Collection of English Almanacs for the Years 1702-1835


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Página 40 - ... the vail of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom, the graves were opened, and many of their inhabitants arose to life.
Página 39 - tis worth his care, provide. Let him alone, with what he made, To toss and turn the world below; At his...
Página 38 - O'er Heaven's clear azure spreads her sacred light, When not a breath disturbs the deep serene, And not a cloud o'ercasts the solemn scene ; Around her throne the vivid planets roll, And stars unnumber'd gild the glowing pole, O'er the dark trees a yellower verdure shed, And tip with silver...
Página 37 - TABLE of íbme principal fixed Stars, with the Time they rife, South and Set, either before or after the Seven Stars ; as alfo their Colour, Magnitude, and Meridian Altitude, by which they may be readily difcovered. Coi lour ¿ "3 t...
Página 42 - Who all my fenfe confin'd To know but this, that thou art good, And that myfelf am blind ; Yet gave me, in this dark eftate, To fee the good from ill ; And binding nature faft in fate, Left free the human will.
Página 1 - Southing, and Setting of the Planets and fixed Stars throughout the Year ; whereby may be known the exaft Hour of the Night at all Times, when eithej the Moon or Stars are feen.
Página 9 - The meanest pin in nature's frame Marks out some letter of thy name. Where sense can reach or fancy rove, From hill to hill, from field to grove, Across the waves, around the sky, There's not a spot, or deep or high, Where the Creator has not trod, And left the footstep of a God.
Página 31 - Th' emboldened snow next to the flame does sleep. And if we weigh, like thee, Nature, and causes, we shall see That thus it needs must be : To things immortal time can do no wrong, And that which never is to die, for ever must be young.
Página 1 - Calculated according _ to Art, and referred , to the Horizon of the ancient and renowned Borough Town of Stamford (formerly a famous Univerfity) whofe Latitude is 52 Deg.

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