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"Public Statutes "-Continued.

Supplement (1882-88). Containing "General Laws" since the passage of the Public Statutes, with notes. By C. A. Merrill. 1500 p. 4to. Boston, 1890. Supplement (1889-95). Containing "General Laws" passed from 1889 to 1895 inclusive, with notes and table of changes. By Charles N. Harris.

1727 p. 4to.

Boston, 1897.

Digest of the Public Acts of 1882 which affect the Public Statutes, with decisions from vols. 130 and 131, Mass. Reports. By Charles U. Bell.

46 p. 8°.

Boston, 1882.

(1882-83) which affect the Public Statutes, with decisions from vols. 130, 131, 132, and 133, Mass. Reports. By Charles U. Bell.

86 p. 8°.

Boston, 1883. "Acts and Resolves, General and Special," (1882), edited by F. F. Heard.

228 p. (pamph.). 4to.

Boston, 1884.

"Statutory Citations." A table of statutes cited, expounded, and construed by Supreme Judicial Court, from Quincy to 159 Mass. Reports. By Charles N. Harris.

vi (1) +504 p. 4to.

Boston, 1894.

Supplement to the Acts and Resolves which were published under authority of chapter 104, Resolves of 1889; containing such legislative proceedings recorded in the public archives, as are omitted in the authorized edition; with addresses, messages, letters, and proclamations. By Edwin M. Bacon. "Vol. I, 1780-1784." 254 p. 8°.

Boston, 1896.

"Revised Laws" (1902), [" consolidating and arranging the Public Statutes," under a resolve of the legislature]. Prepared by F. W. Hurd, C. W. Clifford, and C. N. Harris, commissioners. To take effect January 1, 1902. In 2 volumes. (Vol. 1, chaps. 1-108; vol. 2, chaps. 109-227.) Separate index by Charles N. Harris. Printed by Wright & Potter.

3 vols. in all. 4to.

[A copy of the index by Harris is separately bound.]

Boston, 1902.

"Revised Laws"- Continued.

Supplement (1902-06.). Compiled by John H. Peck; containing general and permanent Acts and Resolves from 1902-06 inclusive; with annotations. [Not a State publication.] Printed by W. J. Nagel.

xiv + 1026 p. 4to.

Boston, 1907.

Supplement (1902-08). [Containing "the General Laws of the
years (1902-08) inclusive, arranged in chapters corresponding
to the Revised Laws." Prepared under an Act of the legis-
lature, by John H. Peck.] Printed by Wright & Potter.
xviii+1686 p. 4to.

Temporary Index to Revised Laws; C. S. Tilden.

36 p. 8°.

Boston, 1910.

n.p. 1902. General Laws and Resolves, sessions, 1847-1911 inclusive; [consisting of pamphlets bound together. The respective dates show on binder's labels, the first 10 volumes being called "General Laws and Resolves," the last 13 volumes being called "Acts and Resolves, pamphlet edition."]

23 vols. 8°, continuing.

n.p. N.D.

Report of Commissioners appointed to revise the General Statutes. In 4 parts, bound in 1 volume. [Appended is the report of commissioners entitled] "Chapter 12. Of the Militia," [and also] " Amendments to the Report."

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xx+343+ iv + iv +291 + iv + 96 + (2) + 59 + (3) + 170 p. 8°. Boston, 1835.

Report of the Penal Code," prepared under a resolve of the legislature passed February 10, 1837, authorizing the appointment of commissioners to reduce so much of the common law as relates to crimes and punishments and the incidents thereof, to a written and systematic code."

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Xxx + various paging. 8°.

Boston, 1844.

'Report of one of the commissioners," [John Gray Rogers, differing from the majority].

(2) + 48 p. 8°.

[Boston, 1844.]

Supplementary report filling blanks, supplying omissions and making corrections in the Penal Code. Reported to the legislature, January 27, 1844.

51 p. 8°.

n.p. 1845.

Report of Commissioners on the revision of the statutes. "In five numbers," bound in 1 volume.

xxi +225 + 327 +256 + 390 + 184 p. 8°.

Boston, 1858.

Including the legislation of 1859. Reported by the joint special committee at the adjourned session of September, 1859.

xix +356 p. 8°.

In 4 numbers.

4 vols. continuous paging. 4to.

Boston, 1859.

Boston, 1881.

Same; amendments to part 3. Adopted by the joint special committee on the revision of the statutes.

43 (39) p. 4to.

n.p. 1881.

Supplement, [containing] the legislation of 1881.

56 p. 4to. Cover title.

Boston, [1881].

Report of Joint Special Committee of the General Court on the revision of the statutes. In 2 parts.

2 vols., continuous paging. 4to.

Boston, 1881.

Amendments and index to the Public Statutes. Published under authority by the secretary of the Commonwealth.

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Report of the Committee on corporation laws created by Acts of

1902, chap. 335, January, 1903.

306 p. 8°.


Boston, 1903.

Bell, Charles U[pham]. See "Digest of the Public Acts."

Brigham, William, see "Compact, Charter and Laws of the Colony

of New Plymouth."

Crocker, Uriel H[askell], and Crocker, George G[lover]. Notes on the General Statutes, with list of cities and towns, and of certain state and county officers.

iv + 609 p. 8°.

Boston, 1869.

2d ed. revised and enlarged, including Statutes of 1874, and Mass.

Reports, Vol. 110.

xiii +704 p. 8°.

Boston, 1875.

Crocker, Uriel H[askell], and Crocker, George [Glover]. Notes on the

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Crocker, Uriel H[askell], and Crocker, George G[lover].

Notes on the

Boston, 1904.

Revised Laws. Revised and edited by Thomas A. Mullen.
xvi + 982 p. 8°.

Harris, Charles N[athan]. Statutory citations. A table of statutes cited, expounded, and construed by Supreme Judicial Court, from Quincy to 159 Mass. Reports.

vi + (1) +504 p. 4to.

Boston, 1894.

Heard, Franklin] F[iske]. "Acts and Resolves, General and Special,"


228 p. (pamph.) 4to.

Boston, 1884.

[Hinman, Royal Ralph]. Blue Laws, . . . Quaker Laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts, etc. "By an Antiquarian." [Binder's Title: "Blue Laws, Quaker Laws and Witchcraft."]

x +336 p. 12mo.

Hartford, 1838.

Pulsifer, David. Records of the Colony of New Plymouth. See Shurtleff, Nathaniel B[radstreet].

Shurtleff, Nathaniel B[radstreet]. Records of the Colony of New

[blocks in formation]

Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay

Printed by order of the Legislature.

5 vols. in 6. 4to.

Boston, 1853-54.

Trumbull, J[ames] Hammond. Early laws, etc., 1630-39. [Bound with "Blue Laws, True and False."]

vi + 360 p. 12mo.

Hartford, 1876.

Tucker, George F[ox]. Manual relating to the constitution, the interpretation of statutes [etc.]; a book of Massachusetts law. xxiii 300 p. 8°.

Boston, 1894.

Wedgwood, William B. See "Revised Statutes . . . and additional laws to 1844."

White, William C. Compendium and digest of laws, 1809-11.

2 vols. 8°.

Boston, 1809-11.

Whitman, Benjamin. Index to laws of Massachusetts from the adoption of the constitution to 1796. (4) + 152 p. 16mo.

Worcester, 1797.

Whitmore, William H[enry]. See "Bibliographical Sketch" of the Laws of Massachusetts Colony. See also "Colonial Laws of Massachusetts."

Williams, C. H. S. See "Index to Massachusetts Decisions" relating to the General Statutes.




The constitution at present in force in this state is that of 1780.

Constitution of 1778 (Rejected).

Constitution of 1778. [Rejected.] Proposed by the General Court of 1777-78 acting as a convention; submitted to the people prior to June 15, 1778, and "by a large majority rejected." [See MS. "Court Records" Feb. 7, 1777, to October 25, 1777, p. 370; also "Journal of Convention," 1779-80, p. 255, published Boston, 1832.]

See also MS. "Documents on Constitution of Mass., 1792," made by Israel Warren.

242 p. 16mo.

n.t.p. 1792.

"Result of Convention" [Binder's Title "Ipswich Convention "]"of Delegates holden" [April 29, 1778]" at Ipswich, . . . deputed to take into consideration the constitution and form of government proposed by the Convention." [Stated to have been written by Chief Justice Parsons.]

68 p. 12mo.

Newburyport, 1778.

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