The Works of Edmund Burke: With a Memoir, Volumen3

Harper & Brothers, 1860

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Página 387 - My lords, what is it that we want here to a great act of national justice? Do we want a cause, my lords? You have the cause of oppressed princes, of undone women of the first rank, of desolated provinces, and of wasted kingdoms. Do you want a criminal, my lords ? When was there so much iniquity ever laid to the charge of any one ? — No, my lords, you must not look to punish any other such delinquent from India.
Página 387 - I impeach him in the name of the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament assembled, whose parliamentary trust he has betrayed. I impeach him in the name of all the Commons of Great Britain, whose national character he has dishonoured.
Página 367 - My lords, they began by winding cords round the fingers of the unhappy freeholders of those provinces, until they clung to and were almost incorporated with one another ; and then they hammered wedges of iron between them, until, regardless of the cries of the sufferers, they had bruised to pieces and...
Página 387 - ... and barriers of nature, united by the bond of a social and moral community; — all the commons of England resenting, as their own, the indignities and cruelties, that are offered to all the people of India.
Página 387 - God is love, that the very vital spirit of their institution is charity ; a religion which so much hates oppression, that, when the God whom we adore appeared in human form, he did not appear in a form of greatness and majesty, but in sympathy with the lowest of the people, and thereby made it a firm and ruling principle, that their welfare was the object of all government, since the person who was the Master of Nature chose to appear himself in a subordinate situation.
Página 387 - We have here all the branches of the Royal Family in a situation between majesty and subjection, between the sovereign and the subject — offering a pledge in that situation for the support of the rights of the crown and the liberties of the people, both which extremities they touch. " My Lords, we have a great hereditary Peerage here ; those who have their own honour, the honour of their ancestors, and of their posterity, to guard...
Página 387 - My lords, here we see virtually in the mind's eye that sacred majesty of the Crown, under whose authority you sit, and whose power you exercise. We see in that invisible authority, what we all feel in reality and life, the beneficent powers and protecting justice of his Majesty. We have here the...
Página 387 - These are the considerations which influence them, which animate them, and will animate them, against all oppression ; knowing that He, who is called first among them, and first among us all, both of the flock that is fed and of those who feed it, made himself
Página 146 - Sir, the Nabob having determined to inflict corporal punishment upon the prisoners under your guard, this is to desire that his officers, when they shall come, may have free access to the prisoners, and be permitted to do with them as they shall see proper.
Página 327 - We are all born in subjection, — all born equally, high and low, governors and governed, in subjection to one great, immutable, preexistent law, prior to all our devices and prior to all our contrivances, paramount to all our ideas and all our sensations, antecedent to our very existence, by which we are knit and connected in the eternal frame of the universe, out of which we cannot stir.

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