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(d) The expression “Supreme Court” means “Supreme the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories.

[(e) and (f) define intoxicating liquor and " intoxicant.It is not thought necessary to print the sections dealing with that subject. Only those parts of the Act which may be reasonably considered of constitutional importance are here inserted.]




3. The Territories formerly known as “Ru- Territories pert's Land” and the North-West Territory shall, with the exception of such portions thereof as form the Province of Manitoba and the District of Keewatin (m), continue to be called and known as the North-West Territories.

4. There shall be for the Territories, an offi- Lieutenantcer called the Lieutenant-Governor, appointed by the Governor in Council, by instrument under the Great Seal of Canada, who shall hold office during pleasure:

2. The Lieutenant-Governor shall administer Pis powers the Government, under instructions, from time to time, given him by the Governor in Council, or by the Secretary of State of Canada.

5. The Governor in Council may, from time Administrator to time, appoint an Administrator to execute the office and functions of the Lieutenant-Governor during his absence, illness or other inability.

6. Every Lieutenant-Governor or Adminis- Oaths to be trator so appointed shall, before assuming the duties of his office, take and subscribe, before the Governor-General, or before some person duly

(m) Keewatin is in a still more embryonic state, and it is not thought necessary to deal with it here. See R. S. C. c. 53.


authorized to administer such oaths, an oath of allegiance and an oath of office similar to those required to be taken by a Lieutenant-Governor under " The British North America Act, 1867."

[Sections "y and 8 were repealed by 51 Vic. c. 19, 8. 1, and provision made for a Legislative Assembly (section 2). This latter section was itself repealed by 54-55 Vic. c. 22, the provision

now standing : Legislative 2. There shall be a Legislative Assembly for Assembly.

the Territories, which shall be composed of twenty-six members elected to represent the electoral districts set forth in the schedule (n) to

this Act. Electoral 2. The Assembly shall have power to alter districts,

the boundaries of the electoral districts from time to time.-54-55 Vic. c. 22, s. 2.

3. Every Legislative Assembly shall conssembly.

tinue for three years from the date of the return of the writs for choosing the same; but the Lieutenant-Governor may, at any time, dissolve the Assembly and cause a new one to be

chosen.—54-55 Vic. c. 22, s. 3. Limit of time 4. There shall be a session of the Legislative for session.

Assembly convened by the Lieutenant-Governor at least once in every year, so that twelve months shall not intervene between the last

sitting of the Assembly in one session and its Proceedings first sitting in another session; and such Assemon bills.

bly shall sit separately from the LieutenantGovernor, and shall present Bills passed by it to the Lieutenant-Governor for his assent, who may approve or reserve the same for the assent of the Governor-General.-54-55 Vic. c. 22, s. 4.]

Duration of

(n) Not printed.


for elections.

[With respect to elections provision is made by 51 Vic. c. 19, amended to some extent by 54-55 Vic. c. 22. We indicate after each section by what Act enacted :

5. Until the Legislature of the North-West Proceedings Territories otherwise provides, as it may do, the law in force therein at the time of the passing of this Act relating to the election of members of the Council of the North-West Territories shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, apply to the election of members of the Legislative Assembly.—51 Vic. c. 19, s. 5.

6. Whenever it is necessary to call a new Issue of writs Legislative Assembly, or whenever a vacancy occurs by reason of death, resignation, or otherwise, of an elected member, the Lieutenant-Governor shall cause a writ or writs of election, as the case may be, to be issued by the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, in such form and addressed to such returning officer or officers as he approves of until otherwise provided by the Assembly:

2. Until the Legislative Assembly otherwise Rules for
provides, the Lieutenant-Governor shall, by pro-
clamation, prescribe and declare, for use at all or
any elections, rules for-

(a) The mode of providing voters' lists;
(b) The oaths to be taken by voters;

(c) The appointment, powers and duties of returning and deputy returning officers, election and poll clerks and their oaths of office;

(d) The proceedings to be observed at elections;

(e) The periods during which such elections may be continued ;


(f) Such other provisions with respect to such elections as he thinks fit.-54-55 Vic. c. 22,

8. 5.

Who may


7. The persons qualified to vote at an election for the Legislative Assembly shall be the male British subjects by birth or naturalization (other than unenfranchised Indians), who have attained the full age of twenty-one years, who have resided in the North-West Territories for at least the twelve months, and in the electoral district for at least the three months respectively, immediately preceding the time of voting.

-51 Vic. c. 19, s. 7. Who eligible 8. Any British subject by birth or naturalfor election.

ization shall be eligible for nomination and

election. Deposit at 2. No nomination at any election shall be nomination.

valid and acted upon unless at or before the time of nomination a sum of one hundred dollars is deposited in the hands of the returning officer; and the receipt of the returning officer shall in every case be sufficient evidence of the

payment herein mentioned : How applied. 3. The sum so deposited shall be returned to

the person by whom the deposit was made in the event of the candidate, by or on whose behalf it was so deposited, being elected, or of his obtaining a number of votes at least equal to one-half the number of votes polled in favor of the candidate elected, otherwise it shall belong to Her Majesty for the public uses of the Territories; and the sum so paid and not returned as herein provided shall be applied by the returning officer towards the payment of the election expenses, and an account thereof shall be ren

dered by him to the Lieutenant-Governor.51 Vic. c. 19, s. 8.

9. Elected members of the Legislative As- oiten to be sembly shall take and subscribe before the members. Lieutenant-Governor or before such person as is designated by the Governor in Council, the following oath of allegiance:

I, A. B., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty, her heirs and successors. ."-51 Vic. c. 19, s. 9.

10. A majority of the members of the Legis- Quorum lative Assembly, including the members appointed by the Governor in Council, shall form a quorum for the transaction of business.-51 Vic. c. 19, s. 10. 11. The Legislative Assembly, on its first Election of

Speaker. assembling after a general election, shall proceed with all practicable speed to elect one of its elected members to be Speaker:

2. In case of a vacancy happening in the Vacancy in office of Speaker by death, resignation or other- Speaker. wise, the Legislative Assembly shall proceed with all practicable speed to elect another of its elected members to be Speaker: 3. The Speaker shall preside at all meetings Speaker to

preside. of the Legislative Assembly :

4. Until the Legislative Assembly otherwise Case of abprovides, in case of the absence for any reason vided for. of the Speaker from the chair of the Assembly for forty-eight consecutive hours, the Assembly may elect another of its members to act as Speaker, and the member so elected shall, during the continuance of such absence of the Speaker, have and execute all the powers, privileges and duties of Speaker.—51 Vic. c. 19, s. 11.

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