A Tour in Germany: And Some of the Southern Provinces of the Austrian Empire, in the Years 1820, 1821, 1822, Volumen1

A. Constable and Company, 1824

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Página 81 - Seemed to have known a better day; The harp, his sole remaining joy, Was carried by an orphan boy. The last of all the Bards was he, Who sung of Border chivalry; For, well-a-day ! their date was fled, His tuneful brethren all were dead; And he, neglected and oppressed, Wished to be with them, and at rest. No more on prancing palfrey...
Página 265 - From the farther bank, the plain gradually elevates itself into an irregular amphitheatre, terminated by a lofty, but rounded range of mountains. The striking feature is, that in the bosom of this amphitheatre, a plain of the most varied beauty, huge columnar hills start up at once from the ground, at great distances from each other, overlooking, in 'onely and solemn grandeur, each its own portion of the domain.
Página 264 - Bastei, from which is obtained by far the finest view in the whole district, " is the name given to one of the largest masses of rock which rise .close by the river on the right bank. One narrow block, on the very summit, projects into the air. Perched on this, not on, but beyond the brink of the precipice, you command a prospect which, in its kind, is unique in Europe. You hover, on the pinnacle, at an elevation of more than 800 feet above the Elbe, which sweeps round the bottom of the precipice.
Página 235 - Nachdrudierei, or Reprinting, which gnaws on the vitals of the poor author, and paralyzes the most enterprising publisher. Each State of the Confederation has its own law of copy-right, and an author is secured against piracy only in the state where he prints. But he writes for all, for they all speak the same language. If the book be worth any thing, it is immediately reprinted in some neighbouring state, and, as the pirate pays nothing for copy-right, he can obviously afford to undersell the original...
Página 262 - ... been washed away. These perpendicular masses, again, are divided and grooved horizontally into layers, or apparent layers, like blocks regularly laid upon each other to form the wall. The extremities are seldom sharp or angular, but almost always rounded, betraying the continued action of water. They generally terminate in some singular form. Some have a huge rounded mass reclining on their summit, which appears scarcely broad enough to poise it ; others have a more regular mass laid upon them,...
Página 354 - Wolff the greatest philologist, and Blumenbach the greatest natural historian of Germany; yet it would be difficult to find three more jocular and entertaining men. Blumenbach has not an atom of academical pedantry or learned obscurity about him ; his conversation is a series of shrewd and mirthful remarks on any thing that comes uppermost, and such likewise, I have heard it said, is sometimes his lecture. Were it not for the chaos of skulls, skeletons, mummies, and other materials of his art, with...
Página 237 - Reutlingen, in Wirtemberg. The pirate demanded fourteen thousand florins, nearly twelve hundred pounds, to give up his design. The publisher thought that so exorbitant a demand justified him in applying to the government, but all he could gain was the limitation of the sum to a thousand pounds. Such a system almost annihilates the value of literary labour. No publisher can pay a high price for a manuscript, by which, if it turn out ill, he is sure to be a loser, and by which, if it turn out well,...
Página 218 - Gott segne Sachsenland, Wo fest die Treue stand In Sturm und Nacht. Saxon National Hymn. FROM Weimar, the territory of the grand duchy still stretches a dozen miles to the northward, along the great commercial road between Frankfort and Leipzig, till it meets the southern frontier of Prussia, on the summit of the Eckartsberg, a woody ridge into which the country gradually rises, and from time immemorial a chace of the House of Weimar.
Página 81 - But, lonely as he now Ss in the world of genius it could be less justly said of him thari of any other man, that he, . -. •*..••. ' neglected and oppressed, Wished to be with them, and at rest ;' '• — for no living author, at least of Germany, can, boast of so long and brilliant a career. At once a man of genius and a man of the world, Gothe has made his way as an accomplished courtier, no less than as a great poet. He has spent in Weimar more than...
Página 63 - LOCI ; but though a serpent came forth from beneath the altar on which jEneas was sacrificing to the manes of his father, and ate up the cakes, that is no good reason why a stone snake should wind himself round the altar of the Genius of the English garden of Weimar, and bite into a stone roll laid for him on the top. It is not in Weimar that the gaiety, or the loud and loose pleasures of a capital are to be sought ; there are too few idle people, and too little wealth, for frivolous dissipation.

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