Logic in its application to language


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Página 120 - Ferioqne, prioris : Cesare, Camestres, Festino, Baroko, secundae : Tertia, Darapti, Disamis, Datisi, Felapton, Bokardo, Ferison, habet : Quarta insuper addit Bramantip, Camenes, Dimaris, Fesapo, Fresison : Quinque Subalterni totidem Generalibus orti, Nomen habent nullum, nee, si bene colligis, usum.
Página 47 - The Masculine Gender is more worthy than the Feminine, and the Feminine more worthy than the Neuter.
Página 106 - That whatever can be affirmed (or denied) of a class, may be affirmed (or denied) of everything included in the class.
Página 281 - Handbook of the English Language. For the use of Students of the Universities and the Higher Classes in Schools. By RG Latham, MA MD &c.
Página 285 - Schmitz's History of Rome, From the Earliest Times to the Death of Commodus, AD 192.
Página 193 - Do abstract names belong to the class of general, or to that of singular names ? Some of them are certainly general. I mean those which are names not of one single and definite attribute, but of a class of attributes.
Página 30 - Language is an instrument of human reason, and -*- not merely a medium for the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted.

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