Rothelan: A Romance of the English Histories, Volumen2

Oliver & Boyd, 1824

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Página 15 - Between two worlds life hovers like a star, 'Twixt night and morn, upon the horizon's verge. How little do we know that which we are ! How less what we may be ! The eternal surge Of time and tide rolls on, and bears afar Our bubbles ; as the old burst, new emerge, Lash'd from the foam of ages ; while the graves Of empires heave but like some passing waves.
Página 166 - Help, angels ! make assay : Bow, stubborn knees ; and, heart, with strings of steel, Be soft as sinews of the new-born babe. All may be well.
Página 122 - The leaves move not, the world is hushed and still, The birds cease singing, and the wand'ring brooks, Murmur no wonted greeting to their shores; Silence attends some wonder, and expecteth That heaven should pronounce some prophecy. Where or from whom proceeds this silence, Charles?
Página 132 - So do the dark in soul expire, Or live like Scorpion girt by fire ; * So writhes the mind Remorse hath riven, Unfit for earth, undoom'd for heaven, Darkness above, despair beneath, Around it flame, within it death!
Página 156 - twill soon appear. Tell it to none thou hast been here. We shall see one another, and soon shall see— But not at the dance will our meeting be. We two shall meet In the crowded street : The citizens throng — the press is hot, They talk together — I hear them not : The bell has toll'd — the wand they break — My arms they pinion till they ache ! They force me down upon the chair ! The neck of each spectator there Thrills, as though itself would feel The headsman's stroke— the sweeping steel...
Página 295 - She hath had a hard voyage,'" rejoined Rothelan ; " look how dishevelled she is in the cordage. Some of her top-sails too are hanging in rags ; and I can see, as it were, strips of green moss down the seams of the others. They have surely been long unhanded." Adonijah continued looking towards the ship, and appeared thoughtful and touched with care, as he said — > " Her voyage hath been very long — all the way from the land of Egypt, — but she was in Italy as she came, and her course hath been...
Página 299 - Rothelan ran forward to meet him, in order to inquire how it was that all on board appeared so motionless. But scarcely had he advanced ten paces, when casting his eyes forward, he saw that each of those who were leaning over the vessel's side, and resting on the deck, were dead men, from whose hideous anatomy the skin had peeled, and the flesh had fallen. They had all died of the plague.
Página 144 - Of thousands ranged, whose pace to song kept time ; And bright the glare of spears, and gleam of crests, And flaunt of banners flashing to and fro The noon-day beam. Beneath their coming, earth Wide glitter'd.
Página 298 - Rothelan could inquire the cause of so singular a panic, looked at him wildly, and shook his head, dragging his lady away by the arm. " ' Stop ! ' exclaimed Rothelan, ' and tell me what is the cause of all this '. ' But they would not stop. He also addressed himself to others with no better success. ' Turn back, come back,' every one said to him, as he rushed against the stream of the crowd.
Página 297 - Some of those who arc looking over the side,' said Rothelan, partaking in some degree of the Jew's dread, 'droop their heads upon their breasts, and take no heed of any object. Look at those on the deck ; .they sit as if they were indeed marble, resting on their elbows like effigies on a tomb.' " ' Merciful Heaven ! ' cried the Lady Albertina, ' what horror does she bring ? ' " At that moment the boats assembled round the ship suddenly made rapidly for the shore — many of the watermen stayed not...

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