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Página 162 - ... executed by seizure and sale notice of any act of bankruptcy committed by the bankrupt, and available against him for adjudication
Página 96 - At the hearing the Court shall require proof of the debt of the petitioning creditor of the service of the petition, and of the act of bankruptcy, or, if more than one act of bankruptcy is alleged in the petition, of some one of the alleged acts of bankruptcy, and, if satisfied with the proof, may make a receiving order in pursuance of the petition.
Página 74 - ... throw the whole weight of his character into the scale ; but he may not appeal to the fears or terrors or superstition of those he addresses. He must not hold out hopes of reward here or hereafter, and he must not use threats of temporal injury, or of disadvantage or punishment hereafter.
Página 174 - The order upon such judgment shall be for payment forthwith, or at such time or times, and by such instalments, if any, as the plaintiff, or his attorney, shall in writing have consented to take at the time of the entry of the plaint or of the judgment.
Página 86 - ... court as if the action had been originally commenced in such county court; and the costs of the parties in respect of proceedings subsequent to the order of the judge of the superior court shall be allowed according to the scale of costs in use in the county courts, and the costs of the proceedings previously had in the superior court shall be allowed according to the scale in use in such latter court.
Página 2 - Provided nevertheless, That all actions, suits, bills, indictments, or informations for any offence that shall be committed against this act, shall be brought, sued, and commenced within three months next after such offence committed, or else the same shall be void and of none effect.
Página 138 - Justice or other persons usually named in commissions of assize, the duty of trying and determining within any place or district specially fixed for that purpose by such commission, any causes or matters, or any questions or issues of fact or of law, or partly of fact and partly of law, in any cause or matter depending in the...
Página 134 - Viet. c. 4, whicli enacts, that no purchase made bond fide and without fraud or unfair dealing, of any reversionary interest in real or personal estate, shall hereafter be opened or set aside merely on the ground of undervalue.
Página 96 - Court that all proceedings in relation to such winding up ought to be stayed, make an order staying the same, either altogether or for a limited time, on such terms and subject to such conditions as it deems fit.
Página 22 - Judges, in their discretion, will advise a " jury not to believe an accomplice, unless he is " confirmed, or only as far as he is confirmed; but " if he is believed, his testimony is unquestionably " sufficient to establish the facts to which he deposes. " It is allowed that he is a competent witness; and " the consequence is inevitable, that if credit is " given to his evidence, it requires no confirmation "from another witness.

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