View of French literature during the eighteenth century, tr


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Página 214 - From the beginning of the Sixteenth to the end of the Eighteenth Century.
Página 106 - comme on pouvait se battre les flancs, pour se donner de la verve dans les mots,
Página 32 - of the end of the seventeenth and the beginning of the eighteenth centuries.
Página 6 - see, that letters, instead of regulating, as some have said, the thoughts and actions of a people, were very often the result, and immediately consequent upon them; and
Página 35 - and, at the same time, endowed, in the highest degree, with the power
Página 49 - the reign of Louis XIV. He has made us forget that a king has other duties than to acquire
Página 145 - a selfish character ; that he loved for his own gratification, and not for that of others. At length it repents us to be thus slandered in not believing ourselves better than such a man : we thoroughly comprehend all his faults, but no longer pardon them, nor confound explanations
Página 6 - writers adopted and developed them, and how the direction in which writers travelled was marked out to them by the age. It was a current which they navigated; their movements hastened its rapidity, but the age gave it the first impulse. Such is the idea they
Página 13 - his style. Racine, younger, but who had frequented the last remains of that school, shews the same traces in his first works; and, without doubt, Britannicus, also dissatisfied with the court and the public already changed, is a result of this first position. He took another
Página 129 - he would make man's progress to virtue, not by attention to duties, but by a free and passionate transition, followed by pride and independence. Such a route has no secure ground, and can only deceive us. Rousseau gave us his life as an example; it was filled with errors and defects ; yet none professed virtue with more warmth and enthusiasm than he.

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