A Topographical History of Surrey, Volumen4,Parte1


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Página 221 - I have seen,) which notwithstanding, as it is full of stately speeches, and well sounding Phrases, clyming to the height of Seneca his stile, and as full of notable moralitie, which it doth most delightfully teach; and so obtayne the very end of Poesie...
Página 224 - All the traditional accounts of him, the historians of the last age, and its best authors, represent him as the most incorrupt lawyer, and the honestest statesman, as a master orator, a genius of the finest taste, and as a patriot of the noblest and most extensive views ; as a man, who dispensed blessings by his life, and planned them for posterity.
Página 67 - with a conceit of that delicate Knight, Sir Francis Carew, who, for the better accomplishment of his royal entertainment of our late Queen Elizabeth, of happy memory, at his house at Beddington, led her majesty to a cherry-tree, whose fruit he had of purpose kept back from ripening, at the least one month after all other cherries had taken their farewell of England.
Página 67 - This secret he performed by straining a tent, or cover of canvas, over the whole tree, and wetting the same now and then with a scoop or horn, as the heat of the weather required; and so, by withholding the sunbeams from reflecting Sect.
Página 212 - Gregory), gives the pronunciation of this word : — ' 0 cruel Death, what hast thou done. To take from us our mother's darling Son ? Thou hast taken toll, ground and drest his griit, The hran lieth here, the flour is gone to Christ.
Página 173 - Ed. 1720, i., 259. At the funeral of Sir John Gresham, Knight, Mercer (1556), the church and streets were all hung with black and arms great store. A sermon was preached by the Archdeacon of Canterbury, "and after, all the company came home to as great a dinner as had been seen for a fish day, for all that came. For nothing was lacking.
Página 45 - Even such is time which takes in trust Our youth, our joys, and all we have. And pays us but with age and dust: Who in the dark and silent grave When we have wandered all our ways Shuts up the story of our days. And from which earth and grave and dust The Lord shall raise me up I trust.
Página 24 - An Act for making and maintaining a railway or tramroad from the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the county of the town of Newcastle-uponTyne, to the city of Carlisle, in the county of Cumberland, with a branch thereout.
Página 20 - ... and an outline delineation of Death, as a skeleton and gravedigger. Among the documents are the patent granted to the founder, with a drawing of Queen Elizabeth, on vellum ; and on the Archbishop's deed of foundation is a drawing of himself, very beautifully executed. In the hall, where the brethren...
Página 3 - Grig, a poulterer, of Surrey, taken among the people for a prophet, in curing of divers diseases by words and prayers, and saying he would take no money, &c.

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