A new list of the flowering plants and ferns growing wild in the county of Devon

Bosworth & Harrison, 1860 - 92 páginas

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Página 14 - Moist places by ditches, &c. Banks of the Exe, near Cowley Bridge, Fl. Dev. Dartmoor, Per. Dart.
Página 12 - A var. with yellow petals, broader and half as long as the calyx ; anthers very large and yellow. Side of the canal at Exeter.
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Página 13 - Banks of the Dart near Totnes; meadows between Exeter and Woodbury : Fl. Dev. Forde Bog, CEP CERASTIUM glomeratum (Thuill.).
Página 19 - Sands; near Ingsdon : Fl. Dev. Banks of the Sid, Fl. Sid. Near Exeter, EP Under the walls of Plymouth Citadel, TBF Near Ilfracombe, CS /3.

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