Three Voyages for the Discovery of a North-west Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and Narrative of an Attempt to Reach the North Pole, Volumen2


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Página 51 - Upon the whole, it was impossible for us not to receive a very unfavourable impression of the general behaviour and moral character of the natives of this part of Hudson's Strait, who seem to have acquired, by an annual intercourse with our ships for nearly a hundred years, many of the vices which unhappily attend a first intercourse with the civilized world, without having imbibed any of the virtues or refinements which adorn and render it happy.
Página 186 - ... the man's leg or arm ; and for a walrus, round his body, his feet being at the same time firmly set against a hummock of ice, in which position these people can, from habit, hold against a very heavy strain. A boy of fifteen is equal to the killing of a " neituk," but it requires a full-grown person to master either of the larger animals.
Página 195 - After distributing a number of presents in the first four huts, I found, on entering the last, that Pootooalook had been successful in bringing in a seal, over which two elderly women were standing, armed with large knives, their hands and faces besmeared with blood, and delight and exultation depicted on their countenances. They had just performed the first operation of dividing the animal into two parts, and thus laying open the intestines. These being taken out, and all the blood carefully baled...
Página 318 - ... their full speed ; and even though none of these might be seen on the ice, the cry of " a seal! a bear ! a bird !" &c. was enough to give play to the legs and voices of the whole pack. It was a beautiful sight to observe the two sledges racing at full speed to the same object, the dogs and men in full cry, and the vehicles splashing through the holes of water with the velocity and spirit of rival stage-coaches.
Página 212 - This was now the case at the village where, though the remaining tenants of each hut had combined to occupy one of the apartments, a great part of the bed-places were still bare and the wind and drift blowing in through the holes which they had not yet taken the trouble to stop up. The old man Hikkeiera and his wife occupied a hut by themselves, without any lamp or a single ounce of meat belonging to them ; while three small skins, on which the former was lying, were all that they possessed in the...
Página 127 - ... more than two hundred leagues, nearly half of which belonged to the continent of North America. This service, notwithstanding our constant exposure to the risks which intricate shoal and unknown channels, a sea loaded with ice, and a rapid tide, concurred in presenting, had providentially been effected without injury to the ships, or suffering to the officers and men ; and we...
Página 72 - keep along the line of this coast to the northward, always examining every bend or inlet which might appear likely to afford a practicable passage to the westward," over six weeks were spent in carefully following, examining and surveying the coast line for about 600 miles.
Página 138 - The days were temperate and clear and the nights not cold," though thin ice formed in sheltered places. Oct. 24. " The wind veering to the SE on 24th and 25th, the thermometer gradually rose to -(- 23°. I may possibly incur the charge of affectation in stating that this temperature was much too high to be agreeable to us ; but it is, nevertheless, the fact that everybody felt and complained of the change.
Página 162 - ... occupied the same spot for the whole winter. If the first view of the exterior of this little village was such as to create astonishment, that feeling was in no small degree heightened, on accepting the invitation soon given us, to enter these extraordinary houses, in the construction of which we observed that not a single material was used but snow and ice. After creeping through two low passages, having each its arched door-way, we came to a small circular apartment, of which the roof was a...
Página 237 - ... with the general attention and numberless presents she received. The superior decency and even modesty of her behaviour had combined, with her intellectual qualities, to raise her, in our estimation, far above her companions; and I often heard others express what I could not but agree in, that for Iligliuk alone, of all the Esquimaux women, that kind of respect could be entertained which modesty in a female never fails to command in our sex. Thus regarded, she had always been freely admitted...

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