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Felix Mendelssohn's Let- | The Memoirs of Sir John

ters from Italy and Switzerland, Reresby, of Thrybergh, Bart. M.P. and Letters from 1833 to 1847. 1634-1689. Edited from the Original Translated by Lady WALLACE. With Manuscript by J. J. CARTWRIGHT,

Portrait. 2 vols, crown 8vo. 55. each. M.A. 8vo. 215. Life of Robert Frampton, Essays in Ecclesiastical

D.D. Bishop of Gloucester, deprived as Biography. By the Right Hon. Sir J. a Non-Juror in 1689. Edited by T. S. STEPHEN, LL.D. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. EVANS, M. A. Crown 8vo. Portrait, price, ios. 6d.

Dictionary of General Autobiography. By JOHN

Biography; containing Concise Me

moirs and Notices of the most Eminent STUART MILL. 8vo. 75. 6d.

Persons of all Ages and Countries. Isaac Casaubon, 1559

By W. L. R. CATES. 1614. By MARK Pattison, Rector Life of the Duke of Welof Lincoln College, Oxford. 8vo. 185.

lington. By the Rev. G. R. GLEIG, Biographical and Critical M.A. Crown 8vo. Portrait, 5s.

Essays. By A. HAYWARD, Q.C. Memoirs of Sir Henry
Second Series, 2 vols. Svo. 28s. Third
Series, I vol. 8vo. 145.

Havelock, K.C.B. By JOHN CLARK

MARSHMAN. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d. Leaders of Public Opinion in Ireland ; Swift, Flood,

Vicissitudes of Families. Grattan, O'Connell. By W. E. H. By Sir BERNARD BURKE, C.B. Two LECKY, M. A. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

vols. crown 8vo. 215.

8vo. 255.


MENTAL and POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. Comte's System of Posi- , Essays, Critical and Bio

tive Polity, or Treatise upon Socio graphical. By HENRY ROGERS. logy. Translated from the Paris vols. crown 8vo. 125. Edition of 1851-1854, and furnished with Analytical Tables of Contents : Essays on some TheoloVOL. I. General View of Positivism and

gical Controversies of the Time. Introductory Principles. Translated by

By HENRY ROGERS. Crown 8vo. 6s. J. H. BRIDGES, M.B. 8vo. price 21s.

On Representative GoVol. II. The Social Statics, or the

vernment. By JOHN STUART MILL. Abstract Laws of Human Order. Trans

Crown 8vo. 2s. lated by F. HARRISON, M.A. 8vo. 145. Vol. III. The Social Dynamics, or

On Liberty. By JOHN the General Laws of Human Progress (the

STUART MILL. Post Svo. 75. 6d. Philosophy of History). Translated by

crown 8vo. Is. 4d. E. S. BEESLY, M.A. Svo. 215.

Principles of

of Political Vol. IV. The Theory of the Future of Man; together with COMTE's Early

Economy. By JOHN STUART MILL. Essays on Social Philosophy. Translated

2 vols. 8vo. 30s. or I vol. crown 8vo. 55. by R. CONGREVE, M.D. and H. D. HUTTON, B.A. 8vo. 245.

Essays on some Unset

tled Questions of Political Economy. Democracy in America. By JOHN STUART Mill. 8vo. 6s. 6d.


Utilitarianism. By JOHN vols. crown 8vo. 16s.

STUART MILL. 8vo. 55.

A System of Logic, Ra- | The Institutes of Jus

tiocinative and Inductive. By JOHN tinian; with English Introduction, STUART MILL. 2 vols. 8vo. 255.

Translation, and Notes. By T. C.

SANDARS, M.A. 8vo. 18s. Examination of Sir Wil

Lord Bacon's Works, colliam Hamilton's Philosophy, and of the principal Philosophical Questions

lected & edited by R. L. ELLIS, M. A. discussed in his Writings. By JOHN

J. SPEDDING, M. A. and D. D. HEATH. STUART MILL. 8vo. 16s.

7 vols. 8vo. £3. 135. 6d. Dissertations and Dis- Letters and Life of Francussions. By JOHN STUART MILL.

cis Bacon, including all his Occasional

Works. Collected and edited, with a 4 vols. Svo. price £2. 6s. 6d.

Commentary, by J. SPEDDING. 7 vols.

8vo. £4. 45. Analysis of the Pheno

mena of the Human Mind. By The Nicomachean Ethics JAMES Mill. With Notes, Illustra

of Aristotle, newly translated into tive and Critical. 2 vols. 8vo. 28s.

English by R. WILLIAMS, B. A. Second

Edition. The Law of Nations con

Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. sidered as Independent Political Aristotle's Politics, Books Communities; the Rights and Duties I. III. IV. (VII.) the Greek Text of of Nations in Time of War. By Sir Bekker, with an English Translation TRAVERS Twiss, D.C.L. 8vo. 215.

by W. E. BOLLAND, M. A. and Short

Introductory Essays by A. LANG, M.A. Church and State; their Crown 8vo. 75. 6d.

Relations Historically Developed. By
H. GEFFCKEN, Prof. of International

The Politics of Aristotle; Law in the Univ. of Strasburg. Trans Greek Text, with English Notes. By lated, with the Author's assistance, by RICHARD CONGREVE, M.A. 8vo. 185. E. F. TAYLOR. 2 vols. 8vo. 425.

The Ethics of Aristotle; A Systematic View of the with Essays and Notes. By Sir A.

Science of Jurisprudence. By SHEL GRANT, Bart. LL.D. 2 vols. 8vo. 325. DON AMOS, M.A. 8vo. 18s.

Bacon's Essays, with AnA Primer of the English notations. By R. WHATELY, D.D. Constitution and Government. By

8vo. Ios. 6d. S. AMOS, M. A. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Picture Logic; an Attempt Outlines of Civil Proce

to Popularise the Science of Reasoning. dure; a General View of the Supreme

By A. SWINBOURNE, B.A. Fcp. 8vo. 55. Court of Judicature and of the whole Practice in the Common Law and

Elements of Logic. By Chancery Divisions. By E. S. Ros R. WHATELY, D.D. 8vo. Ios. 6a. COE, Barrister-at-Law.

12mo. 35. 6d.

Crown 8vo. 45. 6d. A Sketch of the History Elements of Rhetoric. of Taxes in England from the

By R. WHATELY, D.D. 8vo. 1os. 60. Earliest Times to the Present Day.

Crown 8vo. 45. 6d. By STEPHEN DOWELL. VOL. I. to An Introduction to Menthe Civil War 1642. Svo. Ios. 6d.

tal Philosophy, on the Inductire Principles of Economical Method. By J. D. MORELL, LL.D.

8vo. 125. Philosophy. By H. D. MACLEOD, M.A. Barrister-at-Law. Second Edi- Philosophy without Astion in Two Volumes. Vol. I. 8vo. 155. VOL. II. Part 1. price 125.

sumptions. By the Rev. T. P. KirkMAN, F.R.S. 8vo. Ios, 6d.

On the Influence of Au

thority in Matters of Opinion. By the late Sir. G. C.Lewis, Bart. 8vo. 145.

The Senses and the In

tellect. By A. BAIN, LL.D. 8vo. 155. The Emotions and the

Will. By A. BAIN, LL.D. 8vo. 15s. Mental and Moral Sci

ence; a Compendium of Psychology
and Ethics. By A. BAIN, LL.D.
Crown 8vo. Ios. 6d. Or separately,
Part I. Mental Science, 6s. 6d. PART

II. Moral Science, 4s. 6d.
An Outline of the Neces-

sary Laws of Thought: a Treatise
on Pure and Applied Logic. By W.
THOMPSON, D.D. Archbishop of York.
Crown 8vo. 6s.

Hume's Treatise on Hu

man Nature. Edited, with Notes, &c. by T. H. GREEN, M.A. and the Rev. T. H. GROSE, M. A. 2 vols. 8vo. 28s.

Hume's Essays, Moral,

Political, and Literary. By the same
Editors. 2 vols. 8vo. 28s.

*** The above form a complete and uni

form Edition of HUME's Philosophical Works.


25. 6d.

MISCELLANEOUS & CRITICAL WORKS. The London Series of Lord Macaulay's Miscel

English Classics. Edited by JOHN laneous Writings.
W. Hales, M. A. and by CHARLES S.
JERRAM, M.A. Fcp. 8vo. in course

LIBRARY EDITION, 2 vols. 8vo. 215. of publication :

PEOPLE'S EDITION, I vol. cr. 8vo. 45. 6d. Bacon's Essays, annotated by E. A. ABBOT, D.D. 2 vols. 6s.

Lord Macaulay's MiscelMacaulay's Clive, by H. C. BOWEN,

laneous Writings and Speeches. M.A. 25. 6d.

Student's Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s. Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, by W.

Milton's Paradise Regained, by C. S.

Speeches of the Right JERRAM, M.A. 25. 6d.

Hon. Lord Macaulay, corrected by Pope's Select Poems, by T. ARNOLD,

Himself. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d.
Ben Jonson's Every Man in his

The Rev. Sydney Smith's
Humour, by H. B. WHEATLEY,

Essays contributed to the Edinburgh

Review. Crown 8vo. 25. 6d. sewed, Mesmerism, Spiritualism

35. 6d. cloth. &c. Historically and Scientifically Considered.. By W. B. CARPENTER,

The Wit and Wisdom of C.B. M.D. LL.D.F.R.S. &c. Second the Rev. Sydney Smith. Crown Edition. Crown 8vo. 55.

8vo. 35. 6d. Evenings with the Skep- Miscellaneous and Posttics; or, Free Discussion on Free

humous Works of the late Henry Thinkers. By JOHN OWEN, Rector Thomas Buckle. Edited, with a of East Anstey, Devon. Crown 8vo.

Biographical Notice, by HeLEN [Just ready.

TAYLOR. 3 vols. 8vo. £2. 125. 6d. Selections from the Writings of Lord Macaulay. Edited,

Short Studies on Great with Occasional Explanatory Notes, Subjects. By J. A. FROUDE, M. A. by G. O. TREVELYAN, M.P. Cr. 8vo. 6s. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 18s.


25. 6d.

Manual of English Lite-Miscellaneous Writings

rature, Historical and Critical. By of John Conington, M.A. Edited T. ARNOLD, M.A. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. by J. A. SYMONDS, M.A.

With a

Memoir by H. J. S. Smith, M.A. German Home Life ; a 2 vols. 8vo. 28s.

Series of Essays on the Domestic Life of Germany. Crown 8vo. 6s.

The Essays and ContriMiscellaneous Works of butions of A. K. H. B. Uniform

Cabinet Editions in crown 8vo.
Thomas Arnold, D.D. late Head
Master of Rugby School. 8vo. 75, 6d.

Recreations of a Country Parson, Two Realities of Irish Life. Series, 3s. 6d. each.

By W. STEUART TRENCH. Crown Landscapes, Churches, and Moralities, Svo. 2s. 6d. sewed, or 3s. 6d. cloth.

price 35. 6d. Lectures on the Science Seaside Musings, 3s. 6d.

of Language. By F. MAX MÜLLER, Changed Aspects of Unchanged M.A. 2 vols, crown 8vo. 16s.

Truths, 35. 6d.
Chips from a German Counsel and Comfort from a City

Pulpit, 3s. 6d.
Workshop ; Essays on the Science of
Religion, and on Mythology, Traditions Lessons of Middle Age, 35. 6a.
& Customs. By F. MAX MÜLLER,

Leisure Hours in Town, 35. 6d.
M.A. 4 vols. 8vo. £2. 18s.


price By F. W. FARRAR, D.D. Crown 8vo. price 5s.

Sunday Afternoons at the Parish

Church of a University City, 3s. 6d. Families of Speech. Four The Commonplace Philosopher in

Lectures delivered at the Royal Insti Town and Country, 3s. 6d. tution. By F. W. FARRAR, D.D.

Present-Day Thoughts, 35. 6d. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d.

Critical Essays of a Country Parson, Apparitions; a Narrative of price 35. 6d. Facts. By the Rev. B. W. SAVILE, The Graver Thoughts of a Country M.A. Crown 8vo. 45. 6d.

Parson, Three Series, 3s. 6d. each.



Dictionary of the English Thesaurus of English

Words and Phrases, classified and arranged so as to facilitate the expression of Ideas, and assist in Literary Composition. By P. M. ROGET, M.D. Crown 8vo. Ios. 6d.

Language. By R. G. LATHAM,
M.A. M.D. Abridged from Dr.
Latham's Edition of Johnson's English

Dictionary. Medium 8vo. 245.
A Dictionary of the Eng-

lish Language. By R. G. LATHAM,
M.A. M.D. Founded on the Dic-
tionary of Dr. S. Johnson, as edited
by the Rev. H. J. TODD, with
numerous Emendations and Additions.
4 vols. 4to. £7.

Handbook of the English

Language. For the Use of Students
of the Universities and the Higher
Classes in Schools. By R. G. LA-
THAM, M.A. M.D. Crown 8vo. 6s.

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A Practical Dictionary of English Synonymes. By

the French and English Languages. E. J. WHATELY. Edited by R. By LÉON CONTANSEAU, many years WHATELY, D.D. Fcp. 8vo. 35. French Examiner for Military and Civil Appointments, &c. Post 8vo. price 7s. 6d.

A Latin-English Diction

ary. By JOHN 1. WHITE, D.D. Contanseau's Pocket Oxon. and J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. Oxon. Dictionary, French and English,

Sixth Edition, revised. I vol. 4to. 28s. abridged from the Practical Dictionary

by the Author. Square 18mo. 35. 6d. White's College LatinA New Pocket Diction

English Dictionary; abridged from

the Parent Work for the use of Uniary of the German and English versity Students. Medium 8vo. 155. Languages. By F. W. LONGMAN, Balliol College, Oxford. Square A Latin-English Diction18mo. price 5s.

ary adapted for the use of MiddleA Practical Dictionary

Class Schools. By JOHN T. White,

D.D. Oxon. Square fcp. 8vo. 35. of the German Language; GermanEnglish and English-German. By White's Junior Student's Rev. W. L. BLACKLEY, M. A. and Dr. C. M. FRIEDLÄNDER. Post 8vo. 7s.6d.

Complete Latin-English and Eng

lish-Latin Dictionary. Square 12mo. A Dictionary of Roman price 125. and Greek Antiquities. With 2,000 Separately

SENGLISH-LATIN, 5s. 6d. Woodcuts illustrative of the Arts and

LATIN-ENGLISH, 75. 6d. Life of the Greeks and Romans, Ву A. Rich, B.A. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. M‘Culloch's Dictionary,

Practical, Theoretical, and Historical, The Critical Lexicon and of Commerce and Commercial Navi.

Concordance to the English and gation. Re-edited and corrected to Greek New Testament; together

1876 by Hugh G. REID, Assistantwith an Index of Greek Words and Comptroller H.H. Stationery Office. several Appendices. By the Rev. E. With 11 Maps and 30 Charts. 8vo. W. BULLINGER, St. Stephen's, Wal price 635. thamstow. Medium 8vo. 30s.

A General Dictionary of A Greek-English Lexi Geography, Descriptive, Physical,

con. By H. G. LIDDELL, D.D. Dean Statistical, and Historical ; forming a of Christchurch, and R. Scott, D.D. complete Gazetteer of the World. By Dean of Rochester. Crown 4to. 36s. A. KEITH JOHNSTON. New Edition

(1877). Medium 8vo. 425. A Lexicon, Greek and

English, abridged for Schools from The Public Schools Atlas Liddell and Scott's Greek-English of Ancient Geography, in 28 entirely Lexicon Square 12mo. 7s. 6d.

new Coloured Maps. Edited with an

Introduction by the Rev. G. BUTLER, An English-Greek Lexi M.A. In imperial 8vo. or imperial 4to.

con, containing all the Greek Words price 75. 6d. cloth.
used by Writers of good authority. By
C. D. YONGE, M.A. 4to. 215.

The Public Schools Atlas

of Modern Geography, in entirely Mr. Yonge's Lexicon, new Coloured Maps. Edited with an

English and Greek, abridged from his Introduction by Rev. G. BUTLER, M.A. larger Lexicon. Square 12mo. 8s. 6d. Imperial 8vo. or imperial 4to. 5s.

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