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Officers' Training Corps.

[See Appendix K.]

Aberdeen University Scottish Women's First-Aid Corps.




This Club is instituted for the association of gentlemen connected with the Universities of the United Kingdom, or with foreign Universities, to form a bond of union and create a feeling of fellowship amongst them, and to afford opportunities for their intellectual and social intercourse.

The following persons (not being students in attendance at classes) are eligible for admission into the Club as ordinary members:

(1) Graduates of any University in the United Kingdom, or of any recognised University abroad.

(2) Persons who have attended two years at least in any such University or Universities.

(3) Principals, Professors and Lecturers in connection with any such


The Entrance Fee is £4 4s. for those who have a University qualification and £6 6s. for outsiders (a limited number of whom are eligible for admission). The Annual Subscription for a member having a residence or place of business in, or within five miles of, Aberdeen, is £3 3s., and for members residing beyond that distance, £1 1s.

Full particulars as to Membership, etc., may be obtained on application to the Secretary.



(1) The Aberdeen University Club, London.

This Association was founded in January, 1884, “to maintain the good fellowship of its members and to promote the interests of the University of Aberdeen ".

Past and present members of the University Court, of the General Council, and matriculated students from the University are eligible for membership.

The subscription to the Club is 5s. annually, and a composition fee of £3 3s. can be paid in lieu of future annual subscriptions. Honorary Secretaries and Treasurers.

John Hall Barron, B. C. L., 45 Parliament St., S.W.

W. Anstruther Milligan, M.D., 11 Upper Brook Street, W.

The members of the Club dine together twice in every year on the third Wednesday in May and November.

The Council of the Club is very desirous to be brought into contact with members of the University, who are likely to reside in the neighbourhood of London.

Further information respecting membership, etc., may be obtained from the Honorary Secretaries, who will be glad to receive the addresses of gentlemen desirous of becoming members.

(2) Aberdeen University Edinburgh Association.

This Association was instituted in 1882, to promote good fellowship among Aberdeen University men.

There is no Annual Subscription, the sole condition of membership being attendance for a period, however short, at Aberdeen University.

The Annual Dinner of the Association takes place in Edinburgh yearly on Bursary night-first Friday in February.

The Secretaries are desirous to be brought into contact with Members of the University residing in or near Edinburgh, and will be glad to receive their addresses.

Joint Hon. Secretaries.

R. Fortune, S. S. C., 143 Princes Street, Edinburgh.
John Minto, 83 Comiston Drive, Edinburgh.

(3) The West Riding Aberdeen Graduates' Society.

This Society was founded in 1901. Its objects are threefold. (1) To promote the intercourse of Aberdeen Alumni in the West Riding with each other;

(2) To act as a link between the Graduates and their Alma Mater, and

(3) To further the interests of the University.

A dinner is held in the spring of each year at Leeds and Bradford alternately, and it is also hoped to promote a sense of goodfellowship and Academic Brotherhood in other ways.

The Secretary will be glad to receive the names of Aberdeen Alumni who are residing in the West Riding of Yorkshire. There is a small annual subscription of 3s. 6d.

The Secretary also will be glad to receive the names of Aberdeen Graduates who are open to accept Locum Tenens posts and Assistantships in Yorkshire.

Hon. Secretary.

Francis Anderson, M.B., The Laurels, Stanningley, Leeds.

(4) The Aberdeen University Club, Manchester.

The Manchester Aberdeen University Club was founded in order to further good-fellowship between the Graduates of the University, and to promote the interests of the University of Aberdeen. All Graduates of the University are eligible for membership.

The Annual Dinner is held in Manchester, to which all Members of the Club are invited. The entrance fee to the Club is 5s., and the Annual Subscription is half-a-guinea, this subscription covering the subscription to the Annual Dinner.

Hon. Sec. and Treasurer.

N. Notman, M.A., Victoria Park School, Manchester.

(5) East Lancashire Aberdeen University Graduates' Association.

This Association was formed in 1895. Its object is to bring together the Graduates of Aberdeen University scattered throughout East Lancashire, that they may renew old college friendships and keep more in touch with their Alma Mater.

The Annual Subscription is 2s. 6d. The Members of the Association have an Annual Dinner on the second Tuesday in November.

Hon. Secretary.

Dr. Thos. Snowball (Burnley).

(6) South Africa Aberdeen University Club.

This Club was formed in 1909 to promote the following objects: (a) the maintenance of a closer fellowship between Aberdeen men, assisted by means of an annual or periodical dinner held at different centres in rotation; (b) mutual assistance in furthering the interests of Aberdeen graduates in South Africa; (c) the provision of means by which alumni may be kept in touch with the University; (d) convenient machinery by which pecuniary assistance may be raised towards any scheme for the development of the University; (e) the promotion of University education in South Africa.

General Secretary.

Alexander Herbert Mackenzie, M.A., Professor of Mathematics, Victoria College, Stellenbosch.

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