A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books Forming the Library of Clarence H. Clark ... Philadelphia, Volumen2

Collins Printing House, 1888

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Página 980 - An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof...
Página 923 - tis fittest. Cor. How does my royal lord? How fares your majesty? Lear. You do me wrong, to take me out o' the grave. — Thou art a soul in bliss ; but I am bound Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears Do scald like molten lead.
Página 617 - With a full View of the English-Dutch Struggle against Spain, and of the Origin and Destruction of the Spanish Armada. By JOHN LOTHROP MOTLEY, LL.D., DCL Portraits.
Página 921 - And there appeared a great wonder in heaven ; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.
Página 803 - Troja. Results of the Latest Researches and Discoveries on the Site of Homer's Troy, and in the Heroic Tumuli and other Sites, made in the Year 1882, and a Narrative of a Journey in the Troad in 1881. By Dr. HENRY SCHLIEMANN. Preface by Professor AH Sayce. With Wood-cuts, Maps, and Plans. 8vo, Cloth, $7 50; Half Morocco, $10 00. SCHWEINFURTH'S HEART OF AFRICA. Three Years' Travels and Adventures in the Unexplored Regions of the Centre of Africa— from 1868 to 1871.
Página 834 - An": 1584. to this || present 1624. || With the Procedings of those Severall Colonies || and the Accidents that befell them in all their || Journyes and Discoveries. || Also the Maps and Descriptions of all those || Countryes, their Commodities, people, || Government, Customes, and Religion || yet knowne. || Divided into sixe Bookes. || By Captaine Iohn Smith sometymes Governour || in those Countryes & Admirall || of New England.
Página 954 - Strength out of weakness. Or A glorious manifestation of the further progresse of the gospel amongst the Indians in NewEngland. Held forth in sundry letters from divers ministers and others to the corporation established by Parliament for promoting the gospel among the heathen in New-England; and to particular members thereof since the last treatise to that effect, formerly set forth by Mr Henry Whitfield late pastor of Gilford in NewEngland.
Página 1015 - Typographia or the Printers Instructor, including an account of the origin of printing. With Biographical Notices of the Printers of England, from Caxton to the close of the Sixteenth Century: A Series of Ancient and Modern Alphabets, and Domesday characters, Together with an Elucidation of every Subject connected with the Art.
Página 841 - But who is he, in closet close y-pent, Of sober face, with learned dust besprent?' Right well mine eyes arede the myster wight, On parchment scraps y-fed, and Wormius hight. To future ages may thy dulness last, As thou preserv'st the dulness of the past!
Página 1014 - The Stranger in America: Containing Observations made during a long residence in that Country, ON THE GENIUS, MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES...

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