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The Library.

Librarians-1860 (1857) Rev. John Fyfe, M.A., LL.D., demitted 1876; died 1897. 1876-77 Rev. Stephen Ree, M.A., B.D., interim librarian. 1877 Robert Walker, M.A., LL. D., demitted 1893. 1894 PETER JOHN ANDERSON, M.A., LL.B.

THE Library of the University dates from 1500, when Bishop William Elphinstone, the founder of King's College, and Hector Boece, its first Principal, presented many MSS. and printed books, several of which are still extant, bearing their donors' autographs. The Library contains about 200,000 volumes. The Incunabula number about 170, including several undescribed.

The revenues of the Library are:-1. Under the Acts 6 and 7 William IV., chap. 110, and 52 and 53 Victoria, chap. 55, an annual Parliamentary grant of £640, in lieu of the Stationers' Hall privilege enjoyed, from 1709 to 1836, under the Acts 8 Anne, chap. 21, 41 George III., chap. 107, and 54 George III., chap. 156. Such grant to be appropriated "for the purchase of books". 2. Certain Library funds amounting to about £250 annually. 3. The annual subscriptions and the composition-fees paid by readers. 4. By Ordinance No. 26 of the University Commissioners (1889), the General Fund of the University is directed to be applied inter alia to "providing for the equipment and upkeep" of the Library. The annual grant from this source amounts to about £850 for salaries and £500 for general purposes. 5. Since 1903 the Carnegie Trust has contributed an annual Library grant of £1000. 6. The interest on a sum of £10,000 bequeathed in 1911 by Miss Anne Hamilton Cruickshank. 7. The interest on a sum of £6000 bequeathed in 1915 by Mr. William Dey, LL.D.

In terms of Ordinance No. 2 of the Universities Commissioners (1858), the General Library is kept in the Buildings formerly belonging to King's College; and works on Law, Medicine, and Natural Science are kept in the buildings formerly belonging to Marischal College.

The following are the regulations relative to the superintendence and use of the Library, approved by the University Court, 4th November, 1895; 9th February, 13th April and 8th June, 1897; 9th October, 1900; 14th July, 1903; 8th March, 1904; 9th June, 1908; 8th February, 1910; 14th January, 1913-(Ordinances Nos. 68 and 89 of the Commissioners of 1858; Ordinances Nos. 8, 17 and 64 of the Commissioners of 1889):

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I. A Committee, to be called the Library Committee, shall be constituted, consisting of three members of the University or others, not being members of the Senatus Academicus, appointed by the University Court, and of six members appointed by the Senatus Academicus. The said Committee shall be charged with the immediate superintendence of the University Library, and of the contents thereof, and of any libraries acquired, or to be acquired, for the use of the University, or of any class therein. The members of the said Committee, in the proportions aforesaid, shall be appointed by the University Court and Senatus Academicus respectively at their first meeting after the commencement of the Winter Session in each year.

II. The Librarian shall have the ordinary management of the Library of the University, subject to the superintendence of the Library Committee. The Librarian, and such AssistantLibrarians as the University Court, on the report of the Library Committee, may think necessary, shall be appointed by the University Court.

III. All books ordered for the Library by the Library Committee shall be sent direct to the Librarian, and all books received by him shall be forthwith catalogued by him in such manner as the Library Committee may direct, and stamped with the Library stamp; and no person shall be allowed to use or borrow any book until it has been entered in the catalogue and stamped.

IV. The Librarian shall, with the approval of the Library Committee, from time to time prepare a list of such books, manuscripts and other works as cannot, in consequence of any deed of gift or otherwise, be lent out of the Library; and the Library Committee shall from time to time make such regulations as they shall think expedient for allowing access to such works for consultation.

V. Manuscripts, rare books, works of reference, and such other works as the Library Committee shall determine, shall not be lent out of the Library, except under regulations to be made by the Library Committee and approved by the Senatus Academicus and the University Court; and, in addition to such general regulations, the Library Committee may, in each individual case of borrowing such works, impose such special conditions as they may think necessary or expedient; provided always that every such special permission and all such additional conditions imposed by the Library Committee shall be entered in the Minute-Book of the Committee. [Such works shall not, except in cases of special permission granted by the Curator, be lent out for more than one night (or from Saturday to Monday), from one hour before closing to one hour after opening, under a penalty of

Two Pence per volume for each night of detention. A deposit shall be exigible of such value as may be thought adequate.]

VI. It shall be in the power of the Librarian at any time to withdraw any work from circulation, subject to appeal to the Library Committee. [Notice of such withdrawal to be posted in the Library.]

VII. It shall be in the power of the University Court, after consultation with the Senatus Academicus, and on the report of the Library Committee, to sell or exchange such works as they consider it in the best interests of the Library to dispose of.

VIII. A general Inspection of the Library shall take place at such times and during such periods as the University Court, on the report of the Library Committee, shall determine [twelve clear days from 23rd or 24th September to 5th or 6th October, inclusive]; and all works whatsoever, and by whomsoever borrowed, shall be returned to the Library before the commencement of such periods, under a penalty previously fixed and publicly notified by the University Court. [One Shilling per volume, and in case of books of special permission, Two Shillings and Sixpence per volume; with a weekly repetition of the fine until such volume is returned, or until a copy of the work of the same edition and of equal value has been placed, at the expense of the borrower, in the Library in its stead. The names of readers incurring penalties are reported to the Senatus and the University Court : $ XVI.]

IX. The Library Committee shall frame regulations to be approved by the University Court, under which the persons hereinafter mentioned may respectively borrow or consult books. Such regulations shall prescribe, inter alia, (a) the number of books which the said person shall be entitled to borrow; (b) the period for which they shall be allowed to retain them. [Two weeks, and thereafter until the Annual Inspection, unless the Librarian issue a notice recalling a book, or books, within a specified time; but provided that if a reader reborrow a book, which within the same Library year (from Inspection to Inspection) has already been in his possession for two weeks, he shall not thereby acquire an exclusive right to retain that book for another period of two weeks]; (c) the penalties to be imposed in the event of their failure to return books in due time, [Two Pence per night per volume] or in the event of books being lost or injured, [as in § VIII.]

The persons entitled to borrow books shall be:

1. Members of the Senatus Academicus and University Lecturers [twenty-five volumes; but in addition to the ordinary borrowing powers, power shall be given to

each Professor or Lecturer to borrow fifty volumes, all of which shall be kept under proper custody within the University Department of the borrower, and be otherwise under the same conditions as other borrowed books].

2. University Assistants [ten volumes] and Examiners [six volumes].

3. The Librarian [twenty-five volumes], Sub-Librarian [ten volumes] and Assistant Librarians [six volumes]. 4. Matriculated Students [three volumes without deposit; in addition three or six or nine or twelve volumes, according to amount of deposit-see § XI., 1. Any student of another Scottish University is meanwhile admitted to the privileges of the Library on showing to the Librarian his current matriculation card, and making a deposit as above].

5. Extra-academical Teachers, recognised by the University Court, in the town in which the University is situated [ten volumes].

6. Students enrolled in any Scottish University as attending the lectures of Extra-academical Teachers in the town in which the University is situated, and who are already entitled by Ordinance to the use of the Library [as for Matriculated Students, § IX., 4].

7. Persons who have retired or who shall hereafter retire from the office of Principal or Professor [fifteen volumes].

8. Members of the University Court [ten volumes].

9. [Members of the Library Committee: twenty-five volumes.]

10. Members of the General Council [three or six or nine or twelve volumes, according to amount of deposit or subscription or composition-see § X.].

Provided that no member of the University Court or of the General Council shall be entitled to obtain from the University Library books required by the teachers or Students of the University in the prosecution of academic work and research; and that it shall be in the discretion of the Librarian, subject to appeal to the Library Committee, to decide from time to time what books are so required.

In fixing the number of books to be borrowed by the aforementioned persons respectively, due regard shall be had to the preferable claims of those engaged in teaching and studying in the University.

[The Rules for Periodicals are as follows:

A. Periodicals may not be borrowed during the first week from the date of receipt in the Library (date to be pencilled on back) except for one night (or from Saturday to Monday) from one hour before closing to one hour after opening. After the expiry of the first week, they may, during the seven following weeks, be borrowed for periods not exceeding two nights for weeklies, four nights for monthlies, seven nights for quarterlies. Thereafter (except as provided in B.) they may be borrowed as ordinary books. Fine for undue detention of a periodical: One Penny per night.

B. In the case of periodicals other than those of a popular character, an unbound number (except as provided in A), or a bound volume less than ten years old, may be borrowed for a period of One Week only, and thereafter is liable to recall.

X. Members of the General Council, or Graduates who have not yet been enrolled as Members, shall be required, as a condition of exercising the privilege of borrowing books from the University Library, [either] to pay such subscription [or to make such deposit] as the University Court shall fix from time to time— [1. Members of the General Council shall be entitled to borrow six or twelve volumes on paying to the Secretary an annual subscription of 10s. 6d. or £1 1s., the year dating from time of joining; or a Life Composition Fee of £5 5s. or £10 10s.

Such subscribers and compounders may retain borrowed books for two weeks, after which they shall be liable to recall as provided for in Regulation IX.

Such subscribers and compounders shall be entitled to receive numbers of the Library Bulletin issued after they join.

2. During the pleasure of the University Court, and subject to the borrower conforming to the special regulations laid down or that may from time to time be laid down by the University Court, Members of the General Council shall be permitted to borrow not more than three volumes from the Library on depositing with the Secretary a sum of not less than £1.

Such persons must first make application on a form as under, which will be supplied by the Librarian, and applicants before being admitted to borrow books from the Library, must satisfy the Librarian as to their identity, and produce, if required, such evidence as will establish it.

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