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Advertiser Publishing Company, 1897

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Página 183 - CLASS.—All newspaper and other periodical publications which are issued at stated intervals, and as frequently as four times a year, from a known office of publication and with a paid list of subscribers. Rate 1 cent per pound, and is for the
Página 184 - States addressed to Mexico is subject to same rules and conditions as if it were addressed for delivery in the United States, except that articles of merchandise, not sent as bona fide trade samples, are required to be sent by parcel post. To Austria, Aden (Arabia), Argentine Republic, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, British Guiana, British India (Hindostán and
Página 13 - fire. Do not give an alarm for a fire seen at a distance, unless assistance is called for To give an alarm, open the door, pull the hook to the bottom of the slot once, and let go. Each box contains a small bell, which, if heard before you pull, indicates that
Página 183 - so that it cannot be examined without breaking the seal. Postage 2 cents per ounce or fraction, for United States and British Provinces (except Newfoundland). At least one rate (2 cents) must be prepaid to insure forwarding. Postal cards. US and British Provinces, 1 cent.
Página 183 - written on a circular, or the correction of a typographical error, without subjecting it to letter rate. Reproductions from Hectograph, Papyrograph, and Electric Pen may be sent through mails as 3d class matter. The limit of weight of packages of this class is 4 pounds, except in the case of single volumes
Página 183 - of publishers and news agents and of dealers only. Publications of this character can be mailed by the public at the rate of one cent for each four ounces or fraction ; full prepayment of postage compulsory.
Página 184 - article of mailable matter, in addition to the lawful postage of such article, entitles it to immediate delivery within the carrier delivery limit of any Free Delivery Post Office, and within one mile of any other post office in the United States. The law permits the
Página 183 - first, second and third classes. Rate 1 cent for each ounce or fraction. Full prepayment of postage compulsory. The limit of weight of packages of this class is 4 pounds. The sender may attach to such articles, by tags or label, any marks, numbers, names or letters, for purpose

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