The Season: A Satire

John Camden Hotten, 1869 - 80 páginas

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Página 10 - It is not fair on the part of a reviewer to pick out the plums of an author's book, thus filching away his cream, and leaving little but skim-milk remaining ; but, even if we were ever so maliciously inclined, we could not in the present instance pick out all Messrs. Larwood and Hotten's plums, because the good things are so numerous as to defy the most wholesale depredation.
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Página 6 - Enormous burlesque — unapproachable and pre-eminent. We venture to think that this very queer volume will be a favourite. It deserves to be so ; and we should suggest that, to a dull person desirous to get credit with the' young holiday people, it would be good policy to invest in the book, and dole it out'
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