English and Scottish ballads, selected and ed. by F.J. Child, Volumen7

Francis James Child

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Página 52 - Rabby there was slain, Whose prowess did surmount. For Witherington needs must I wail, As one in doleful dumps ; For when his legs were smitten off, He fought upon his stumps.
Página 42 - Over castill, towar, and town. This was the hontynge off the Cheviat; That tear begane this spurn: Old men that knowen the grownde well yenoughe, Call it the Battell of Otterburn. At Otterburn began this spurne Uppon a monnyn day: Ther was the dougghte Doglas slean, The Perse never went away.
Página 47 - Ere thus I will out-braved be, One of us two shall die : I know thee well, an earl thou art, Lord Percy, so am I. But trust me, Percy, pity it were, And great offence, to kill Any of these our harmless men, For they have done no ill : Let thou and I the battle try. And set our men aside.
Página 33 - Doglas, he says, Thow shalt never se that day; Nethar in Ynglonde, Skottlonde, nar France, Nor for no man of a woman born, But and fortune be my chance, I dar met him on man for on.
Página 23 - When Percy wi' the Douglas met I wat he was fu' fain: They swakked their swords till sair they swat, And the blood ran down like rain.
Página 120 - He was a braw gallant, And he rid at the ring; And the bonny Earl of Murray, Oh he might have been a King! He was a braw gallant, And he playd at the ba; And the bonny Earl of Murray, Was the flower amang them a'.
Página 43 - GOD prosper long our noble king, Our lives and safeties all ; A woful hunting once there did In Chevy-Chase befall. To drive the deer with hound and horn Earl Percy took his way ; The child may rue that is unborn The hunting of that day. The stout Earl of Northumberland A vow to God did make, His pleasure in the Scottish woods Three summer days to take, — The...
Página 45 - And take your bows with speed: " And now with me, my countrymen, Your courage forth advance; For never was there champion yet, In Scotland or in France, " That ever did on horseback come, But if my hap it were, I durst encounter man for man, With him to break a spear.
Página 33 - Let all our men uppone a parti stande. And do the battell off the and of me.
Página 19 - And three good towers on Reidswire fells, He left them all on fire. And he march'd up to Newcastle, And rode it round about ; " O wha's the lord of this castle, Or wha's the lady o't?" But up spake proud Lord Percy then, And O but he spake hie ! " I am the lord of this castle, My wife's the lady gay.

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