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Philbrick and Philbrook Families.

THOMAS PHILBRICK,* or PHILBROOK is supposed to have come from England in 1630, or not much later, and settled in Watertown, Mass. He is said to have been a mariner in early life, and to have been master of a vessel before he emigrated from Lincolnshire in England. There is no doubt that he and his family were settled in Watertown in 1636. Bond says “His homestead was on the N. W. corner of Belmont and Lexington Streets. Probably he was of that company that came over in 1630.”History of Watertown, p. 909.

In 1639, the second summer after the settlement of Hampton, N. H., JOHN (son of Thomas) PHILBRICK moved to Hampton, and his younger brother, Thomas, soon followed him. We are told that “The first settlers of Hampton were attracted to the place by the fishing, the fowling, the best of clams, and the salt marshes, almost ready for the scythe."

In 1645-6, Thomas Philbrick, Sen., a grantee of eight lots, sold his estate in Watertown to Isaac Stearns, and in 1650 or '51 he had removed to Hampton, where his elder sons lived. In 1661 he bought of John Moulton, land joining the farms of his son James and his son in law, John Cass. His wife, Elizabeth, died, 12 mo. 19, 1663, and in March, 1664, when he made his will, he calls himself "very aged." He d. in 1667.


* I think no autograph of Thomas the emigrant is to be found, nor copy of his signature. In the early records I find the name spelled in various forms, Filbrick, Philbrook, Philbrucke, Philbrok, &c., &c. No. 1.

THOMAS PHILBRICK? and his wife ELIZABETH had born in England : (2.) I. JAMES”, in 1644 a mariner of Hampton, who [m. (1) JANE, (dau. of Thomas) ROBERTS of Dover]? He m. (2) Ann ROBERTS, her sister and had 10 ch. He inherited the homestead in Hampton, and was an active and useful citizen. “In 1670, he was chosen with others to run the Exeter line.” In 1671, he had a grant of lot 52, 40 acres in the south of Hampton, called “The new plantation' (now Seabrook). He was drowned in the Hampton River, near the mouth of Cole's Creek, 16 Nov. 1674. His widow m. 8 July, 1678, WILLIAM MASTIN. “Feb. ioth, 1692–3 Ann Mastin, alias Philbrook, and James Philbrook [her son] all of Hampton," deeded to “ Thomas Philbrook of Hampton, his share, in the estate of his father, James Philbrook deceased.”—Signed, Philbrook. (3.) II. JOHN? who m. ANN [PALMER) ? by whom he had 7 ch. In 1636 he was a proprietor in Watertown, but in the summer of 1639 he settled in Hampton and received a land grant there. A house


Though a majority of the family now spell their names - Philbrick,” for 200 years or more, many of them have spelled their names · Philbrook, as it has been generally pronounced. I endeavor to follow the forms I find in the records sent me. In the Province Rate of Hampton in 1680, I find the names of Jeames and Samuel spelled “ Philbrick,” but of Thomas and Jonathan, “Philbrook. A rate in 1682–3 spells all the names “Philbricke, another in 1682 spells all of them “ Philbrook.” In 1693 Thomas, selectman, writes his name “ Philbrick.” On 2 March, 1693-4 in “a copie of a bond &c.,” Samuel, Thomas and Jonathan all spell their names “Philbrook.” In 1682, Thomas, testifying to the settlement of his brother John's estate, signs his name “Philbrook”; but at some other times he signs it “Philbrick.” It seems evident that the name was usually pronounced “Philbrook”; and quite a number of the grand children of the Emigrant, Thomas', always spelled their names as they were pronounced. The sons of Thomas”, an original proprietor and settler of Kingstown, usually spelled their names Philbrick,” but in 1720 Jedediah, one of the ablest and most intelligent of the family signed his name Philbrook."

There was a Robert Philbrick in Ipswich in 1639. “Robert Filbrick had 8 acres granted him for services as soldier against the Pequot Indians.” 1643 Dec. 4, “ It is agreed that each soldier, for their services to the Indians shall be allowed 12d. a day (allowing for the Lord's day) in respect of the extremity of the weather, and the officers double Robert Philbrick received three shillings." “ He subscribed, in 1648, to Col. Dennison's compensation. We find in 1658, April 13, John Philbrick, dec'd and inventory taken by William Fiveñeld and Moses Cox.” Hammett Papers, No. III. p. 109.

I can find no account of his origin or of his posterity, and suppose he has no descendants.


lot of five acres was granted to him in 1640. On the 20th, 8th Mo., 1657, he was drowned with his wife and daughter, Sarah, and five others. They were in a little sloop, on a shopping excursion to Boston by the easiest route.

Hampton records say: “The sad hand of God upon eight persons, going in a vessel by sea, from Hampton to Boston, who were all swallowed up in the Osian, soon after they went out the harbor.” Among the names recorded are “John Philbrick and Ann his wife, and Sarah their daughter, — all drowned, 2oth, 8th Mo., 1657." (4.) III. THOMAS? b. in England in 1624, m. (1) in 1647 ANNE (dau of Deacon William) KNAPP, Sen.* of Watertown, Mass. and about 1651, settled on land in the part of Hampton now Seabrook, most of which has remained in the possession of his posterity for near 240 years. His wife, Ann d, 17 May, 1667, leaving 4 ch.; and he m. (2) on the 22nd, 7th Mo., 1669, HANNAH (wid. of Jn.) WHITE of Haverhill, Mass., and dau. of Edward and Ann French of Hampton, by whom he had 3 ch. He was elected to different offices; was Deacon, Nov. 1669 ; vas selectman of Hampton 5 years, and in 1693 representative. He died 24 Nov. 1700, ae. 76.

IV. ELIZABETH, m. (1) 1642 THOMAS (s. of Aquila) CHASE who d. 1652, leaving 1. Thomas (Chase), b. 1643, d. 23 Oct. 1714. 2. Foseph, b. 1645, d. 12 Jan., 1718, ae. 53. 3. Isaac, b. 1647, m. Mary Perkins, and d. 1727. 4. Fames, b. 1649, m. Eliz. Green. 5. Abraham, b. 1651, “slaine in ye wares in 1676.”

She m. (2) 26 Oct. 1654, E. P. Garland, and had 6. John (Garland), b. 1655. 7. Jacob, b. 1656. 8. Peter, b. 1659.

E. P. Garland d. 4 Jan. 1661, and she m. (3) Feb. 19, 1664 [or 1674] JUDGE HENRY ROBEY. She d. 11 Feb. 1677.

V. HANNAH was living and named in the will of her father in March 1664.

VI. Mary m. (1) abt. 1648, EDWARD2 (s. of Robert) Tuck of Hampton, who had 1. Edward (Tuck), b. 1649, d. young. 2. Dea. John, b. 1651-2, who m., 1678, Bethia Hobbs, and had 16 ch.

* William Knapp, Sen. is said to have come to this country in 1630.

He was prosperous in business, and filled important offices in Hampton. His father d. 6 Apr. 1652, and his mother m. (2) JAMES Wall, a widower living near her, and had 3. Mary (Wall) b. 8 Jan. 1656, who m. John Marstoi. 4. Hannah, b. 17 Mar. 1658, m. Benjamin Moulton.

JAMES Wall d. 3 Oct. 1659. His widow lived till 1699, 40 years after his death.

VII. MARTHA?, b. [Watertown]? 1633, m. (1) 1657, John Cass, and had 1. John (Cass). 2. Samuel, b. 13 July, 1659, m. Mary Sanborn. 3. Ebenezer. 4. Fonathan. 5. Abigail. 6. Mercy. 7. Mary.

Gen. LEWIS (s. Jonathan) Cass, b. in Exeter in 1782 was one of her descendants. (See Hist. Gen. Register VI. p. 246). She m. (2) WILLIAM LYONS of Rowley, Mass.

No. 2. JAMES PHILBRICK? (Thomas) 1622?-1674. Mariner, and his wife, ANN, had b. in Hampton :

I. BETHIA", m. 24 Apr. 1677, CALEB (s. Isaac) PERKINS of Hampton, and had 1. Rhoda, b. 1677, who m. 24 May, 1700, Eliast (s. Jn.) Philbrook, and

had 7 ch. (See No. 8—iji.). (5.) II. CAPT. JAMES, JR. b. 13 July 1651, a mariner of Hampton, m. there 4 Dec. 1674, HANNAH (dau. of Isaac) PERKINS, b. 14 Feb. 1656, d. 13 May 1739. They resided on the homestead, and had 8 sons and 3 daughters. His will is dated 14 July 1722.

III. APPHIA, b. 19 Mar. 1655, m. 3 Dec. 1674, TIMOTHY HILLIARD, and had 1. Benjamin (Hilliard), b. 1681. 2. Apphiu, b. 1686. 3. Mary, 1688.

IV. ESTHER (Hester) b. 1 Mar., 1657, m. (1) JOSEPH BEARD of Oyster River (Durham) who d. 1704. She m. (2) on 12 Nov., 1705, SYLVANUS Nock of Dover, his second wife. He d. in 1716. (6.) V. THOMAS Jr. b. 14 March, 1659, cordwainer, m. 14 Apr., 1681, MEHITABLE (dau. of Dalton) Ayres, and settled in Hampton. In 1694 he was a grantee of Kingstown. In 1702, he sold his house and lot, some 5 acres, to Samuel Chapman, Jr., late of Ipswich, and removed to Kingstown, where he d. 1 Jan. 1712.

Though an energetic man, respected and honored by his fellow citizens, he failed to accumulate property. In his efforts to open a new settlement upon the frontiers, he with many others suffered and lost much by the attacks of the ruthless savages.

He had 10 children.

VI. SARAH", b. 14, 12 mo. (Feb.) 1660–61. (7.) VII. JOSEPH, b. 1 Oct. 1663, a mariner, m. 1685-6, TRIPHENA, (dau. of William and Rebecca) MARSTON, of Hampton, b. 28 Dec. 1663, who d. in 1729, in her 66th year. About 1714 he removed to Rye, where he d. 17. Nov. 1755, ae. 92.

He had


ch. VIII. ELIZABETH, b. 24 July 1666.

IX. MEHITABLE, b. 19 July 1668, is said to have m. TIMOTHY HILLIARD after the death of Apphia, her sister.

No. 3.

JOHN PHILBROOK(Thomas) d. 1657, and his w. ANN [PALMER]? had b. in Hampton. (8.) I. JOHN3 b. abt. 1648, after the death of his father, was adopted by his grandfather, THOMAS?, who left by will a legacy to him. He m. (1) 28 12th mo. 1667, PRUDENCE (dau. of William) SWAIN, b. 29 Dec., 1654, and d. [1717]? She had 4 ch. He m. (2) in 1722, SABINA and d. 1737, ae. 89, leaving her a widow. Though left an orphan at an early age, and uneducated, he became a successful farmer, settling in the part of Portsmouth now Greenland, before 1685.

PRUDENCE PHILBROOK was in 1706, an original member of the church then organized in Greenland.

II. HANNAH, b. 26 Sept. 1651, m. (1) JOSEPH WALKER, of Portsmouth, (2) 29 Jul., 1686, JN. SEAVEY.

III. MARTHA, b. 26th Sept. 1651, m. JOHN BRACKETT.
IV. SARAH, drowned 20th 8th mo. 1657, with her parents.

V. Mary, m. 30 Dec. 1669 JACOB (s. of Isaac) PERKINS of Hampton, and had 5 ch. 1. Isaac, b. 18 Dec. 1671. 2. Isaac, b. 24 Dec. 1674. 3. Alice. 4. Mary, b. 1678. 5. Benjamin, b. 12 Aug., 1693.

VI. ABIGAIL, b. 8th 9th mo., 1654.

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