Bradshaw's hand-book to Brittany, Volumen15


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Página 66 - Hotel, containing 45 Saloons and 235 Bedrooms, with a separate Breakfast and new Reading and Conversation Rooms, as well as a Smoking Saloon, and a very extensive and elegant Dining Room, an artificial garden over the river, is beautifully situated in connection with the Old and Now Bath buildings and Conversation House, and in the immediate vicinity of the Promenade and Trinkhalle.
Página 79 - CAUTION.— Vice-chancellor Sir W. PAGE WOOD stated that Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE was, undoubtedly, the Inventor of CHLORODYNE ; that the story of the Defendant, FREEMAN, was deliberately untrue, which, he regretted to say, had been sworn to. — See Times, I3th July, 1864. Sold in Bottles at is. lid., 2s. gd. and 43. 6d. each. None is genuine without the words "Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE
Página 79 - CHLORODYNE, and which is admitted by the Profession to be the most wonderful and valuable remedy ever discovered.
Página 17 - VICTORIA" HOTEL. THIS First-rate Establishment, situated near the great public Promenade, and five minutes from the Central Station for Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Frankfort, combines comfort with elegance, and has the advantage of possessing a spacious and beautiful Garden. TWO SUPERIOR TABLES D'HOTE DAILY.
Página 79 - Diarrhoea, and is the only specific in Cholera and Dysentery. effectually cuts short all attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation, and Spasms. is the• only palliative in Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer, Toothache, Meningitis.
Página 79 - BROWNE was undoubtedly the Inventor of CHLORODYNE; that the story of the Defendant FREEMAN was deliberately untrue, which, he regretted to say, had been sworn to." — See Times, i3th July, 1864. Sold in Bottles at is. ijd., I', 4s. 6d., and us. each None is genuine without the words, " Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE
Página 79 - ... in every Anglo-Indian home. The other brands, we are happy to say, are now relegated to the native bazaars, and, judging from their sale, we fancy their sojourn there will be but evanescent. We could multiply instances att infinitum of the extraordinary efficacy of Dr. COLLIS BROWNE'S...
Página 79 - Dysentery, Spasms, Cramps, Neuralgia, the Vomiting of Pregnancy, and as a general sedative, that have occurred under our personal observation during many years. In Choleraic Diarrhoea, and even in the more terrible forms of Cholera itself, we have witnessed its surprisingly controlling power.
Página 37 - ... and, having observed that all the lords and others of the army had quitted their tents, and were come to the assault, she immediately descended, mounted her horse, armed as she was, collected three hundred horsemen, sallied out at their head by another gate that was not attacked, and, galloping up to the tents of her enemies, cut them down, and set them on fire, without any loss, for there were only servants and boys, who fled upon her approach. As soon as the French saw their camp on fire, and...

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