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sion : we are constantly experiencing a spiritual influence upon our minds, while we cannot pretend to understand what spiritual influence is, or how it is exerted; and we are continually on the brink of entering the invisible world, while that world is shrouded from our perception and knowledge by an impenetrable veil.

Thus we have taken a hasty and imperfect survey of some of the secret things which belong to God. A few brief inferences will bring us to a conclusion.

1. The first reflection which arises from the views we have taken is, that after all we are of yesterday, and know nothing.

2. The subject which has now employed our minds is well calculated to produce deep humility.

3. We infer the folly and wickedness of those who doubt the truth of revelation because it does not afford them all the information they desire, and because it contains some things which to their limited understandings may seem inconsistent.

4. The views which have now been presented exhibit in a strong light the impious arrogance and senseless absurdity of those, who presume to demand that all truth must be brought to the level of their capacities, and who boldly declare they will believe nothing which they cannot fully comprehend. Upon this principle the articles of their creed must be very few; and if they practically conform to the decis. ions of their unbelief, their condition will be pitiable indeed. How, in consistency with their principles, can they act at all, as they certainly cannot understand how the volitions of the mind move the muscles of the body? How can they sow their fields, when the process of germination in a corrupting grain of corn is manifestly beyond their comprehension? While they are hopelessly ignorant of the operations of their own spirits, how can they consistently believe that they have souls at all? Nay, how can they believe they are alive, as they will not pretend to understand or explain the essence or the cause of ani. mal life, or the constituent properties of vitality? In a word, if men receive as truth nothing which they cannot comprehend, they must take refuge in almost universal skepticism.

Finally, we may infer from the discourse, how irrational as well as desperately wicked those are, who are continually finding fault with the Bible because it contains mysteries; and how much wiser those, who "receive with meekness the ingrafted word which is able to save their souls."

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