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Adjourned Session, Jan.
Regular Session, Jan. 1840.


xii + 491 p. 8°.

xii + (2) + 366 p. 8°.

Jan. 1848.


[Contains constitution of Oct. 26, 1832 in appendix.]

Adjourned Session, Jan. 1841. (12)
Regular Biennial Session, Jan. 1842.
Called Session, July 1843. vii +
Regular Biennial Session, Jan. 1844.
Regular Biennial Session, Jan. 1846.
Regular Session,
Regular Session,
Called Session, Nov.
Regular Session, Jan.

+ 302 p. 8°.
xvi + 285 p. 8°.
135 p. 12mo.

xxi + 395 p. 12mo.
608 p. 12mo.

584 p. 8°.


544 p. 8°.


48 p. 8°.


xxviii + 537 p. 8°.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

STATUTES (Compilations, Revisions, Digests, Codes).1



Statutes of the Territory (1807), revised and digested [under] authority of the General Assembly, by Harry Toulmin. xiii + 616 p. 8°. Natchez, 1807. (1816), containing constitution of the United States; ordinance for the government of the Northwest Territory; ordinance of the cession between United States and Georgia; and Acts of Congress relating to Mississippi territory. Digested by authority of General Assembly. Printed by Peter Isler. 495+ (27) p. 8°.

Natchez, 1816.

1 For earlier compilations, etc,, see commencement of session laws, ante.


Revised Code of Laws (1824), comprising all Acts of a public nature in force at the end of the year 1823. [By George Poindexter]. Published under Acts of the General Assembly. iv + 743 p. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

Natchez, 1824.

Jackson, 1836.

Laws of a Public Nature (1824-38), from January session, 1824, to January session, 1838 inclusive. Published by authority. xviii+932 p. 8°.

Jackson, 1838.

Digest of Laws (1839) of a general nature, including Acts of session of 1839. By T. J. F. Alden and J. A. Van Hoesen. 1009 p. 8°.

New York, 1839.

Statutes (1840) of a public and general nature; with constitutions; also appendix containing Acts of Congress, and a manual for clerks, sheriffs, etc. Published by authority. Compiled by V. E. Howard and A. Hutchinson. xii +885 p. 8°.


New Orleans, 1840.

Code of Mississippi (1848). An analytical compilation of the public and general statutes, of territory and state; with references to local and private Acts from 1798 to 1848, also constitutions, cessions by Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians, and Acts of Congress, by A. Hutchinson.

1111 p. 4to.

Jackson, 1848.

Revised Code (1857) of statute laws. Published by authority of the legislature. [W. L. Sharkey, W. L. Harris, and H. T. Ellett, commissioners.]

iv + 943 p. 8°.

Jackson, 1857.

(1871) of statute laws, adopted, January session, 1871. Published
by authority. [A. R. Johnston, commissioner.]
788 p. 4to.

Jackson, 1871.

(1880) of statute laws, adopted at biennial session, 1880, with decisions applicable to the statutes. Published by authority. Prepared by J. A. P. Campbell.

941 p. 4to.

Jackson, 1880.

Annotated Code (1892) of general statute laws, adopted by the legislature at regular session, 1892. Prepared by R. H. Thompson, G. G. Dillard, R. B. Campbell. 1253 p. 4to.

Nashville, 1892.

Mississippi Code (1906) of public statute laws, prepared under Act of March 19, 1904; adopted at special session in 1906. With annotations. A. H. Whitfield, T. C. Catchings, W. H. Hardy [commissioners].

viii+1531 p. 4to.

Nashville, 1906.


[blocks in formation]

- The constitution at present in force in this state is that of 1890.


Journal of convention of western part of Mississippi territory, held in Washington, July 7-Aug. 15, 1817.

108 p. 12mo.

Port Gibson, repr. 1831.

Shown in Bulletin No. 98, New York State Library, Albany, 1905.


Journal of constitutional convention, held Sept. 10-October 26, 1832, at


304 p. 12mo.

Jackson, 1832.

Shown in Bulletin No. 98, New York State Library, Albany, 1905. Constitution, Oct. 26, 1832, contained in laws of regular session, Jan. 1840; also in laws of regular session, Mar. 1850; also in laws of regular session, Nov. 1859; also in laws of called session, Dec. 1862.

A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1067, where it appears that the same was framed by a convention which met at Jackson, Sept. 10, 1832, and was ratified by the people at the next general election.

[blocks in formation]

Journal of convention, ordinances and resolutions, adopted Mar. 1861. Published by order of convention.

104 p. 8°.

Jackson, 1861.

New York State Library shows same of a convention commenced Jan. 7, 1861. Jackson, 1861. 256 p. 8°.

Constitution revised. (Contained in laws of called session, Jan.



Journal of proceedings and debates in constitutional convention, Aug. 1865. [Published] by order of convention, [with constitution annexed].

296 + (2) + 56 p. 8°.

Constitution as amended, with ordinances and

by constitutional convention, Aug. 1865.

of convention.

Jackson, 1865.

resolutions, adopted [Published] by order

56 p. 8°.


Jackson, 1865.

Journal [and ordinances] of convention [held Jan. 7 to May 18], 1868. 776 p. 8°.

Jackson, 1871.

Shown in Library Bulletin, Nov. 1894, New York State Library. Constitution adopted in convention, May 15, 1868, and ratified by the people, Dec. 1, 1869.

[Contained in laws of regular session, Jan. 2, 1872, p. 427.]

A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1081, where it is said: "This constitution was framed by a convention, called under the reconstruction Acts of Congress, which met at Jackson, Jan. 7, 1868. . . It was submitted to the people, and rejected. but when submitted a second time, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 1868, it was adopted."



Journal of proceedings of constitutional convention, begun at Jackson, Aug. 12, 1890. Printed by authority. 757 + (1) p. 8°.

Jackson, 1890.

Jackson, 1890.

Constitution adopted Nov. 1, 1890. Printed by authority.

64 p. 8°.

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