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From the R E V o LU TI O N to the
Present Times.

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Reāor of Alver stok E, in HAMPs H 1 R E, and
Chaplain of the Royal Hospital at GREENwich.

The FIFT H E D IT ION, correàed.

v O L. XVII. von of Continuation.

L O N D O N :
Printed, by Affignment from Mr. Knapton, for

T. Osborne, J. Hodges, J. Robinson, H. Woodf All,
W. St Rahan, J. Rivington, J. WAR D, R. Baldwin,
W. Owen, W. Jows ston, J. Richardson, P. Davey and
B. Law, G. Keith, T. Lo NG MAN, T. F.1 el D, T. Caslon,
S. Crowder, H. Wood GATF, M. Cooper, and C. WARs.

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