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relative to the state of parochial property, of which I have availed myself in the latter portion of the volume. By him the table of the Lords of the Borough was drawn up, the Abstract of the Town Act (Appendix VI.) made, the sketch of the life of his father, and the account of the Lewes Library Society composed, and several particulars communicated relative to the parish of All Saints.

The reader will regret with me that the professioual engagements of Mr. Woollgar have prevented him from taking that decided part in the work which he originally intended. Could he have done this, the antiquities of the town would have been much more ably recorded, and the volume rendered more deserving of public approbation.

Of the important assistance that I have received in the work from Mr. G. Mantell, F.L. & G.S., it is impossible for me to speak in terms of sufficient respect. His attentions have been unintermitting during the progress of the volume through the press, and his local knowledge has been freely imparted on all occasions. An account of the tumuli opened by him in the neighbourhood, (pp. 47-49) will be read with interest, and the drawings Nos. 3, 4, 5, 8, 16, 27, 28 and 29, made by him to illustrate the work, as also several sketches from which wood cuts have been executed, will manifest the interest that he has taken in the volume. I am also indebted to him for the list of Roman coins, (p. 70) for the account of the discovery of an urn in the castle banks, p. (74-76) and for the notice of Roman remains in the possession of R. Weeks, Esq., F.L.S., of Hurstperpoint. The Essay on the Natural History of the district will speak for itself: it is such as might have been anticipated from the scientific author of the Fossils of the South Downs, and such as will confer some little honour on the humble pages with which it is connected.

I should be wanting in gratitude, were I not to express my obligations to the Rev. G. Shiffner, the Rev. G. P. Crofts, the Rev. W. Gwynne, and the Rev. J. Lupton, for the kind attentions they have paid to the applications that have been made to them relative to facts recorded in the church books. My thanks are also due to W. B. Langridge, Esq. Mr. F. H. Gell, Mr. Edward Verrall, and many other gentlemen of the town, for the readiness with which they have communicated information.


It has been intimated by several gentlemen, in whose judgment I have reason to confide, that the work might with great propriety be extended, so as to embrace the surrounding district. Offers have also been made by several individuals to contribute plates in the event of the suggestion being adopted. Doubtless the neighbouring district affords ample materials for a very interesting work.

Few spots in the kingdom have been less explored by the antiquary, or offer richer subjects for the pencil of the artist, and the pen of the historian. If it should appear to be the wish of the subscribers that a supplement to the present volume should be published, I shall not shrink from the task, however conscious I may be of my inability to do it justice.


Lewes, February 28, 1824.


ADAMS, Mr. J. Lewes Ade, Mr. John, ditto Ade, Mr. D. ditto Ade, Miss, ditto Ade, Mr. T. ditto Ade Mr. Jevington Ade, Mr. Newhaven Adnam, Mr. Brighton. Adolphus, John, Esq. London. Agate, Mr. Lewes Akehurst, Mr. Seaford Akehurst, Mr. T. Worthing Allfree, Mr. Herstmonceux Alchin, Miss, Maresfield Alderton, Mr. R. Lewes Allin, J. Esq. Lindfield Allen, Mr. ditto Alwork, Mr. T. Seaford Alwork, Mr. H. ditto Anderson, -, M.D. Brighton Andrews, Mr. B. Midhurst Ansell, Mr. Lewes Ashby, Mr. Lewes Ashdown, Mr. Robert, Canterbury Attree, T. Esq. Brighton Attree, Mr. Isfield Attwood, Mr. W. Lewes

Burgess, Mr. Lewes Beaver, Rev. H. J. Barcombe Beck, Mr. W. Ewhurst Beckett, Mr. J. Lewes Berry, Mr. T. Jun. Lewes Betts, Rev. G. Alfriston Bevan, Mr. Hailsham Billingshurst, Mr. Lewes Bishop, Mr. N. Ringmer Bishop, H. Esq. Blaber, Mr. Brighton Blackman, Sir H. Kt. Lewes Blackman, Mr. J. Rye Blackman, Mr. H. Warbleton Blaker, Mr. Selmeston Blaker, Mr. E. Brighton Blaker, Mr. J. Lewes Bodle, Mr. R. Brighton Bollen, Mr. T. Lewes Bonnick, Mr. Waldron Borrer, N. Esq. New Town Borrer, J. H. Esq. Brighton Botting, Mr. G. Lewes Boxall, Mr. J. Lewes Boxall, Mr. Brighton Boys, John, Esg. Ashcombe Bradley, Mr. Brighton Brierly, Mr. S. ditto Bridger, Mr. J. Mayfield Bridger, Mr. Lewes Brookbank, Mr. C. Lewes Brooker, J. Esq. Seaford Brooker, Mr. Newhaven Brown, Mr. R. Lewes Brown, Mr. J. Ditchling Brown, Mr. J. Lewes Brown, Mr. Steyning Bryant, Mr. T. Lewes Buckolí, - Esq. Horsham Budgen, Mr. T. Brighton Budgen, Mr. Firle Burt, Mr. W. A. East Grinstead Burt, T. R. Esq. ditto Burt, Mr. Forest Row Butt, Mr. Little Hampton

Babington, Mr. Rotherfield Bailey, Mr. G. Lewes Baker, Misses P. and H. Mayfield Baker, Mr. Mayfield Baker, Mr. Brighton Baker, Mr. Edward, Piddinghoe Baldock, W. Esq. Malling House Barnes, Mr. Brighton Barry, Mr. Uckfield Barrett, Mr. Palmer Barton, Thomas, Esq. Battle Barling, Mr. Hastings Barber, s. N. Esq. London Bashford. Mr. Lindfield Baxter, Mr. W. Lewes Baynes, Mr. R. London Beard, Mr. G. Chailey

Burrell, Sir C. M. Bart. M.P. Knepp Castle,

three copies Burrell, Walter Esq. M.P. West Grinstead

Park, three copies Beard, Mr. N. Lewes Button, Mr. J. Lewes Butler, Mr. Shoreham

Cruttenden, Mr. Perensey
Crumb, Mr. Shoreham
Cruttenden, Mr. Bexhill
Crunden, Miss, Henfield
Cummins, Mr. Brighton
Curteis, E. J. Esq. M. P. Windmill Hill

Calverly, T. Esq. Broad
Campion, W.J. Esq. Danny
Campion, Mrs. Lewes
Campion, H. Esq. Deanery
Camp, Mr. W. S. Brighton
Campbell, Mr. London
Cameron, Mr. Uckfield
Capper, Rev. J. Wilmington
Caplin, Mr. Offbam
Cane, Mr. W. Ripe
Carter, Mr. Cowfold
Carnegie, Rev. Mr. Seaford
Cavendish, Lord G. M.P. Eastbourne
Cavendish Hon. C. C. M.P. ditto
Cave, Mr. Shoreham
Cave, Mr. S. Southover
Chambers, Mr. Chinting
Chambers, W. Esq. Seaford
Chalk, Mr. Brighton
Chapman, Mr. J. Lewes
Chatfield, Mrs. Ditchling
Chatfield, Mr. T. Lewes
Cheale, Mr. A. Uckfield
Cheale, Mr. J. Southover
Chichester, Rt. Rev. the Bishop of
Chichester, Rt. Hon. the Earl of, Stanmer
Childs, Mr. Firle
Cbitty, C. Esq. London
Chorley, Mr. Midhurst
Clarke, Mr. J. Lewes
Claridge, J. T. Esq. London
Clear, Mr. H. Lewes
Clear, Mr. Hailsham
Cloke, Mr. H. Brighton
Clowes, Mr.

Cole, Mr. B. Newhaven
Colbatch, J. Esq. ditto
Colchester, Right Hon. Lord, Kidbrook
Comber, Mr. Lindfield
Comber, T. Esq. Allington
Comper, Mr. Chichester
Constable, Rev. R. Cowfold
Cooke, Mr. Lewes
Cooke, Mr. G. Brighton
Cooper, R. C. Esq. ditto
Cooper, F. Esq. ditto
Cooper, Rev. W. H. Lewes
Cooper, T. Esq. ditto
Cott, Mr. J. Brighton
Cowper, Mr. Lewes
Cranstone, E. Esq. East Grinstead
Creasy, R. H. Esq. Brighton
Cripps, J. M. Esq. Brighton
Crofts, Rev. P. G. Lewes

Dallaway, Rev. J. Letherhead
Dallaway, Mr. Bexhill
Dalrymple, J. A. Esq. Mayfield
Davey, Mr. E. L. Lewes
Davies, Mr. J. ditto
Davey, Mr.

Davey, Mr. Jos. ditto
Davis, Rev. Wm. Hastings
Dawes, Mr. Chichester
Deadman, Mr. Shoreham
Dendy, Mr. Horsham
Devall, Mr. Worthing
Dicker, T. Esq. Lewes
Dodsley, Mr. Newhaven
Donald, Rev. H. M, Iford
Donavan, A. Esq. Framfield Place
Dowling, Mr. Ashcombe
Downman, — Esq. Laughton
Dragott, Mr. Hastings
Drakes, Mr. J. Lewes
Dunford, J. Esq. Cuckfield
Dunk, Mr. Chichester
Dunn, Mr. London
Dunn, Mr. J. T. Lewes
Dudeney, Mr. J. ditto
Dumbrill, Mr. ditto
Dunstone, Mr. T. ditto
Durrant, Mr. W.M. ditto
Durrant, J. B. Esq. Malling House
Durrant, S. W. Esq. Lewes

Eddistone, Mr. Newhaven
Edwards, Mr. Hurst
Egles, Mr. Lewes
Egremont, Rt. Hon. the Earl of, Petworth
Eldridge, Mr. Plumpton
Eldridge, Mr. Battle
Ellis, Mr. Burwash
Ellis, Mr. J. Hurst
Ellis, Mr. Cooksbridge
Ellis, Hon. George Agar, London
Ellis, Miss, Lewes
Ellis, Mr. Lewes
Ellis, Mr. Steyning
Ellis, C. R. Esq. M.P. Seaford
Ellman, J. Esq. Glynde
Ellman, Mr. J. Southover
Ellman, Mr. G. Beddingham
Elphinstone, Lady, Brighton
Elphick, Mr. W. Newhaven
Elphick, Mr. W. Lewes
Elphick, Mr. J. Newhaven
English, Mr. J. Lewes
English, Mr. W. Lewes
Everard, Mr. Newhaven

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Faithful, H. Esq. Brighton Farnes, Mr. J. Lewes Faulkner, Mr. Plumpton Faulconer, T. Esq. Newhaven Field, -- Esq. Seaford Filder, Mr. W. Eastbourne Fisher, Mrs. London Flint, Mr. B. Lewes Flint, Mr. Brighton Frampton, Mr. Stanmer Francis, Mr. Brighton Freeman, T. Esg. Brighton Freeman, Mr. J. Lewes Fullager, Rev. J. Chichester Fuller, Mr. T. sen. Lewes Fuller, Mr. T. jun. ditto Fuller, Mr. J. Southover Fuller, Mr. Selmeston Fuller, Mr. East Tarring Fuller, Mr. Worthing Furner, Mr. Brighton

Gabbitas, Rev. W. Rodmill
Gage, Rt, Hon. Lord Viscount, Firle-place
Gainsford, Mr. London
Garnham, Mr. S. Lewes
Gaston, Mr. W. jun. Lewes
Gates, Mr. Brighton
Gates, Mr. Lewes
Gell, F. H. Esq. Lewes
Geere, Rev. D. Heighton
Geere, Mr. jun. Firle
Gest, Mr. Lewes
Gilbert, D. G. Esq. M.P., F.R. & L.S.,

Gilbert, Mr. W. jun. Mayfield
Gill, W. Esq. Hastings
Ginn, Mr. B. Brighton
Girton, Mr. ditto, two copies
Goldsmith, Mr. E. Lewes
Goodyer, Mr. ditto
Gorringe, Mr. H. B. Newhaven
Gorring, Mr. jun. Seaford
Gosling, Miss, Newick
Grantham, Mr. G. Lewes
Grantham, Mr. S. Stoneham
Gravely, Mr. Shoreham
Gravely, Mr. Cuckfield
Green, Rev. J.C. Rustington
Green, Mr. Brighton
Greenfield, Mr. Fletching
Greenhill, W. Esq. East Ham
Gregson, Jesse, Esq. Moor-house
Gresham, W. Esq. Nottingham
Griffiths, Mr. Lewes
Grover, Mr. S. G. ditto, two copies
Guy, Mr. H. Hamsey,
Gwynne, S. Esq. London
Gwynne, G. Esq. Lewes
Gwynne, T. Esq. Somerset House
Gwynne, Rev. W. Denton

Hacker, Mr. Lewes
Hall, Mr. J. Frog Firle
Hall, Mr. Lewes
Hallet, W. Esq. Brighton
Hammond, Mr. N. Lewes
Hancock, Mr. Brighton
Heniker, Esq. Ashdown Park
Hannington, C. M. Esq. Henfield
Hare, Rev. Mr. Hurstmonceux
Harrison, C. Esq. Sutton House
Harrison, J. Esq. London
Harrison, Rev. C. Lewes
Harvey, D.W.Esq. Stone-house
Harrield, Mr. R. London
Hazle, Mr. Hastings
Hedley, Mr. London
Hemsley, Mr. Lewes
Hemmings, Mr. Stanmer
Hepburn, General, Chailey
Hereford, the very Rev. Dean of, Brighton
Hesletine, Mr. W, Terret-house
Hill, T. Esq. Brighton
Hill, Mr. R. Lewes
Hillman, Mr. R. Lewes
Hillman, Mr. J. ditto
Hillman, Mr. H. ditto
Hillman, Mr. C. ditto
Hobden, Mr. C. ditto
Hochipied, Baron, Lieut. General de, Adur

Lodge, Shoreham
Hodd, Mr. S, Brighton
Hodson, Mr. H. Lewes
Hollibone, Mr. T. Firle
Holmden, Mr. Lewes
Hooker, Rev. Dr. Rottingdean
Hooper, Mr. T. Lewes
Horton, Mr. London
Horsfield, Rev, F. Cirencester
Hother, Mr. J. Lewes
Hother, Mr. G. ditto
Hother, Mr. T. ditto
Howell, Mr. Newhaven
Howis, E. F. Esq. Crowborough Lodge
Hughs, - Esq. Framfield
Hurdis, - Esq. Uckfield
Hurst, R. Esq, M.P., Horsham
Hurst, Mr. Eastbourne
Hurssell, Mr. Mayfield
Huskisson, Rt Hon.W., M.P. Eartham
Hutchinson, Rev, C. H. Firle
Hyles, Mr. Laughton

Illman, Mr. T. Lewes Ingram, J. Esq. Rottingdean Inkson, Mr. Chichester Insoll, Mr. Lewes Ireland, Mr. Brighton Ireland, Mr. Horsham

Jackson, Mrs. Lewes
Jackson, Esq. Camberwell
James, Miss, Hurstmonceux


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