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Consolidated Laws (1909-10); prepared pursuant to L. 1904, ch. 664, by Board of Statutory Consolidation, passed at 132d session, Jan. 6, 1909, as amended. With public service commissions law, and railroad law. "Official edition."

9 vols. 8°.

Albany, 1909-10.

Consolidated Laws, annotated (1909), as amended; containing Federal and State constitutions, notes of Board of Statutory Consolidation, tables of laws, etc. Edited by C. F. Birdseye, R. C. Cumming, F. B. Gilbert.

6 vols. 4to.

Albany, 1909.

Supplement (1910. Binder's label "vol. 7"), [being a continuation of above from June 1, 1909, to July 1, 1910]. 1360 p. 4to. New York, 1910. Unconsolidated Laws (1778-1912). Statutory record of unconsolidated laws, being the special, private and local statutes of the state, from Feb. 1, 1778, to Jan. 1, 1912. Prepared under direction of A. J. Rodenbeck, pursuant to laws of 1910-11. With index to corporations affected by special statutes. 2 vols. 8°.

Albany, 1911. Chronological Table of Statutes (1777-1886), [which have been] amended, repealed, continued, or otherwise modified or affected from 1777 to 1886 inclusive. By C. F. Birdseye. 2 vols. 8°.

New York, 1887. Supplement (1894), covering laws passed from 1887 to 1894 inclusive; also showing changes in revised statutes and codes. viii+371 p. 8°. New York, 1894.

General Index to Documents and Laws (1777–1841).

In New York Bar Association.

Index to Laws (1775-1897). Index to session laws, with all changes and modifications noted under a single alphabet, from session of 1775 down to session of 1897. By William H. Silvernail. vi (1) +899 p. 4to. New York, 1897..

General Index (1777-1850); prepared by the clerks of the Houses, and a

member of the New York Bar.

665 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

New York, 1850.

General Index to Laws (1777-1857), prepared and published pursuant to resolution of senate. By T. S. Gillett. (2)+745 p. 8°.

Albany, 1859.

General Index to Laws - Continued.

(1858-65 inclusive); prepared [under similar authority] by Henry H. Havens. Marked "vol. 2."

(2) + 335 p. 8°.

Albany, 1866.

(1866-70 inclusive); prepared [under similar authority] by Hiram

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Table and index to session laws (1887-92); A. H. Van Buren.

151 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

Albany, 1892.

(1886-96 inclusive); prepared [under authority] of Senate and Assembly by A. E. Baxter.

1276 p. 8°.

Albany, 1897.

General Index to Laws (1777-1901 inclusive); prepared [under authority] of assembly, April 23, 1901 [by] A. E. Baxter. 3 vols. 8°.

Albany, 1902.

(1902-07); prepared [by authority] of assembly, under direction

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Guide to Changes in statute law (1858–72); J. D. Fay.


In New York Bar Association.

New York, 1873.

Digest of New York Statutes and Reports (1886-98); B. V. Abbott and A. Abbott. From the earliest period [with annuals added] to 1897 inclusive.


24 vols. 4to.

New York, 1886-98.

Codes of Civil and Criminal Procedure (1850). Special Acts reported [to legislature] in connection with [such codes] by the commissioners on practise and pleadings, Dec. 31, 1849. [A. Loomis, D. Graham, David Dudley Field.]

Albany, 1850.

Albany, 1848.

Code of Procedure (1848). First report of commissioners.

23 p. 8° (pamph.).

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(1848-49. Binder's title "Practice and Pleadings.") 1st and 2d reports of commissioners on practice and pleadings. [A. Loomis, D. Graham, David Dudley Field.]

2 vols. 4to.

(1849) and supplementary Act. Voorhies' edition.


In New York Bar Association.

(1852); Voorhies' 2d edition.

xv+590 p. 8°.

Albany, 1848-49.

New York, 1849.

New York, 1852.

In Social Law Library.

(1854), supplement to 2d and 3d editions of Voorhies' annotated

code. Containing decisions and rules of court.

328 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

New York, 1854.

(1849-51), as amended by legislature, April 11, 1849 and July 10,

1851. Printed under direction of secretary of State.

144 + 207 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

Albany, 1849-51.

(1850), final report to the legislature of the commissioners, A.
Loomis, D. Graham and David Dudley Field, dated December
31, 1849, [concerning] " a code of civil procedure."
xcvi+791 p. 8°. (Paper covers.)

Albany, 1850.

(1851), as amended by Act passed July 10, 1851. [Appended to "Laws" of 74th session, 2d meeting, "Special Session" June 10, 1851.]

207 p. 8°.

In New York Bar Association.

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(1851), as amended by Act, July 10, 1851; with notes of decisions,
rules and forms. By H. S. McCall.
xvi +204 +56 + 5 p. 8°.

Albany, 1851.

(1851), as amended July 10, 1851; with notes, supplementary Act,
and rules of court. By "a member of the New York Bar."
394 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

[blocks in formation]

New York, 1851.

Albany, 1859.

[blocks in formation]

(1857), as amended in 1857, with notes and appendix. 5th edi

tion. By John Townshend.
vi+744 +7 p. 8°.

New York, 1857.

8th edition.

New York, 1864.

(1864), as amended to 1864, with notes and appendix.

By John Townshend.

1002 p. 8°.

The New York Bar Association shows same, Voorhies' edition, with notes by John Townshend, in editions 1851, 1852, 1853, 1854, 1855, 1857, 1859, 1860, 1868.


New York.

New York, 1870.

(1870); with notes by John Townshend. "10th edition."


In Social Law Library.

(Unabridged 1867); including all sections in full as originally passed and amended to 1867 inclusive. With notes by N. Howard, Jr. Vol. 1. (No more published.)

xii + 944 p. 8°.

New York, 1867.

(1848-70), comprising the Act as originally enacted and the
various amendments thereto, at close of session of 1870.
vi +361 p. 12mo.
(Banks & Bros.) Albany, 1870.

Code of Procedure - Continued.

(1871), with notes by William Wait.


Albany, 1871.

Code of Remedial Justice (1876), new revision of statutes: code of remedial justice. [Being Vol. 2 of laws of 99th session, January 4, 1876, chapters 448 and 449.]

vii +371 p. 8°.

Albany, 1876.

Reference to reports by the commissioners, drafts of statutes, etc., with other literature applying to code of remedial justice, will be found in catalogue of Library of New York Bar Association.

Montgomery H. Throop.

xxi 563+288 +60 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

Albany, 1876.

Civil Code, Draft (1862); prepared by commissioners of code [not named], and submitted to judges and others for examination. [With appendixes.]

x +412+ ci + (1) p. 8°. (Paper covers.)

Albany, 1862.

Civil Code (1865), reported complete [to legislature] by commissioners, [David Dudley Field, A. W. Bradford, dated Feb. 13, 1865]. exii+776 p. 8°.

Albany, 1865.

(1884), [proposed] act to establish a civil code [prepared by David
Dudley Field]. Senate doc. no. 87, Jan. 9, 1884.
403 p. Folio.


n.p. N.D.

(1885), proposed Civil Code [1884] "Mail and Express " edition.
Extra no. 1." [With preface by David Dudley Field.]
116 p. 8°.

New York, 1885.

Code of Civil Procedure (1850), [commissioners on practice and pleadings].

xevi 791 p. 8°.

Albany, 1850.

Reference to reports by the commissioners, drafts of statutes, and temporary Acts, with other literature applying to the code of civil procedure, will be found in catalogue of Library of New York Bar Association.

(1877, annotated), with notes and portions of former code of procedure in force, also notes of decisions on pleading, practice, and evidence. By George Bliss.

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