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Laws of the Provisional Government - Continued.

Passed by the "Executive and Advisory Councils," [1893–94].

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Civil Laws of the Hawaiian Islands (1897), with constitution of the Republic prefixed. Compiled by Sidney Miller Ballou. xiii 902 p. 8°. Honolulu, 1897.

Penal Laws of the Hawaiian Islands (1897), with constitution of the Republic prefixed. Compiled by Sidney Miller Ballou. viii+601 p. 8°.


Honolulu, 1897.

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Washington, 1900.

In Harvard Law School; also in Department of Justice.

Laws of Territory relating to descent and distribution of property;

also some remarks on wills.

(14) p. 24mo.

Honolulu, 1900.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the "Regular and Extra" Sessions of 1903, being the "2d legislature."

Bound in 1 vol. 881 +446 p. 8°. Port. and il. Honolulu, 1903.

Fundamental Law of Hawaii.

In Harvard Law School.

Thurston, 1904.

Journal of the Senate of the "Regular and Extra" Sessions of 1905, being the "3d legislature.'

Report of the Code Commission under Act 45, Laws of 1903.

Bound in 1 vol. 1305 p. continuously. 8°.

22 p. pamph. 8°.

Revised Laws; Frear, Wilder, and Judd.

1451 p. 4to.

Honolulu, 1905.

Honolulu, 1905.

Honolulu, 1905.

Journal of the Senate of the regular session of 1907, being the

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Organic Acts for Hawaii and Porto Rico, with amendments and appendix containing general legislation affecting Hawaii, Porto Rico, Guam, and Tutuila.

88+ (1) p. pamph. 8°.

Washington, 1906.

Organic Act of the territory of Hawaii as amended, annotated [by

W. F. Frear].

92 p. pamph. 8°.

Honolulu, 1911.



1803. Acquired by United States as part of the "Louisiana Purchase." 1863. Organized as a Territory by Act of Congress (Mar. 3). It then comprised also Montana and Wyoming. (Prior to 1861, part

was a portion of Dakota.)

1890. Admitted as a State by Act of Congress (July 3).



Title of legislative body "Legislative Assembly."
Session laws called "Laws and Resolutions."

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11th Extraordinary Session, [Jan. 1912]. 62 p. 8°.


STATUTES (Compilations, Revisions, Digests, Codes).

Compiled and Revised Laws; (includes the general laws of the 8th

Legislative Assembly, 1874).

877 +22 p. 8°.

[Boise City?], 1875.

Compilation of Local and Special Laws (1863-87); includes private Acts of 14th Assembly.

In Department of Justice, also in New York Bar Association. Revised Statutes (1887); Johnson, Beatty, and Gray. [Includes Penal Code, and general laws of the 14th Legislative Assembly, 1886.]

iv + 1080 p. 8°.


Boise City, 1887.

General Laws of Idaho (1899), with notes on statute law. By H. Z.

Johnson and C. S. Kingsley.

ix + (1) +719 p. 8°.

Boise, 1899.

In Harvard Law School.

Laws and Decisions; annotated and digested. By W. B. Heyburn.

xcvi+593 p. 4to.

Boise, 1900.

In Harvard Law School.


Code of Civil Procedure (1881), see laws of 11th session. 1880-81,

p. 1.

Political Code (1901), Martin, Ruick, and Fraser.1

n.t.p. N.D. [Boise City.]

[See also Revised Statutes, 1887.]

Civil Code (1901), Martin, Ruick and Fraser.1

n.t.p. N.D. [Boise City.]

Code of Civil Procedure (1901), Martin Ruick and Fraser.1

n.t.p. N.D. [Boise City.]

Penal Code (1901), Martin, Ruick and Fraser.1

n.t.p. N.D. [Boise City.]

Revised Codes (1908), prepared by John F. MacLane.

2 vols. 8°.

Vol. I.

Political and Civil Codes.

Vol. II. Civil Procedure and Penal Code.

Boise, 1908.

The constitution at present in force in this state is that of Aug. 6, 1889.



Constitution adopted in convention of Boise City, Aug. 6, 1889.

42 p. 8°.

Boise City, 1889.

Adopted in convention Aug. 6, 1889, and Act of Congress admitting state to Union.

59 p. 8°.

Boise City, 1891.

Shown in Library Bulletin, Nov. 1894, New York State Library.

1 Comprised in a set of 4 vols. 8°.

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