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1619 William Anderson

162- James Sandelands, elder
1634 James Sandelands, yr.
168- Robert Forbes

After 1683 Chair Vacant

Principal from 1640. In 1642-3 is styled "Rector of King Charles' Univer + Elected Chancellor in 1827. Re-elected by the Graduates. § Afterwards Lord Justice General. Historian. Previously Professor in the College de Montaigue, Paris. By Papal Bull of Collation (Pope Paul III.), Fasti Ab., p. 120. By Fapal Bull of Collation (Pope Julius III.), Fasti Ab., p. 123. ++ One of the "Aberdeen Doctors "..


++ Afterwards Bishop of Ross, and Secretary to Queen Mary.

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§ Afterwards Principal of Marischal College.

Afterwards Professor of the Practice of Medicine, Edinburgh University.
Afterwards Professor of Chemistry, Edinburgh University.

** This Office ceased at time of Union of the Colleges in 1860.

+ Previously Professor of Hebrew, St. Mary's College, St. Andrews. Afterwards Principal of Edinburgh University.

SS Afterwards Regent, Edinburgh University.

15- John Vaus 153- Theophilus Stewart 157- David Rait

158- Peter Udney

1584 David Clark 1585 John Guthrie 15- John Erskin 1587 William Rait 1589 James Sibbald 1590 Alexander Barclay 1600 Robert Arbuthnot 16- William Lesly 1604 James Rait 1610 Robert Dunbar 1613 William Forbes

15- Henry Spittal David Guthrie 1519 Robert Gray John Bisset Michael Valcar 1520 John Hay 15- John Melueyne

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John Watsone
Patrick Ogstoun
John Vylie
James Hendersone
George Narne
Alexander Anderson
Andrew Galloway
John Henderson
Gilbert Garden
William Mainnie
William Lumsden
Robert Maitland ‡
James Chalmers §
John Rait
Alexander Galloway
Andrew Anderson
Thomas Austin
Duncan Norrie
Gilbert Skeyne


1614 Andrew Cant the elder
1618 Alexander Lunan
1619 David Wedderburn*
1622 John Ross

1625 James Harvey
1628 George Mylne
1629 John Lundie
1654 John Brodie
1661 John Forbes +
1669 Patrick Gordon
1695 Alexander Gordon
1739 Thomas Gordon
1765 William Ogilvie
1817 Patrick Forbes
1847 George Ferguson


1572 George Paterson Hercules Rollock Thomas Cheyne Duncan Davidson

1580 Robert Mercer Walter Ogilvie Walter Stuart Alexander Skene Andrew Arbuthnot Dugal Mackenzie

1583 David Rait

Robert Burnett David Clerk William Barclay 1584 Peter Udney 1587 John Guthrie 1590 James Sibbald 1592 William Forbes 1594 David Robertson 1597 Andrew Robertson John Chalmer 1600 Andrew Young ||

James Strathauchin

1601 Gilbert Ketht 1602 Patrick Guthrie 1610 Patrick Reid

Appears to have held the offices of Humanist at Marischal College and Rector of the Grammar School of Aberdeen at the same time. One of the Latin poets of the Delitiæ Poet. Scot.

+ Appointed Rector of the Grammar School of Aberdeen in 1663, and held both offices conjointly. Previously Humanist at Marischal College.

Dean of Aberdeen. Very prominent at the Reformation in 1560. His Arms n College Quadrangle.

§ Previously Rector of the Grammar School of Aberdeen. Afterwards Regent, Edinburgh University.

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1796 Robert Eden Scott, Professor of Moral Philosophy, 1800

1797 Hugh Macpherson, Professor of Greek

1800 William Duncan, Professor of Natural Philosophy; of Mathematics, 1811

1811 William Paul, Professor of Natural Philosophy

John Tulloch, Professor of Mathematics

1817 Daniel Dewar, Professor of Moral Philosophy ++

1819 Andrew Alexander, Professor of Moral Philosophy $$

1820 John Lee, Professor of Moral Philosophy ||||

afterwards Professor in the Scots

* Previously Regent, Marischal College; College at Madrid.

+ Previously Regent, Marischal College. Afterwards Rector of the Scots College at Rome.

§ Afterwards first Earl of Aberdeen.

|| Previously Regent, Marischal College.

Afterwards Professor of Humanity, Edinburgh University.

** Author of the "Inquiry into the Human Mind," &c. Afterwards Professor of Moral Philosophy, Glasgow University.

++ Resigned the office of Sub-Principal, and was re-appointed to a simple Regency. +-+- Afterwards Principal of Marischal College. SS Afterwards Professor of Greek, United College, St. Andrews.

At the same time Professor of Church History, St. Mary's College, St. Andrews; afterwards Principal of the United College, St. Andrews, and latterly, the University of Edinburgh.

REGENTS (Continued).

1821 Hercules Scott, Professor of Moral | 1851 Frederick



Professor of


1834 John Fleming, Professor of Natural 1854 Peter Colin Campbell, Professor of



1845 David Thomson, Professor of 1855 William Duguid Geddes, Professor Natural Philosophy of Greek.


1620 John Forbes of Corse
1634 Andrew Strachan
1635 John Forbes of Corse
1642 Adam Barclay
1643 William Douglas
1666 Chair Vacant
1674 Henry Scougal †
1678 John Menzies
1680 James Garden

1673 Patrick Gordon

1693 George Gordon, Elder

1730 George Gordon, Younger 1767 John Ross

1703 Thomas Bower

1697 Charles Gordon
1704 George Anderson
1711 David Anderson
1735 John Lumsden
1771 Alexander Gerard ‡
1795 Gilbert Gerard


1790 Alexander Bell
1793 Hugh Macpherson
1798 James Bentley
1847 Andrew Scott

1816 Duncan Mearns
1852 Robert Macpherson


1732 Alexander Rait 1800. See under Regents, 1794.

*Author of the "Philosophy of Zoology"; subsequently Professor of Natural History in the New College, Edinburgh.

Author of "Life of God in the Soul of Man," &c.

Previously Professor of Divinity, Marischal College; author of the " Essay

on Taste".

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