree in question. It was the Oak of...
Página 323 - To live within himself ; she was his life, The ocean to the river of his thoughts, Which terminated all...
Página 239 - Her shirt was o' the grass-green silk, Her mantle o' the velvet fyne ; At ilka tett of her horse's mane, Hung fifty siller bells and nine. True Thomas, he pull'd aff his cap, And louted low down to his knee, " All hail, thou mighty queen of heaven ! For thy peer on earth I never did see.
Página 278 - THROUGH thy battlements, Newstead, the hollow winds whistle ; Thou, the hall of my fathers, art gone to decay ; In thy once smiling garden, the hemlock and thistle Have choked up the rose which late bloom'd in the way.
Página 284 - But in a higher niche, alone, but crown'd, The Virgin -Mother of the God-born Child, With her Son in her blessed arms, look'd round, Spared by some chance when all beside was spoil'd : She made the earth below seem holy ground.
Página 216 - ... so destitute of trees, that one could almost see a stout fly walking along their profile ; and the far-famed Tweed appeared a naked stream, flowing between bare hills, without a tree or a thicket on its banks...

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