The London and Paris ladies' magazine of fashion, ed. by mrs. Edward Thomas

Jane Thomas (née Pinhorn)

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Página 67 - ROWLANDS' ODONTO, or PEARL DENTIFRICE, A "white Powder compounded of the rarest and most fragrant exotics. It bestows on the teeth a pearl-like Whiteness, frees them from Tartar, and imparts to the Gums a healthy firmness, and to the breath a delicate fragrance.
Página 129 - True as the needle to the Pole, Or as the dial to the sun; Constant as gliding waters roll, Whose swelling tides obey the moon; From ev'ry other Charmer free, My life and love shall follow thee!
Página 91 - KALYDOR a most refreshing preparation for the Complexion, dispelling the cloud of languor and relaxation, allaying all heat and irritability, and immediately affording the pleasing sensation attending restored elasticity and healthful state of the skin. Freckles, Tan, Spots, Pimples, Flushes, and Discolouration, fly before its application, and give place to delicate clearness, with the glow of beauty and of bloom.
Página 79 - Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle. The heat of Summer also frequently communicates a dryness to .the Hair, and a tendency to fall off, which may be completely obviated by the use of ROWLANDS...
Página 129 - Of verdant spring, her note renews ; All follow what they most admire, As I pursue my soul's desire. Nature must change her beauteous face, And vary as the seasons rise ; As winter to the spring gives place, Summer th' approach of autumn flies : No change on love the seasons bring, Love only knows perpetual spring.
Página 129 - All follow what they most admire, As I pursue my Soul's Desire. Nature must change her beauteous Face, And vary as the Seasons rise ; As Winter, to the Spring gives Place, Summer th' Approach of Autumn flies : No Change on Love the Seasons bring.
Página 103 - He rubs his pretty eyes, He shakes his curly head, And says, with great surprise, " Why, I'm not asleep in bed ! " The boat is rising and sinking Over the sailors...
Página 79 - Love only, waken'd with a kiss, More sweet may be. To thee, when our full hearts o'er-flow In griefs or joys, Unspeakable emotions owe A fitting voice : Mirth flies to thee, and Love's unrest, And Memory dear, And Sorrow, with his tighten'd breast, Comes for a tear.

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