Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volumen4

Chetham Society, 1845 - 245 páginas

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Página 156 - ... convenient time, without impediment or neglect of divine service; and that women shall have leave to carry rushes to the church for the decorating of it, according to their old custom.
Página 156 - Church ; and as for our good people's lawful recreation, our pleasure likewise is, that after the end of divine service our good people be not disturbed, letted or discouraged from any lawful recreation, such as dancing, either men or women ; archery for men, leaping, vaulting, or any other such harmless recreation, nor from having of May-games, Whitsun-ales, and Morris-dances ; and the setting up of May-poles and other sports therewith used : so as the same be had in due and convenient time, without...
Página 135 - The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan: the whole land trembled at the sound of the neighing of his strong ones; for they are come, and have devoured the land, and all that is in it; the city, and those that dwell therein.
Página 164 - England, and places aforesaid, shall in the Church, Chapel, or place of public worship, belonging to his said Benefice or Promotion, within two months next after that he shall be in the actual possession of the said Ecclesiastical Benefice or Promotion, upon some Lord's day, openly, publicly and solemnly read the Morning and Evening Prayers, appointed to be read by, and according to the said Book of Common Prayer...
Página 164 - ... unfeigned assent and consent to the use of all things in the said book contained and prescribed in these words and no other.
Página 226 - Johnson, you cannot alter one conjunction without spoiling the sense; it is a linked chain throughout. In your modern books, for the most part, the sentences in a page have the same connection with each other that marbles have in a bag : they touch without adhering.
Página 225 - Succession," &c. London, 1682, 1689, 8vo. This tract, being opposed to the doctrine of Passive Obedience, was answered by Dr. Hickes, in a piece entitled Jovian, &c., to which Johnson drew up a reply under the title of, Julian's arts to undermine and extirpate Christianity ; together with answers to Constantius the Apostate and Jovian.
Página 143 - I went out to Charing Cross, to see Major-general Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered ; which was done there, he looking as cheerful as any man could do in that condition.
Página 143 - Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered; which was done there, he looking as cheerful as any man could do in that condition. He was presently cut down, and his head and heart shown to the people, at which there was great shouts of joy. It is said that he said that he was sure to come shortly at the right hand of Christ to judge them that now had judged him; and that his wife do expect his coming again.

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