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285 p. 8°. (English.)
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STATUTES (Compilations, Revisions, Digests, Codes).

Laws of Territory [Binder's label "Kearny Code "]("Leyes del territorio "). [Brig. Gen. S. W. Kearny's code of laws, dated September 22, 1846, comprising the organic law for the territory of New Mexico, and laws for the government thereof. In Spanish and English, parallel columns.]

115 p. 8°.

Santa Fe, October 7, 1846.

MS. memorandum prefixed, states these laws to have been "written by Col. Donophan and Hall."

(1851), [including constitution of United States in Spanish; organic law in English and Spanish; Kearny's code in English and Spanish; and laws of 1st and 2d sessions in English and Spanish]. 442 + (1) p. 8°. Santa Fe, 1852. Revised Statutes (1856), [Binder's title "Revised Code "], [with] Declaration of Independence; constitution of United States; and organic law. By J. J. Deavenport. Published by authority. In English and Spanish.

xv+563 p. 8°.

Santa Fe, 1856.

Revised Statutes and Laws (1865), [Binder's title "Compiled Laws"]. [Comprising laws] in force February 2, 1865. [Laws of 14th assembly, Dec. 1864 appended.] Published by authority. [In English and Spanish.]

856 p. 8°.

Organic Act (1871), compiled by Coles Bashford. piled laws of Arizona, 1864-71, p. 14–19.]

In Social Law Library.

St. Louis, Mo., 1865.

[Bound with com

Albany, N. Y., 1871.

General Laws (1880), including all unrepealed general laws from "Kearney Code" in 1846 to the end of the session of 1880. Compiled by L. B. Prince. [In English.]

xii +603 p. 8°.

Albany, N. Y., 1880.

Compiled Laws (1884), including constitution of United States, treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Gadsden treaty, Act organizing territory, organic Acts in force, Kearny code, and list of laws. [By] E. L. Bartlett, C. W. Greene, S. Valdez, commission. [In English and Spanish.]

xxiii 1736 p. 4to.

Santa Fe, 1885.

Practica de Testamentos; Pedro Murillo de Lorde [Velarde]. Continued in force so far as applicable by section 1365, Compiled Statutes, 1884.

In Department of Justice.


Local and Special Laws (1884), published in accordance with act approved April 3, 1884. [By] E. L. Bartlett, C. W. Greene, S. Valdez, commission. [In English and Spanish.] xxxiii+967 p. 4to.

Santa Fe, 1885. Compiled Laws (1884); Bartlett, Greene, and Valdez. [In English and



xxiii+1736 p. 4to.

In Social Law Library.

Topeka, 1885.

(1897), compiled in accordance with Act approved March 16,
1897. Including [the documents in compilation of 1884], and
laws enacted since that compilation. By J. P. Victory, E. L.
Bartlett, T. N. Wilkerson, commission. [In English.]
1159 p. 4to.

Code of Civil Procedure.

Santa Fe, 1897.

In Department of Justice.


Kanen's New Mexico Corporation Laws (1910), with rules and

forms. By Charles F. Kanen.

x +923 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

Santa Fe, 1910.


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- The constitution at present in force in this state is that of 1910.


Memorial for admission into Union, and proposed constitution adopted by constitutional convention. Senate mis. doc. No. 121, 51st cong., 1st session. 22 p. 8°.

n.p. N.D.

Constitution adopted by constitutional convention held at Santa Fe,
Sept. 3, 1889; amended Aug. 18, 1890. With address to people.
56 p. 8°.
Santa Fe, N.D.


Proceedings of constitutional convention of the proposed state of New Mexico, held at Santa Fe, Oct. 3, 1910. 292 p. 8°. Albuquerque, 1910. Constitution adopted by constitutional convention held at Santa Fe,

Oct. 3, 1910.
41 p. 8°.

n.t.p. n.p. N.D.

Constitution of New Mexico adopted by constitutional convention, Santa Fe, Nov. 21, 1910. House Doc. No. 1369, 61st cong.,

3d session.

47 p. 8°.

41 p. 8°.

Washington, 1911.

n.t.p. n.p. N.D.

Annotated constitution comprising enabling Act approved June 20, 1910; constitution adopted by constitutional convention, Nov. 21, 1910, ratified by people, Jan. 21, 1910; and Act of Congress for admission to statehood, approved Aug. 21, 1911. A. G. Whittier, compiler and publisher.

174 p. 8°.

Santa Fe, (1911).

Enabling Act of Congress. Act to enable people of New Mexico and Arizona to form state governments, and to be admitted to Union on proclamation of President. Approved June 20, 1910. (See United States Statutes at Large, Vol. 36, Part I, p. 557.)


Special Message of President [vetoing] House joint resolution, No. 14, to admit territories of New Mexico and Arizona as states. Dated August 15, 1911. House Doc. No. 106. [This message relates to Arizona only.]

10 p. 8°.

Washington, 1911.

Joint Resolution to admit territories of New Mexico and Arizona as states, upon proclamation of President, after they shall have complied with the conditions set forth in this joint resolution. Approved August 21, 1911. (Senate Journal resolution 57, Pub. Doc.)

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