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DATE Hear us, Thou that broodedst ..., 524 Rev. Godfrey Thring..

1873 Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face.... 334 Rev. Horatius Bonar....

1855 His are the thousand sparkling rills. 156 Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander.

1875 Holy Father, cheer our way.. 16 Rev. Richard H. Robinson..

1869 Holy Father, great Creator.. 210 Bishop Alexander V. Griswold.. 1835 Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord..

208 Bishop Christopher Wordsworth.. 1862 Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty.. 205 Bishop Reginald Heber..

1827 Holy offerings, rich and rare.. 504 Rev. John S. B. Monsell..

1867 Holy Spirit, Lord of Love.

371 Archbishop William D. Maclagan. 1873 Holy Spirit, Truth divine... 373 Rev. Samuel Longfellow...

1864 Hosanna to the living Lord.. 53 Bishop Reginald Heber...

1827 How beauteous were the marks divine...

108 Bishop Arthur Cleveland Coxe... 1840 How bright appears the morning star... 98 Rev. Philip Nicolai....

1599 Tr. Rev. William Mercer.

1859 How bright these glorious spirits shine..... 302 Rev. Isaac Watts.....

1707 and William Cameron.

1781 How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord...

212 "K" in Rippon's Selections... 1787 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 232 Rev. John Newton..

1774 How wondrous and great.... 254 Bishop Henry U. Onderdonk.... 1826 Hushed was the evening hymn... 359 Rev. James D. Burns...


I am not worthy, holy Lord. *I bind unto myself today..

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I could not do without Thee....
I do not ask, O Lord, that life may

I heard a sound of voices..
I heard the voice of Jesus say..
I hunger and I thirst....
I look to Thee in every need..
I love Thy kingdom, Lord..
I sought the Lord, and afterward I

I think when I read that sweet story

of old...
Immortal Love, for ever full.
In heavenly love abiding.
In His own raiment clad...
In His temple now behold Him...
In the Cross of Christ I glory..
In the hour of trial....
In token that thou shalt not fear..
Inspirer and hearer of prayer....
It came upon the midnight clear...

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Jerusalem! high tower thy glorious



543 Rev. Johann M. Meyfart..

Tr. Bishop William R. Whitting

514 Rev. Joseph Bromehead..

Jerusalem, my happy home.......

1860 1795



DATE Jerusalem the golden...... 511 St. Bernard of Cluny...


Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1858 Jesus, and shall it ever be... 135 Rev. Joseph Grigg..

1765 Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult.. 268 Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander.. 1852 Jesus Christ is risen today..... 172 Latin..

14th cent. Tr. Tate and Brady..

1698 Jesus, from Thy throne on high... 368 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..

1871 Jesus, gentlest Saviour..

322 Rev. Frederick William Faber.. 1854 Jesus, I live to Thee.. 218 Rev. Henry Harbaugh...

1850 Jesus, I my cross have taken.. 378 Rev. Henry F. Lyte...

1824 Jesus, in Thy dying woes.. 164 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..

1870 Jesus, King of glory... . 523 Rev. W. Hope Davison..

1887 Jesus lives! thy terrors now.. 176 Rev. Christian F. Gellert.

1757 Tr. Frances E. Cox....

1841 Jesus, Lord of life and glory.. 127 James J. Cummins..

1839 Jesus, Lover of my soul. 223 Rev. Charles Wesley..

1740 Jesus, meek and gentle.. 361 Rev. George R. Prynne..

1856 Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all... 228 Rev. Henry Collins..

1854 Jesus, my Saviour, look on me. ... 390 Charlotte Elliott....

1869 Jesus, my strength, my hope.. 215 Rev. Charles Wesley.

1742 Jesus! Name of wondrous love. .. 90 Bishop W. Walsham How.... 1854 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun.. 480 Rev. Isaac Watts....

1719 esus, still lead on...

449 Rev. Count N. L. von Zinzendorf.. 1721 Tr. Jane Borthwick..

1846 Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me... 360 Mrs. Mary Duncan..

1839 Jesus, the very thought of Thee... 316 St. Bernard of Clairvaux... 1091-1153

Tr. Rey, Edward Caswali..

1849 Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts... 328 St. Bernard of Clairvaux..

1150 Tr. Rev. Ray Palmer...

1858 Jesus, Thy boundless love to me.... 229 Rev. Paulus Gerhardt..

1653 Tr. Rev. John Wesley..

1739 Jesus, to Thy table led.... 327 Canon Robert H, Baynes..

1864 Jesus! where'er Thy people meet.. 459 William Cowper..

1769 Jesus, with Thy Church abide..... 473 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..

1871 Joy because the circling year...... 561 Latin: Tr. Rev. John Ellerton and

Rev. Fenton J. A. Hort.... 1871 Joy dawned again on Easter day.. 556 Latin: Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale 1852 Joy fills our inmost hearts today... 552 William C. Dix..

1865 Joy to the world! the Lord is come 101 Rev. Isaac Watts.

1719 *Judge eternal, throned in splendour 432 Canon Henry Scott Holland.... 1902 Just as I am, without one plea.... 139 Charlotte Elliott....


King of saints, to Whom the number 287 Rev. John Ellerton.....


1826 1906

1833 1888 1821

Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace. 60 Bernard Barton...
*Land of our birth, we pledge to thee 367 Rudyard Kipling.
Lead, kindly Light, amid the en-
circling gloom...

244 Rev. John Henry Newman... Lead on, O King Eternal.

534 Rev. Ernest W. Shurtleff. Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us. 247 James Edmeston..... Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peace.

248 William Henry Burleigh . Let all mortal flesh keep silence. 339 Liturgy of St. James.

Tr. Rev. Gerard Moultrie... Let saints on earth in concert sing. 299 Rev. Charles Wesley... *Let the song go round the earth.. 485 Sarah G. Stock.... *Let Thy Blood in mercy poured.. 340 Greek: Tr. Rev. John Brownlie...


1864 1759 1898 1907

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Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates 186 Rev. George Weissel.

1642 Tr. Catherine Winkworth..

1855 Light of those whose dreary dwelling... 100 Rev. Charles Wesley...

1744 Light's abode, celestial Salem... 507 St. Thomas à Kempis... 1379–1471

Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1858 Like silver lamps in a distant shrine 548 William Č. Dix..

1867 Litany for Children.. 368 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..

1871 Litany of Penitence I.. 141 Rev. Richard F. Littledale..

1875 Litany of Penitence II. 142 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..

1871 Litany of the Church. 473 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..

1871 Litany of the Holy Ghost I. 203 Rev. George Rawson..

1853 Litany of the Holy Ghost II. 204 Rev. Richard F. Littledale.

1867 Litany of the Incarnate Life.. 41 Bishop Reginald Heber..

1827 Lo, He comes with clouds descending.. 57 Rev. John Cennick....

1750 and Rev. Charles Wesley.

1758 Lo! what a cloud of witnesses..... 300 Scotch Paraphrase...

1745 Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious 185 Rev. Thomas Kelly..

1809 Lord, as to Thy dear cross we fee. 125 Canon John H. Gurney.

1838 Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing 51 Rev. John Fawcett..

1773 Lord, for ever at Thy side... 306 Rev. James Montgomery.

1822 Lord, for tomorrow and its needs.. 36 Sister Mary Xavier. ...

1877 Lord God of hosts, Whose mighty hand... 438 John Oxenham.

1915 Lord God, we worship Thee... 440 Johann Franck:.

1653 Tr. Catherine Winkworth..

1863 Lord, her watch Thy Church is keeping 481 Rev. Henry Downton...

1867 Lord, in this Thy mercy's day.. 122 Rev. Isaac Williams...

1842 Lord, in Thy Name Thy servants plead.. 183 Rev. John Keble....

1856 Lord, in Thy presence dread and sweet.. 377 Anonymous:

1850 Lord, it belongs not to my care.. 392 The Rev. Richard Baxter..

1681 Lord, it is good for us to be. 286 Dean Arthur P. Stanley.

1870 Lord Jesus, think on me.... 393 Bishop Synesius.


Tr. Rev. Allen W. Chatfield.. 1876 Lord of mercy and of might..... 41. Bishop Reginald Heber....

Lord of our life, and God of our
469 Philip Pusey.

based on Matthäus A. von Löwen-

1644 Lord, pour Thy Spirit from on high. 450 Rev. James Montgomery.

1833 Lord, shall Thy children come to Thee...... 376 Bishop Samuel Hinds...


St. 3, Rev. Henry J. Buckoll. . 1843 Lord, speak to me, that I may speak 502 Frances R. Havergal...

1872 Lord, Thy children guide and keep 374 Bishop W. Walsham How..

1854 Lord, Thy word abideth.... 59 Rev. Sir Henry W. Baker.

1861 Lord, when we bend before Thy throne.. 124 Rev. Joseph D. Carlyle..

1802 Lord, while for all mankind we pray 431 Rev. John R. Wreford..

1837 Lord, Who fulfillest thus anew. 272 Henry W. Mozley......

1866 Lord, Who throughout these forty days. 134 Mrs. Claudia F. Hernaman..

1873 Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise Thee...., 233 Francis Scott Key.


First LINE


DATE Love divine, all loves excelling... 226 Rev. Charles Wesley..

1747 Love of Jesus, all divine..... 231 Rev. Francis Bottome.

1872 Majestic sweetness sits enthroned. 194 Rev. Samuel Stennett.....

1787 *Master, no offering. 500 Rev. Edwin P. Parker..

1888 Mine eyes have seen the glory... 434 Mrs. Julia Ward Howe.

1862 My country, 'tis of thee.. 427 Rev. Samuel F. Smith..

1832 My faith looks up to Thee... 211 Rev. Ray Palmer..

1830 My Father, for another night... 6 Rev. Sir Henry W. Baker..

1875 My God, accept my heart this day 372 Rev. Matthew Bridges.

1848 My God, and is Thy table spread.. 329 Rev. Philip Doddridge..

1755 My God, how wonderful Thou art. 221 Rev. Frederick W. Faber.

1849 My God, I love Thee: not because.. 234 Ascribed to St. Francis Xavier...

Tr. Rev. Edward Caswall.. .

1849 My God, I thank Thee, Who hast made... 384 Adelaide A. Proctor..

1858 My God, my Father, while I stray 391 Charlotte Elliott...

1834 My heart is resting, O my God.... 220 Anna L. Waring...

1849 My Jesus, as Thou wilt...... 395 Rev. Benjamin Schmolck.

1704 Tr. Jane Borthwick...

1854 My soul, be on thy guard... 118 Rev. George Heath.

1781 My soul with patience waits. 314 Tate and Brady:

1698 My spirit on Thy care..... 225 Rev. Henry F. Lyte....

1834 Nearer my God to Thee.. 222 Mrs. Sarah F. Adams.

1841 New every morning is the love.. 1 Rev. John Keble..

1822 Not by Thy mighty hand.. 109 Bishop James R. Woodford.

1863 Now from the altar of my heart.. 27 Rev. John Mason..

1683 Now, my tongue, the mystery telling.. 338 St. Thomas Aquinas..

1227-1274 Now thank we all our God..... 422 Rev. Martin Rinkart..

1636 Tr. Catherine Winkworth..

1858 Now that the sun is gleaming bright 5 Latin: Tr. Rev. John Henry New

1836-1838 Now the day is over.. 364 Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould.

1865 Now the labourer's task is o'er.... 411 Rev. John Ellerton....

1870 O bless the Lord, my soul. 318 Rev. James Montgomery..

1819 O Brightness of the immortal Father's face...

12 Greek: Tr. Edward W. Eddis.... 1864 O brothers, lift your voices. 495 Bishop Edward H. Bickersteth... 1848 O come, all ye faithful.

72 Latin: Tr. Canon Frederick Oake-

1841 O come and mourn with me awhile.. 153 Rev. Frederick William Faber.. 1849 O come, loud anthems let us sing.. 308 Tate and Brady...

1698 O come, O come, Emmanuel..... 66 Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1852 O could I speak the matchless worth 263 Rev. Samuel Medley..

1789 O day of rest and gladness... , 43 Bishop Christopher Wordsworth.. 1862 O Father, all creating. 381 Rev. John Ellerton....

1876 O for a closer walk with God... 305 William Cowper..

1772 O for a heart to praise my God... 260 Rev. Charles Wesley..

1742 O God of Bethel, by Whose hand.. 446 Rev. Philip Doddridge..

1736 Rev. John Logan..

1781 O God of God! O Light of Light... 251 Canon John Julian..

1883 O God of Love, O King of peace... 436 Rev. Sir Henry W. Baker..

1861 O God of mercy! hearken now..... 503 Emily V. Clark..

1891 O God of truth, Whose living Word. 498 Thomas Hughes.

1859 O God, our help in ages past..... 445 Rev. Isaac Watts..



First LINE


DATE O God, unseen, yet ever near.... 321 Dr. Edward Osler......

1836 O happy band of pilgrims... 536 St. Joseph the Hymnographer

c. 850 Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale...

1862 O heavenly Jerusalem.. 509 Tr. Rev. Isaac Williams.

1839 O help us, Lord; each hour of need 33 Dean Henry H. Milman..

1827 O Jesus, crowned with all renown.. 181 Archbishop Edward White Benson 1860 O Jesus, crucified for man.

52 Bishop W. Walsham How.... 1871 O Jesus, I have promised.. 379 Rev. John E. Bode..

1869 o Jesus! Lord most merciful.. 131 Rev. James Hamilton.

1867 O Jesus, Thou art standing.. 132 Bishop W. Walsham How...

1867 O Lamb of God, still keep me.. 149 Rev. James G. Deck. .

1842 O let the children come to Me..... 345 Swedish: Archbishop Johan 0.



Tr. Bishop G. Mott Williams... 1915 O Light, Whose beams illumine all. 40 Dean Edward H. Plumptre.

1864 O little town of Bethlehem..... 78 Bishop Phillips Brooks.

1868 O Lord, and Master of us all... 496 John G. Whittier...

1856 O Lord of heaven and earth and sea. 426 Bishop Christopher Wordsworth.. 1863 O Lord of hosts! Almighty King... 437 Oliver Wendell Holmes...

1861 O Lord, the Holy Innocents.... 87 Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander. 1850 O Love divine, that stooped to share 400 Oliver Wendell Holmes...

1859 O Love that casts out fear..., 235 Rev. Horatius Bonar..

1861 O Love that wilt not let me go.. 236 Rev. George Matheson..

1882 *O Maker of the sea and sky 418 Rev. Henry Burton..

1905 *O Master, let me walk with Thee. 493 Rev. Washington Gladden.. 1879 O mother dear, Jerusalem... 510 F. B. P.".

1583 O North, with all thy vales of green. 107 William Cullen Bryant.

1869 O one with God the Father.... 97 Bishop W. Walsham How... 1871 O Paradise, O Paradise.....

167 Rev. Frederick William Faber.... 1862 O perfect Love, all human thought transcending.. 382 Mrs. Dorothy F. Gurney.

1883 O sacred head surrounded.

158 St. Bernard of Clairvaux.... 1091-1153

Tr. Rev. Sir Henry W. Baker. 1861 O Saving Victim, opening wide.. .. 331 St. Thomas Aquinas...

1227-1274 Tr. Rev. Edward Caswall..

1849 O Saviour, bless us ere we go... . 48 Rev. Frederick William Faber.. 1849 O Saviour, precious Saviour... 526 Frances R. Havergal...

1870 O say can you see by the dawn's early light... 429 Francis Scott Key....

1814 O Sion, haste, thy mission high fulfilling.. 474 Mrs. Mary A. Thomson.

1870 O Son of God, our Captain of salvation...... 280 Rev. John Ellerton....

1871 O sons and daughters, let us sing... 555 Jean Tisserand...


Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale.. 1852 O Spirit of the living God. ...... 475 Rev. James Montgomery.

1823 O Thou from Whom all goodness flows... 401 Rev. Thomas Haweis.

1791 O Thou in Whom Thy saints repose 462 Rev. John Ellerton....

1870 O Thou to Whose all-searching sight 119 Rev. Count N. L. von Zinzendorf 1721

Tr. Rev. John Wesley...

1738 O Thou, Who didst with love untold.. 269 Mrs. Emma L. Toke..

1851 O Thou, Who gav'st Thy servant grace... 86 Bishop Reginald Heber...

1827 Thou Who makest souls to shine 454 Bishop John Armstrong..

1847 *O Thou Whose feet have climbed life's hill.... 365 Rev. Louis F. Benson..


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