The Critical Review: Or, Annals of Literature, Volumen19

Tobias Smollett
R[ichard]. Baldwin, at the Rose in Pater-noster-Row, 1797

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Página 245 - During their emigrations, they leave them ftanding, in order that, if any other horde of the fame nation pafs that way, they may make ufe of them. When on a journey, they have nothing to repofe on but a mat fufpended from two flicks, and placed in an inclined pofition.
Página 34 - ... her power, or to amaze the vulgar man : nature has contrived the productions of vegetable bodies, and the fuftenance of animal life, to depend upon the gradual but fure deftruction of a continent ; that is to fay, thefe two operations neceflarily go hand in hand.
Página 34 - But with such wisdom has nature ordered things in the economy of this world, that the destruction of one continent is not brought about without the renovation of the earth in the production of another...
Página 197 - That prudent mother, while she admired the beauties of the sacred writings, was convinced that, unrestricted, no reading more improper could be permitted a young woman. Many of the narratives can only tend to excite ideas the worst calculated for a female breast...
Página 303 - Oh he is worn with toil! the big drops run Down his dark cheek; hold — hold thy merciless hand, Pale tyrant! for beneath thy hard command O'erwearied Nature sinks. The scorching sun, As pitiless as proud prosperity, Darts on him his full beams; gasping he lies Arraigning with his looks the patient skies, While that inhuman trader lifts on high The mangling scourge.
Página 26 - God has left mankind affections to be wrought upon: and he would often say, 'That none despised eloquence, but such dull souls as were not capable of it.
Página 167 - If then the corner of a bit of blotting paper be carefully and dexterously applied near the letters...
Página 475 - Happy would it be for mankind if every one knew his own province ; we should not then see the same...
Página 84 - French nation had a glorious opportunity, but they have abused, and may lose their advantages. If they had been content with a liberal translation of our system, if they had respected the prerogatives of the crown, and the privileges of the nobles, they might have raised a solid fabric on the only true foundation, the natural aristocracy of a great country.
Página 194 - We trust, however, that satiety will banish what good sense should have prevented; and that, wearied with fiends, incomprehensible characters, with shrieks, murders, and subterraneous dungeons, the public will learn, by the multitude of the manufacturers, with how little expense of thought or imagination this species of composition is manufactured. But, cheaply as we estimate romances in general, we acknowledge, in the work before us, the offspring of no common genius.

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